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Afghanistan Taliban Article: Secularists: Between Enmity to the Mujahideen & Loyalty to the Americans

Below is an English translation of an article from the Afghanistan Taliban's monthly Arabic Internet magazine Al-Somood.

The Secularists Between Enmity To The Mujahideen And Loyalty To The Western Americans

Abu Muthanna Badir

Tuesday, 14 June 2011 16:20

It is not hidden from those of sound intellect that Afghanistan suffers from various maladies and destructive diseases. Its afflictions, crises and catastrophes of all kinds have followed each other in succession. Spiteful infidel plots have befallen the country for more than three decades. If from time to time Allah Exalted and Sublime ordains that some of its pure sons show

courage and curb the defiance of its enemies, then there are now among bygone peoples, with no name, picture or culture remaining to them.

Some rapacious empires have many times wanted to harass this Muslim land to destroy it, plunder its resources and minerals, but they were overthrown, frustrated, exhausted, penitent and left empty-handed without having achieved any benefit other than losing wealth and means.

But today there have gathered against Afghanistan a large number of enemies, of fierce cunning, amazing double-dealing; a disgraceful thing, accompanied in that by their students among their countrymen – the Afghan secularists – who are like resentful infidels, equal to them in image and behavior. They plot, cooperating with each other and have reached the point of executing their infidel plans. All of this transpires at a time when the Afghan people are afflicted with great afflictions, and many of its people are absent from religious and popular awareness, and have lost the freedom of their hearts. Add to that, the ignorance of the majority of the masses, and the ignorance of the educators among the people of knowledge and the activities of the Afghan secularists.

The enemy has invaded this group militarily and ideologically a number of times, but they have not been able to achieve a positive success to which they can point in the military invasion. This is because of the existence of an escalating and continuing Afghan resistance and heroic, sacrificial jihadist struggle on this front, although they are able – Allah forbid – to achieve with the ideological invasion what they could hardly dream about.

Practically, their greatest stroke of fortune is the support they receive from the Afghan secularists. By this invasion, they try to weaken Islam and Islamic traditions in the souls of Afghan children. The enemy tries to separate them from their religion and heritage and from their shining Islamic history replete with acts of heroism, zeal and sacrifice for the sake of the Religion and for the sake of their Muslim land. They are thereby able to raise a generation of our countrymen who speak our tongue and claim they belong to this land, which disowns them. All of that is for the sake of aiding tyrannical America and its disciples in destroying the Islamic structure of this land, shatter the unity of the Mujahideen and rip apart the bonds of Islam there, and divide the Afghan people who are united by faith, Islam and an Afghan culture which has sprung from a spirit of Religion. These include the secularists, Communists, nationalists and socialists.

But through the Grace of Allah SWT their plots have been exposed by the hands of the Mujahideen. Allah will return their cunning to their throats – Allah willing – and the pure sons of the Muslims there will awake from their sleep to carry the Word of their Lord and to save their Ummah and their people from the claws of their enemy and the enemy of Islam. These lines are a simple attempt to reveal the truth about those.

A paltry number of the sons of this group have been dazzled like the rest of mankind among the masters of the spider faith by the captivating culture of the West and its bewitching adornments and the progress and development it has achieved for mankind. They turn their faces towards this civilization without sufficient supplies of Islamic and Afghan culture – and this is done just by visits they make to Western countries or through the ignorant and misleading Western media and dissolute satellite networks. They surrender their hearts and theirs minds to this civilization, they prefer it to all else, what is good to it is good, what is vile to it is vile, regardless of the reality behind it.

The enemies of Islam, according to the nature of those liquefied or Westernized (Afghans), if the expression is correct, they would worship the enemies and heed them greatly to be eyes spread among their Afghan brothers. This gives success where the enemies of Islam themselves have failed time and again in striking Islam and its people – those who wish to elevate the word of Allah in Afghanistan – by finally removing the people of Afghanistan from (their) Afghan Muslim life.

Indeed they subsequently become fanatical and bold of tongue, poisoning our Religion, country and people and all who love the True Word and hold dear popular and religious fidelity from traditional enemies. They have sold their religion first then their Afghan Islamic zeal. They have aided the enemies in destroying their religious practices and Afghan fervor. They move between the hands of the enemies of Islam like dogs who wag their tails before their masters, either as the mercenary prime ministers or in the lackey army, or those who make empty roars on behalf of the government, or as mercenary eyes spread around, all of this in exchange for a few dollars. They display towards their religion and people enmity and hate, seeking to satisfy the American and Western foreigners for the sake of achieving the ephemeral and transitory things of this world.

Those have played with the rights of our proud people and sold their religion after selling their world. They have stepped on the backs of the people, covetous of climbing up to the West.

Their Resistance to the Islamic Awakening (The Islamic Emirate)

The Islamic Emirate has been subjected to a violent attack by those secularists, to whom the call to apply Islamic Shari’ah and efforts made in this cause, is a call to backwardness, to the age of the Bedouins, and to tents, a pastoral life and the desert…to them civilization and progress do not occur except through inducing people away from the Quran, abandoning the creed of Islam and detaching people from its history and becoming completely absorbed into the tawdry Western civilization.

What is astonishing about the ignorance or feigned ignorance of those secularists who call themselves intelligentsia of the 21st Century, is that they do not turn their eyes to the peoples of the world, who have awoken and progressed – politically, religiously and socially – without having abandoned their past and their culture. On the contrary, every people has preserved their religious and cultural characteristics inherited from their forebears regardless of its truth.

Look to the English, the Russians, the Europeans, the Americans, the Japanese, Indians and Chinese. These peoples have progressed and developed, but did so in the shadow of their false creeds and cultures. They have preserved their false characteristics, components and heritage. The English have remained English, the French have stayed as they are, and so have the Germans and Russians. The Japanese have achieved astonishing progress while preserving their paganism. The Chinese and Indians are the same. All these peoples among the Europeans, Japanese and Indians have developed and progressed and risen, but none among their intelligentsia or anyone else says that they are reactionary, backward or extremist - Christians stay with Christianity, and the Jew abides by the Torah, the Japanese abides by his heathenism, the Indian remains Buddhist or Hindu.

But if a preacher calls for adherence to our Religion, our creed and its contents, those whose hearts have been sickened by the Western intelligentsia and who say to themselves that they are men of (Western) culture – although they might wash animals like as horses and dogs or wash plates and dishes in hotels for a living, or perhaps they own taxi cabs – rise up and begin to lament and wail: “How do you want progress and civilization while you wish you to return to the Middle Ages and bygone days?”

Those secularists among our race – whether they are a president, minister, ambassador or whatever – are a Satanic growth, a moth worm gnawing at the hearts of our proud Afghan people who wish for nothing for this group other than the Law of Allah alone. The people have proven this fact and will prove it again in the future, Allah willing.

Those secularists have attempted to impose upon the people of this group the culture of the West in education, religion, development, politics and traditions, among other things, crying: “There is no existence, no advancement and no progress except by banishing the Islamic culture which is the heritage of the Afghan Muslims.” May Allah shame them for what they say.

The Afghan Secularists are the Greatest Obstacle in the Way of Implementing Islamic Shari’ah

The devotion of those mercenaries to their enemies is not limited to spreading Western ideas. Rather, they have come to wage war against Islam, and all those who are zealous for Islam in our pure land, and all those among the people who attempt to implement Islamic Shari’ah in the land in which they were born and raised. They cast at them names like extremist, radical and reactionary. All of this gladdens the enemies of Islam.

What is astonishing about this matter is that those (secularists) only use those names to describe those trying to implement Shari’ah in their birthplace. As for the Jew of Christian who come from the true hateful, extremist fringe of the West and the generations and students following them, who make every effort day and night to spread the Christian message among some naïve Afghans in the name of civilization and civility while they are protected by the bullets falling from airplanes and helicopters, artillery rockets and heavy tanks and miss no opportunity on behalf of their false religion outside its original land, despite all their abominations and offenses, we find the secularists not labeling them with extremism or fanaticism. They describe them as developed, civilized and modern. Woe, O woe unto you for you discrimination.

We know full well that their description, at the direction of their master (America), of the Islamists and Mujahideen as extremist, radical, fanatic or terrorist is not intended to return the Mujahid to moderation. Rather, the intent is to quell Islamic feeling and Jihadist fervor and to destroy any type of rebellion against Western ideas.

Those mercenaries are nothing but lackeys serving the enemies of Islam and the enemies of their Muslim people, providing services that perhaps even the West itself did not dream of.

The humanitarian standard among them is material and tangible things. Progress among them is wearing make-up, drinking wine, attending shameless dance parties, keeping vigil in bars and hotels until the break of dawn, mingling of the sexes and sexual activity. All of these things are at the heart of progress!!!!?

Towards the implementation of Shari’ah they evince a harshness, barbarity and hostility that conflicts with civilization and progress and is suitable only for the Middle Ages.

Exciting Nationalist and Regional Chauvinism (Pushtun, Tajiik and Uzbek)

The implementation of Shari’ah is not the only topic on which those secularists focus in friendship to the Americans. Indeed there is also the issue of nationalist and ethnic chauvinism under the name Pushtun, Tajik and Uzbek, or people of the North, of the South or people of the East or West. The call to chauvinism is a most dangerous matter, and might lead to the strength of the Muslim people being shaken, their unity shattered and their division into warring mini-states or regions, hunted by their enemies at their leisure. They also aim at making the loyalty of the Muslim to their nation come before their loyalty to their creed, which would make the matter of creed secondary or marginal.

Here we must all know as Muslims in general and as Afghans especially, that the demand for strength, victory or primacy as Pustuns, Tajiks, Uzbeks or whatever will not bring any benefits whatsoever and will never achieve victory. It will not elevate out situation and we will remain the most despised of people until we return to our Islam first, then to our beloved country and its true needs second.

Translated From The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: Al-Somood Magazine Issue #59

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