Sunday, November 14, 2010

Al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula Denies Saudi Government Allegations it Plans to Target Hajj

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Al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP; Qaeda, Qaida), based in Yemen, issued a statement yesterday denying Saudi government statements that an attack by the group on Hajj security had "not been ruled out." AQAP's statement, entitled, "Explanatory Statement to the Community of Islam [Muslims] about the Al-Sa'ud's Fabrications," denies that the group has any plans to target the pilgrimage, which is about to start in the Hijaz region in western Saudi Arabia.

The group says in its statement, "The al-Sa'ud, in a desperate attempt to eliminate the Mujahideen, have invented lies about them, such as the statement made by the Saudi Minister of the Interior about the possibility of an act of sabotage against the pilgrims by the Mujahideen [which] is meant to tarnish their [the Mujahideen's] image with the Muslim nation. We assure the Muslims that we are against any criminal act against the pilgrims and we warn the Muslims about the application of the plan concocted by God's enemy, [U.S. general] Petraeus, which seeks to bomb public markets, mosques, and places of worship in order to discredit the jihadi movement. This plan confirms that the al-Sa'ud are in full cooperation with the Americans and Jews, as they notified them about the parcel bombs addressed to them [Americans and Jews], which led to Obama thaking the al-Sa'ud publicly for their information."

The statement closes with an allegation that the Saudi monarchy has "opened the door" for Shi'i Muslims to cause mischief during the pilgrimage.

The statement may be downloaded via the following non-jihadi-takfiri URLs:

The folder includes PDF, Word, and SWF versions of the statement.

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