Monday, June 13, 2011

Lebanon's Hizbullah Condemns Israeli Settlers' Arson at West Bank Mosque

Below is an unedited statement from the Lebanese Twelver Shi'i political party and paramilitary movement Hizbullah (Hezbollah, Hizballah):

Hizbullah Condemns Zionist Settlers’ Burning of al-Mughayyir Mosque

Commenting on the Zionist settlers' burning of al-Mughayyir mosque in the Occupied West Bank as well as scrawling instigating graffiti on its walls, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

The Zionist enemy continues to desecrate sanctities in the different regions of Occupied Palestine in light of an ongoing attempt to judaize all the Islamic and Christian symbols. The [Zionist] settlers' attempt to burn the mosque in al-Mughayyir village in the Occupied West Bank as well as scrawling instigating graffiti on its walls is only one chain of a series of aggressions against Muslims and their sanctities worldwide, of which we have witnessed several reflection lately.

The US rejection to take any action to prevent the desecration of sanctities as well as its continuous silence provided the appropriate atmosphere for the obsessed extremists to perpetrate many provocations, one of which is the Pastor Terry Jones's burning of a Holy Quran copy, the persistent attacks of settlers in al-Quds and the rest of the Palestinian Occupied Territories. This has led to the launching of a religious incitement campaign and has fueled the extremism hotbeds worldwide.

Hizbullah condemns this Zionist-US crime against the Islamic symbols and sanctities. Hizbullah denounces the international silence towards this crime and rejects the policy of double-standards which the so-called international community adopts towards the insults against symbols and sanctities of the different religions worldwide.

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