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A Cyber Jihadi Critique of New Documentary "Broken Dreams" on Somali-American Youth Who Joined Harakat al-Shabab

Below is a response from a cyber jihadi-takfiri to the new documentary film Broken Dreams about the Somali-American youth who traveled to Somalia and joined Harakat al-Shabab al-Mujahideen (Movement of Warrior-Youth). The documentary, which was recently screened in Minneapolis, the city where the majority of these young men came from, was made by Fathia Absie, a former journalist for Voice of America and a social worker.

The response, posted below without edits, shows how threatening this documentary is to militants. It is a vulgar, formulaic attack on both the documentary and Absie, who is called the "house nigger" of the U.S. Department of Justice. Cyber jihadi-takfiris are never shy about letting the world know what they do not like and, at the same time, what they feel most threatened by.



In Response to the Documentary "Broken Dreams"

بسم الله, والحمد لله,والثناء لله, والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله, وبعد

It is so bewildering to see the uproar made by a new immature documentary called: “Broken Dreams”, about the young Somali American men who went back to fight in Somalia. It’s obscure commotions were echoed by the acting of some Somali leaders both of the religious and non-religious sectors in the interviews of the documentary. To some extent, its opening ceremony attracted a wide variety of representatives from the whole community. So many were applauding for its contents, while others were chanting praises for the director of this immature filming and its in-accurate facts gathered from left-wing media and the usual conspiracy mongers including but limited to: Washington, the FBI, and of course some quotations of FADHI KU DIRIR sources.

In the midst of so many cheerful reactions, no trace of any challenge is heard to the contents of the documentary from its title to its taradiddle. Luckily, this film came a time when critics are not welcome to voice any opposition to the dictations of Washington’s policies about the so called war on terror. Especially when all of the voices heard so far from the Somali community in Minnesota has only demeaned those who headed to Somalia for their life-changing journey. For this reason, I must balance this one-sided discussion by presenting some arguments based on facts that are contrary to what the documentary claimed.

No doubt, the documentary’s title: “Broken Dreams” has summarized its themes and contents. If someone would not have seen the film, they would have concluded that the dreams of those youth were broken. Unfortunately that first claim of the film is nothing but a pack of lies built on a thin dust of doubts. Let me rephrase that more clearly. I have known most of the youth, some of them as long as 10 years, to confirm that the majority of them had no dreams to begin with. It would have been a true professional journalism if this documentary would have contacted those youth personally, which is not that difficult. I did exactly that for this article. They are not hiding inside caves in the middle of nowhere, but easily can be found living freely in the cities of Somalia with multiple families across many cities. “Broken Dreams” did not bother to do that investigative reporting at all.

Some of those youth, were former alcoholics who were thrown out of their homes by the same individuals who are shedding tears now for their departure. They were abandoned to the merciless cold of Minnesota winter for so long. But they were genius to discover a way to spend the winter in county jails to skip the rough life outside, only to came back to the streets in the summer to survive. There were no community leaders nor Imams who would open their centers for them. No one cared whether their dreams were broken, because they had no dreams at all. So I ask, what dreams were there to be broken? The answer is none. The only dream and life that was destroyed of those youth was the unfortunate routine of crimes and incarcerations.

However, once again their genius kicked in, when they all turned to religion and filled the houses of almighty Allaah. Withing weeks of their devotion to the Mosques, one would see the ruthless gangsters of yesterday turning into caring and hardworking men who love and care for each other and for their families. You would see them with astonishing personalities that is presented by their smiling faces. Ask the unbiased true witnesses who closely observed their amazing metamorphosis from thugs into productive members of the community. A good number of those former dreamless boys reached a respected positions in various community centers, academic circles, and even some Masajids. Some of them served in the positions of managers and directors of departments in different organizations. Their duties will take them from the east cost to the west cost of the United Snakes, I mean States.

Furthermore, Allaah wanted these shining stars to raise them up once more and elevate them to even higher levels, from community activists to freedom fighters and perhaps founding fathers in the near future for a new Islamic Emirate in the horn of Africa. When they became fed up with the hypocritical politics of Islamic centers and their lack of any effort to defend their homeland from the centuries old enemy; they gathered in secrecy as they would do in the hoods in the old days planning for their next move. Of course I was not present in any of their meetings, but I can imagine some of them watching over their shoulders for any rats while others were engaged in heated debates of how and when they should depart to the land of the free and the brave.

Why they should go and free their land from the invaders was a question never allowed in those meetings. Anyone who dared to ask that kind of a silly question was in danger of one or two beatings or jump-ons. While discussing the means of getting to Somalia, money for the airline tickets became an issue for some of the brothers who were not working at the time. One of them said I will share my few thousand dollars savings for my wedding with two brothers. Another one proclaimed I will sell my car tomorrow and have the ticket for 3 the next day. If you don’t believe this graciousness, ask any previous gang member how generous they can be for each other. Within few days the meetings were over and the first steps toward fame and name were taken. Once again, this is my imagination at work, don’t count on it, having in mind that it mighty be exactly what took place.

With that simplicity in planning and deciding they started a journey to a land that some of them never seen, don’t even belong to and would be almost impossible to blend in. As we all know, some of the Mujahideen in Somalia who left the United States have blue eyes and blond hair. Nevertheless, they were welcomed with open hearts and warm greetings, they were given the title ‘Muhajiroon’. These youngsters were full of enthusiasm and hopes of contributing to the freedom of their Muslim lands. Immediately they to put to use their skills of survival, their bonding of brotherhood and one-for-all all-for-one philosophy. Soon, the Jihadi arena came to respect them and honor them with even more elevated positions of leadership. I will not be amazed if I see a blond haired blue eyed American brother becoming the governor of Banadir or the Wali Hiiraan, because their pinnacle hopes of establishing Islamic Shariah, and shedding their blood for its cause earns them those honors and titles.

So I ask again, what dreams have they broken? If the title of this naive documentary means the dreams of gangster life and cycles of incarcerations were broken, then we should all feel proud of how they broke those nightmares. However, I doubt if the American Department of Justice which is funded by the profits of destroying the lives of millions, will ever feel good of its customers departing from its businesses, nor its criminals escaping from its cycles of destruction. Furthermore “Broken Dreams” presented nothing more than reiterations of the despicable distortions of reality by the enemies of Islam, specifically the DOJ led by its house nigger. It did not present any solutions, nor did it even discussed the true broken dreams of hundreds of our youth in the state and federal prisons of America.

Those who died among them while serving their Muslim lands deserve their legacies to be written in the books of history, as they deserve a place in the third most eminent level of paradise in the hereafter, its what we wish for them: نحسبهم كذالك ولا نزكي على الله أحدا. As to those who are still alive they are the trail-blazers and esteemed icons of even more to arrive at the lands of Ribat and Jihad, not only in Somalia, but in many frontal lines against our enemies in the near future. They indeed restored not only their hopes, but the hopes of the whole Muslim Ummah by proofing that revolution is must, and an immediate change is possible and easily attainable by everyone, even by few young brothers. They only need to restore their hopes by breaking their nightmares.

وصلى الله وسلم على النبي الهادي الأمين, وعلى آله وصحبه الغر الميامين, والحمد لله رب العالمين

Safar 20th, 1432

Abu Yaser Al-Maqdishi

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