Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Message from Al-Qa'ida Central's Pakistan Spokesman Ahmad Farouq: "Be Convinced of God's Promise"

"God protect your soldiers, the mujahideen (warriors of faith) in the Caliphate of Pakistan."

Al-Qa'ida Central's Al-Sahab (The Clouds) Media Foundation has just released a new audio lecture from its Pakistan-based spokesman al-Ustadh Ahmad Farouq (Ahmad Farooq). "Al-ustadh" is an Arabic title meaning "professor" but also used as a term of respect. Al-Sahab has periodically released audio messages from Farouq in the past. He is identified by Al-Sahab as "an official of the Al-Qa'ida organization for propagation in Pakistan." The audio message, in Urdu, is entitled "Be Convinced of God's Promise."


The audio message may be downloaded via these NON-militant URLs:

The password to unpack the file is: BiueOJLdf93JJKkdfd

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