Monday, July 25, 2011

Message from Islamic Emirate of the Cacucasus Leaders Dokku Umarov, Amir Husseyn, & Amir Aslambek

Dokku Umarov (second from left) with the late Arab commander Muhannad (next to him, second from right), who was killed by Russian forces in late April.

Below is an unedited message from the amir (leader) of the Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus, an umbrella for a number of Caucasus Muslim insurgent groups fighting the Russian government.

Kavkaz Center : Message from Amir Dokku (ha), Amir Husseyn (ha) and Amir Aslanbek (ha)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Message from Amir Dokku (ha), Amir Husseyn (ha) and Amir Aslambek (ha)

Обращение Амира Докку, амира Хусейна и амира Асламбека

The message is intended to the people from the Chechen diaspora, outside W. Nokhchicho, Dokku (ha) starts by saying that Allah (swt) answered the Dua'a of the Muslims and that the Fitnah among the Mujahideen has been overcome. He explains that the previous leaders have transmitted them a responsability and that they must ensure the continuity of the fight. Therefore he states that the misunderstandings are gone and that all will work for the sake of Allah, for Islam and freedom. Then he asks the people ("brothers and friends" - as he says) outside, to accept anybody who work for the sake of Allah. He urges them to unite rather than split up and create problems. He ends by saying that the Mujahideen need support, advices and Dua'a.

Then Husseyn (ha) speaks. He says "We've gathered here, to tell you that we are one." He explains that the differences between the brothers have been solved and that the case is over. He adds that these were real differences and that being a Mujahid doesn't makes you a "sinless angel". He says that the brothers agreed to correct their mistakes and adds: "We've put an end to the divisions, for the sake of Allah in the first place, for the sake of the Mujahideen and for the sake of the Muslims who worry about us and our situation." Husseyn (ha) insists particularly on the fact that what has been said and done almost one year ago should not be a reason for the people outside to split more or to reject unity. "Perhaps we have weak Iman, perhaps we said unnecessary words, but we must understand each others". As Dokku (ha) said, he says that only united the Mujahideen will eventually win. He also says that problems shall be solved through the Sharia court and that they will rely on it.

Aslanbek (ha) reiterates the previously expressed stances. All the three call for unity among all those who are sincere and wish victory of Islam in the Caucasus.

Wilayah Nokhchicho

Sha'aban 1432 - July 2011

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