Friday, June 17, 2011

Beginning of the Afghanistan Taliban's Victory in Spring 2011: English Translation of Al-Somood Article

Below is an article translated by a cyber jihadi from the Afghanistan Taliban's monthly Arabic Internet magazine Al-Somood.

The Beginning Of The Mujahideen’s Hot Spring In 2011

With Glad Tidings Of The Country’s Liberation And Final Victory

With the end of the bitter, cold season and the beginning of Spring – the season of radiant hope – the Mujahideen have conducted swift, military strikes against the unjust foreign forces and their lackeys, as a prelude to the fierce battles that will cover the entire country. This began in the east in Nooristan province, leading to the liberation of the Want directorate, and spread to the province of Kapisa and the capital Kabul, where the Mujahideen were able to penetrate the defensive lines of the foreign troops and killed more than 10 French- and American soldiers in separate operations in Tagab district and against the American military base in Kabul. The operations ended in Helmand, where the Mujahideen intensified their attacks against the occupiers and forced them to withdraw their troops from the most strategically important districts of the province.

The swift military movements of the Mujahideen from the east to west of the country, and from north to south in just a matter of a few days and the corresponding retreat of the foreign forces, and their withdrawal from fortified bases in Kunar province in the east and multiple areas in the west, have clearly demonstrated the military competence of the foreign forces in Afghanistan. The enemy was not even able to resist Mujahideen attacks against fortified bases. Nor were they able to protect their lackeys who were guarding their bases day and night. Rather, the Mujahideen were able to kill a number of important security personnel, such as Abdul Rahman Sayyidkhali, chief of police in the northern Kunduz province, and the head of the intelligence apparatus in the same province, and a number of other men in the lackey Karzai’s administration from around the country.

The intensification of Mujahideen attacks on the bases of foreign forces on the one hand, and the appearance of thousands of angry demonstrators against the military occupation on the other, completely belied the claims made by the generals of the enemy through their media about their military progress and the destruction of Mujahideen combat capabilities in certain Afghan provinces.

With the approach of the deadline for the withdrawal of foreign troops in the coming July of the current year, the morale of the foreign troops will collapse, Allah Almighty willing, and their fighting spirit and strength to resist will weaken in the face of the crushing blows of the Mujahideen. This is what made General Petraeus, supreme commander of the foreign forces in Afghanistan, lose hope in achieving victory over the Mujahideen and begin to think instead about a safe exit from the Afghan dilemma and tender his resignation from his post as commander of foreign troops in Afghanistan.

US Secretary of Defense Robert Gate had adopted the same opinion, and wants to resign from his post as Defense Secretary because of the successive defeats inflicted upon his soldiers despite having reinforced them by sending thousands of additional troops and advanced military equipment.

The collapse of foreign troops in confronting the Mujahideen on the one hand and the energizing of Mujahideen operations because of suitable conditions in some Afghan provinces on the other, will lead, Allah permitting, to the defeat of all the schemes of the Americans who wish to carry out in handing over the reins of power to the lackey Karzai administration and conducting criminal acts against innocent civilians, such as destroying their homes and uprooting their fruit trees. This will also have a negative impact on the projects of the so-called Afghan Peace Council, intended to cause dissension among the different segments of the Afghan people, and calling upon them to throw down their weapons in the face of aggression and infidelity and to abandon Jihad in confronting the occupiers.

The current course of events on the ground of reality, and the desired outcomes they will produce, brings good tidings that victory will be the ally of the Mujahideen and serve as a warning sign for the American occupiers and their NATO allies and Afghan lackeys. What is incumbent upon them in the face of these clear facts and basic truths is to end the occupation, and withdraw all their barbaric forces unconditionally. This is the focus of the Islamic Emirate, and this is what it views as the most appropriate solution for the current Afghanistan crisis.

As for the continuation of the occupation of the country and the use of force against the Muslim Afghan people, it will only bring them more frustration, losses, despair, regret, death, affliction, hunger and bankruptcy. Sooner or later, this will lead to the defeat of the occupiers; the breaking of their pride, and the victory of the People of Truth over them, Allah permitting. Nothing is difficult for Allah.

Translated From The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: Al-Somood Magazine Issue #59

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