Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Cyber Jihadi-Takfiri Response to Bombing of Nigerian Police Headquarters in Capital Abuja

The bombing, by a suspected member of the militant Nigerian Muslim group Boko Haram, killed two people today including the bomber. The cyber jihadi-takfiri's response is reproduced, unedited, below.

The Wind Of Victory From Nigeria


The Wind of Rage has been unleashed upon the battalion of the tawaghit and all their allies in Nigeria. In a successful attack that caused a severe attack and damage at the heart of the security apparatus of the Nigerian Government the Muwahhidin with the assistance of Allah were able to deal a great blow to the government and also to prove to their masters in the white house that our call is based upon actions rather than speech.

Many Nigerians were very happy about the blast because they are so frustrated by the tyranny of the tawaghit and their hijacking of the country's resources for their selfish interests.

This attack is indeed a success becasue prior to the attck the Nigerian Police Force on behalf of the Inspector General of Police Hafiz Ringim boosted and he vowed that the days of the muwahiddin in Nigeria are numbered little did he know that the muwahiddin are on their to his palace in Abuja. Also from the scenes of victory is a report of another bomb blast at maiduguri that also killed these fiflty tawaghut and their emissaries so now the message will be more clearer.

Nigeria definitely is a major front of operation for the call to Jihad.

The newly elected taghut has also vowed to deal with the muwahhidin and in the history of any African country he was the first to propose the establishment of a Ministry of Anti-Terrorism and also the signing of the ECOWAS counter-terrorism strategy. So the situation is now clear and the battle line has been drawn our only prayer is that the Muslim Ummah should show appreciation and allegiance to our beloved muwahiddin whose efforts is to revive our lost caliphate and also to serve as a vanguard that will free the Muslim Ummah from the oppression of the local tawaghit in the Aso Villa and their kafir paymasters in the White House. More reports of the bomb blast will be posted to the forum but i am having problem in attaching image to the post


Shaykh Ayman Az-Zawaahiri - may Allah preserve him - said:
"O Youths of Islam, this is it which is our Message so if we die or get imprisoned, then complete the Journey after us and do not betray Allah and the Messenger thus betraying your Trusts while you know"

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