Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Three Afghanistan Taliban Statements on Massive Weekend Jail-break from Qandahar

*Below are several statements from the Afghanistan Taliban about this past weekend's massive jail-break in Qandahar (Kandahar).

(1) Statement from the leadership council (majlis-i shura)

(2) Detailed report from senior spokesman Qari Yusuf Ahmadi

(3) Statement about how "faith" defeated technology in the prison break


Statement of the Council of the Leadership, Islamic Emirate , Regarding the Kandahar Jailbreak

April 26, 2011

Last night (25.4.2011), the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate managed to get 541 Mujahideen inmates in Kandahar City Jail freed thanks to the blessing and help of the Almighty Allah (SwT) and as a result of successful tactical operations. We congratulate the Mujahid people of Afghanistan, the Mujahideen of the current Jihad, the families of the prisoners and, in short, all the Islamic Ummah over this great victory.

It is worth mentioning to say that the enemy had greatly focused on the security of the jail following two successful operations against the Kandahar jail. They had erected checkpoints around the premises of the prison, being manned both by foreign and internal hireling soldiers. Also, had dug ditches; built solid cement walls; installed security cameras and other instruments of surveillance. But notwithstanding that, the Mujahideen of the path of the Truth, once again proved their tactical ascendancy over the great military colonialist power of the world and its internal surrogates that have been trained and brought up in the West. Thus, the Mujahideen disproved the futile claims of general Petraeus -- the most lauded and praised general of America-- who was claiming that they had wiped the strength of Taliban in Kandahar and had had tangible military gains. Truly speaking, falsehood may be accompanied by fanfare and display but is ever devoid of any essence.

The jailbreak of Kandahar prison showed that America and her allies only live on the back of stints and futile propaganda drive. However, baseless hypes bring in humiliating consequences. The beloved countrymen are witness to the fact that the initiatives and enterprise have constantly remained in the hands of Mujahideen all over the country. In addition to this, the recent successful operations by Mujahideen in other provinces have exposed the deceiving demeanor of David Petraeous-- the top general of American forces-- to the American and the world’s public, that they have had spectacular military gains in Afghanistan. It is grotesque that one day before the breaking of the Kandahar jail. a Pentagon top brass said that they would drive Taliban out of Afghanistan in 2011 and would keep them at bay all over the country. We only would like to tell these well-known liars of Pentagon that do your failed operations in Marjah and Kandahar and the retreats of the American troops from the Korangal and Pech valleys mean obliteration of Taliban or they are indications of your defeat? Whose success is the infiltration of Mujahideen into the ministry of defense of the Stooge Administration right to the very office of the defense minister? Whose triumph is the incidences of killings at the hands of those policemen who are on your payroll?

Ironically, you have now only turned to lies and bombardment of miserable Afghan civilians; destruction of plantations and orchards and filling of prisons with oppressed Afghans. Where are your those standards of human rights and where is your democracy?

The strength and morale of Mujahideen have been boosting and the Afghan masses are standing behind them. The enemy will surely face more military and political defeats. The global invaders and their internal hirelings should put an end to their politics of obstinacy and leave the country of the Afghans to the Afghans themselves. Similarly, the public of the West whose government are participants in the occupation of Afghanistan, should simultaneously re-assess the current developments in Afghanistan; re-evaluate the military situation in the country and prevent their governments from prolonging this worthless and losing war.

In short, the recent operations in Kandhar were successful like all other operations in Kandahar city. May Allah, the Almighty (SwT) bestow blessing and reward on those Mujahideen who worked hard in the past few months to bring to success this plan. May Allah, the Almighty, ensure the realization of a real Islamic system in the country by conferring (on us) self-same favors.

Leadership Council

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


Kandahar prison break, 541 prisoners freed (detailed report)

April 25, 2011

KANDAHAR, Apr. 25 – Last night (Apr. 25), Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, with the help of Allah SWT, managed to break into Kandahar prison and free 541 prisoner Mujahideen which included 106 commanders.Kandahar prison is considered as one of the largest and most secure prisons in the country. Two of its most important subdivisions are for criminal and political prisoners. All 541 Mujahideen were kept in the political branch, from where they were freed once again by Mujahideen in Kandahar through the leadership of Islamic Emirate.

As per plan, Mujahideen started digging a 360 meter tunnel to the prison from the south side, which was completed after a 5 month period, bypassing enemy check posts and Kandahar-Herat main highway leading directly to the political prison.

The tunnel reached its target last night, from where the prisoner Mujahideen were led away through the escape route by 3 previously informed inmates in a period of four and a half hours, starting from 11:00 pm last night and ending at 3:30 am this morning. Mujahideen later on sent vehicles to the inmates who were led away to secure destinations.

The most astonishing thing throughout the operation, as reported by Mujahideen informants was that all the enemy forces inside the prison, which includes foreign invaders, did not notice the results of the operation even 4 hours later and hence has not released any statements. Mujahideen had also placed a Martyrdom seeking group near the prison, whose need did not arise due to the inaction shown by the enemy.

It is also worth mentioning that the enemy forces, despite placing security cameras in and around the prison, have still not been able to figure out the details of this operation.

Qari Yousuf Ahmadi


Kandahar prison broken once again; the mystifying battle between faith and technology!!

April 25, 2011

The victorious and history producing soldiers of Allah under the leadership of Islamic Emirate have once again broken Kandahar prison, freeing more than 500 imprisoned Mujahideen which include tens of commanders, group leaders and high ranking officials and once again showed the triumph of the forces of mercy and faith over the technology plagued forces of Satan.

Mujahideen had started working on a 360 meter-long underground tunnel with great professionalism, dedication and secrecy, during which they bypassed highly secure check posts and Kandahar-Herat main highway before directly reaching their target, the prison’s political wing in a 5 month period, according to the latest information provided by the Mujahideen in Kandahar.

As planned earlier, the freeing of prisoners through the tunnel began at 11:00 pm last night when 3 previously informed inmates walked into each cell, woke up the Mujahideen and guided them to the tunnel, the process of which finished at around 03:30 am this morning when all the prisoners came out of the tunnel where they were escorted to secure destinations by vehicles.

Kandahar prison was previously broken into by Martyrdom seeking Mujahideen in the month of June 2008, breaking down its security barriers and killing dozens of security guards using an explosive-laden vehicle and heavy arms before freeing all its inmates. After this incident, the security personnel in Kabul’s stooge regime, in a failed attempt upgraded its security parameters by surrounding the prison with belts of security check posts, cameras and mobile patrol groups. The American’s and their hirelings never thought that the brave and daring Mujahideen would ever be able to free their comrades again, especially without any of the security personnel ever noticing or causing harm to any of the 500 prisoners who escaped through the tunnel. This is a sign of the help from the Almighty Allah, which no mind or technology can comprehend and this is considered as nothing more than the strike of the superiority of faith over material means.

This recent operation comes at a time when the echoes from the blow on the Ministry of Defense in Kabul are still ringing in the ears of the puppets in Kabul and their foreign masters while the theatrical drama of the blame game goes on between the two sides. The senate of Kabul regime wants the removal of the minister of defense (Raheem Wardag) from his office in connection with the incident while the high council and others go even further by proposing the changing and scrambling of all officials in security posts. But these people do not realize that they shall be witnesses to even more such Jihadic operations, which shall be even more dazzling and impressive than the previous, the blame of which shall not only force the defense minister to resign but also the “esteemed” head in Kabul! And the American commander supported by state of the art weapons, technology and overflowing dollars, who deceitfully boasts about securing Kandahar, should also ready himself for resignation and admit to his failures and defeat against the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate.

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