Saturday, March 19, 2011

Al-Qa'ida Central's Shaykh 'Atiyyatullah Discusses Libya

Shaykh 'Atiyyatullah (also transliterated "Attiyatallah") has been featured in two media releases from Al-Qa'ida Central's Al-Sahab (The Clouds) Media Foundation over the past week. He addressed the situation in Libya between various rebel factions and the country's brutal autocratic ruler, Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi (frequently transliterated as "Qaddafi," "Gaddafi," "Kadafi"), and offered organizational advice to the rebels based on the experiences of "the Al-Qa'ida organization."

He is also known as 'Atiyah bin 'Abd al-Rahman al-Libi. The most recent release also refers to him as "Jamal Ibrahim Ishtaywi al-Misrati," the nisbah of which notes he is from the city of Misrata in western Libya.

AQC's other senior Libyan leader, Abu Yahya al-Libi, was also featured in a recent video from Al-Sahab discussing the situation in Libya, which I wrote about HERE.

The media releases may be downloaded via these NON-militant URLs:

"Tribute to Our People in Libya" (released March 18, 2011)

The password to unpack the file is: djhuBTH38758fhb5748%&h7h#jhdujn

"Maximizing the Sanctity of Muslim Blood" (released March 15, 2011)
*The video was released in Arabic, Urdu, and Pashtu. The links below are for the Arabic:

The password to unpack the file is: BneErdn6NoidQPWLDOifsF

English translation by the Global Islamic Media Front (PDF):

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