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Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan Statement Eulogizes Usama bin Laden

The Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan (TTP), an umbrella movement for a large number of semi-independent militant outfits in Pakistan's Pashtun tribal regions, issued a statement on June 8 eulogizing Al-Qa'ida Central (AQC) founder Usama bin Laden. The statement is dated June 3 and was released in Urdu and English. The English text is reproduced unedited below.


The Martyrdom of Sheikh Usama and a War of Interests

On the evening of May 2, in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, near a sensitive military base, a special team of American soldiers were able to locate and engage the hideout of Sheikh Usama bin Laden. Subsequently, the West and their followers took to the streets in celebration, thinking that they have reversed the tide of the Global Jihad, fissuring the ideology of the Mujahideen.

The idea that the Jihadi groups have weakened after the departure of Sheikh Usama is totally baseless. The ideology which Sheikh Usama bin Laden preached and the inspiration he gave to fight the global forces of infidelity not only continues to lingers in our souls, but has grown much stronger.

The ideology of Jihad was not something introduced by Sheikh Usama, but rather something taught to us over fourteen hundred years. This ideology was not shaken by the the departure of leader of humanity, Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam), from this life, and it will never weaken by the martyrdom of any other leader. Before the Jihad of Sheikh Usama, the Muslims sufficed with localized Jihadi movements, but now, his ideology of fighting a global Jihad against the the forces of infidelity has penetrated into our very souls. The life and martyrdom of Sheikh Usama both are a source of pride.

A question which some people pose is that as Sheikh Usama bin Laden was martyred by America, why is revenge being sought from this government which has occupied the land of Pakistan, while Tehreek-e-Taliban is itself a different group altogether. We answer them with the famous saying in Pashto:

“The entire night was passed in the tales of Yousuf and Zuleikhah…

…and in the morning a person in gathering asked, “Was Zuleikhah a man or a woman?”

Hospitality is such an honorable and lofty trait amongst Muslims and especially in Pashtun tradition that one can find a plentitude of examples and tales in its regard.The Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan was itself sacrificed for this guest and his protection, which included the whole government, thousands of Mujahideen, and their families and properties, and they entered a war which has lasted for ten years. The Afghan people, after having sacrificed everything, thought it better for the safety of the guest that they hand him over to the Muslims of Pakistan, telling them to sacrifice their blood for him if they must, to tolerate the pains of being separated from family and friends, to tolerate the harm which will be brought them them, and to keep watching their property and wealth be destroyed, but that they should never give the world a chance to say that they were not able to protect their new guest.

Thus, the tribal areas of Pakistan started to become populated with Arab and other Mujahideen from all over the world. Its people bore continual operations, aerial bombings, and arrests. They bore injuries and martyrdom, and entire families and villages were wiped from existence. Innocent children were pounded into the dirt. However, these hosts continued to sacrifice for their guests, until the point that the crimes of the government forced the tribes to unite and militarily resist their aggression.

When Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan was formed in 2007, the Taliban in Pakistan kept the Pakistan army busy, freeing the Arabs and Afghan guests to continue their own Jihad. The capital of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan became the headquarters of the Mujahideen from all over the world, and thus we have most right to avenge and protect our guests.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda, and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan share the same common goal. No one can disunite them. The Mujahideen of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan fulfilled their obligations as hosts, and they continue to support and defend their Muslim brethren. Based upon this, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan has announced that they will seek revenge, and through operations carried out against this government’s secret agencies, they have proved true to their intent.

The ISI thinks itself to be very clever, and to please their masters, they have always maintained the practice of keeping a valuable card hidden. It has occurred in more than one instance in the past that they secretly arrested some leader of Al-Qaeda, only to bring them to light and hand him over to America when they have some need, when some US official comes to Pakistan or when they themselves go to America, resulting in the fulfillment of some of their interests.

Even if we suppose that the ISI had no role in this operation, they did indeed have a role in the arrest of Ramzi bin Shaibah, Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, Abu Zubaidah, and Abul-Faraj, and then handing them over to America along with their family and children, proving their true chivalrous jealousy and protectiveness, not to mention our sister Afia Siddiqui and seven hundred and eighty other true believers from the Mujahideen and their scholars to America.

If we suppose that America was successful in taking him before the ISI made their move, then this means that they failed to play their hidden card at the right time. All parties are trying to fulfill their interests in this event. The CIA has been somewhat successful in being able to blame Pakistan for their defeat in Afghanistan. At the same time, the Pakistan government, army, and intelligence, by creating an image of “Good Taliban” and “Bad Taliban” amongst the Mujahideen, think that the “Good Taliban” are not an immediate threat, while using America and their technology against the “Bad Taliban”.

But how regretful (!) that the Pakistan administration has also misunderstood this fact, as the Pakistan army’s administration are clear apostates, and if these “Good Taliban” call themselves Mujahideen, then one day they will indeed fall into their trap, as these “Good Taliban” today are in fact only fulfilling their own interests.

We as well are a party trying to fulfill our interests in this war with this government which has occupied Pakistan, and if we study the facts thoroughly, we have been the most successful. The greatest success is that we have won the hearts of the Pakistani people, as the problems we once faced in our operations have mostly been solved, as reaching these sensitive targets would not be possible without the favor of the general masses. Operations such as PNS Mehran and Shabqadar Fort are only possible with the support of those who hold the same ideology from the masses and individuals. Indeed this is a great success, and it is only due to the blessings of the martyrdom of Sheikh Usama and the sincerity which Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan hold in seeking revenge against the cuckoldry of the government of Pakistan, and all praise be to Allah.

Omar Khalid Al-Khorasani

Ameer, Tehreek-e-Taliban, Mohmand Agency.


﴿وَ لِلّه العِزَّةُ وَ لِرَسُوله وَ لِلمؤُمِنِینَ وَ ٰلکِنَّ المُنَفِقِینَ لَایَعلَمُونَ﴾

And all honor, power and glory belong to Allah, to His Messenger, and to the believers, but the hypocrites know not. (Al Munafiqoon: 63)

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