Saturday, May 19, 2012

Afghan Taliban: If Realities Aren't Accepted, Chicago Conference Will Fail

If the realities are not accepted, the Chicago Conference will be another failure

Wednesday, 24 Jamadil Akhir 1433
Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:09
It is decided that on 20th and 21st dates of the current month the twenty-fifth meeting of the NATO member countries is going to be held in Chicago, USA. According to the reports besides the 28 member countries, 60 more countries will also participate and among other issues, the issue of Afghanistan will also be discussed. It is said that the meeting will be held behind closed doors and the public will be kept away from the conference.
The reality is that there are 140,000 troops of NATO and America is present inside Afghanistan even now. Moreover 300,000 people of national army and police working as their stooges are also there. But they are a total failure in front of the national and Islamic resistance. The reason is quite obvious. Armies can fight armies but cannot fight nations.
The biggest mistake of the invaders is that they construe the national and Islamic movement (resistance) as terrorism just for their malicious objectives. As long as the invaders do not accept the ground realities in Afghanistan and do not acknowledge the natural rights of the Afghan nation, the Afghan issue can neither be solved by the strategic co-operation nor by the NATO meetings. A lasting occupation means a lasting resistance.
If they really do hold up human rights and justice, they should include the end of the occupation, the trial of the those troops who violated human rights, halting violations of the sanctities of Afghan Muslim nation including the indiscriminate massacre of the innocent Afghans and the cruelties of the warlords in their agenda. They should give the right of full freedom to the Afghan nation. If they neglect all these issues and support the colonial plans of America, then all the slogans of supporting human rights and justice are all white lies and their destiny will not differ than those whose imperialism was wiped out from this soil and who have now become only the memories of the past.
In last April a joint survey of CBS and the New York Times showed that 69% Americans are against the war in Afghanistan and they consider it a useless, meaningless and an un-winnable war.
In the beginning the white house officials wanted to justify the illegal invasion of Afghanistan under the title of the so called war on terrorism and on the other side to deceive the Afghans by the democracy, freedom and human rights; but their deeds showed that these invaders are the biggest violators of the basic human rights. In the past ten years, the life of the ordinary Afghans has worsened both economically and security wise. 40% population of the country is living under the poverty line. Electricity is brought from a neighboring country with such a huge amount which would have been sufficient for the construction of a dam inside the country.
Similarly 80% of the funds collected under the name of Afghanistan go back into the pockets and bank accounts of these invaders, NGOs and the warlords. The press says that this corruption has now even entered the UN offices and millions of dollars have been embezzled.
The colonial game of the Americans is a total failure in Afghanistan. We call upon the nation of America and the NATO member countries to arrange large scale protests prior to the Chicago conference. Similarly we request the politicians and writers of the world having free conscience to disclose the atrocities of the Americans and their allied forces inside Afghanistan and to support the Afghans morally in their just demand.
We consider it the duty of every human being for having a peaceful world and insuring justice.

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