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Afghanistan "Quetta Shura" Taliban Interview with Laghman Province Military Commander Najibullah Haqqani

Below is an interview with an Afghan Taliban field commander in Laghman Province, Afghanistan. It was conducted by one of the Afghan "Quetta Shura" Taliban's media outlets, Sawt al-Jihad (Voice of Jihad).

An Interview with Laghman provinces Jihadi Military Commander, Maulawi Najeebullah Haqqani

Zul Qadah 01, 1431 A.H, Sunday, October 10, 2010

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Laghman province is located in the East of the country. To the north are Panjsheer and Nooristan. To the east in Kunar, to south is Nangarhar and to the west are Kabul and Kapisa provinces. Laghman’s provincial capital is Muhtarlam City and it has 4 other districts namely Qarghaye, Daulat Shah, Alishang and Alingar. Laghman has a name for its beauty and has strategically important location. It has a mountainous landscape which is covered with trees and jungles.

Jihadi Military Commander

Mauli Najeebullah Haqqani is the Jihadi Military Commander of Laghman province under The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. He was born in Moni Village of Shigal district located in Kunar to a Religious and Jihad loving family on 1348 H.S. He did his early education in his village mosque but then immigrated to Pakistan during the Russian led coup, where he studied until 8th grade. Then he began his religious studies and graduated in 1996 (Goergian Calender) from the prestigious Darul Uloom Haqqaniya Akora Khatak.

He was with the Islamic Emirate from its humble beginnings where he participated in the victorious campaigns of Gerishk, Dalaram and Farah province. His first official duty was in Farah Bank and then worked in the Departments of Intelligence, Finance and Information in Kabul. He was the Jihadi military commander in Kunar after the American led invasion and has also done his Islamic duty of Jihad in Nooristan until his appointment at the current position.

Alemarah: Hounarable Mauli Sahib, Asalamalaikum and the warmest of welcomes. Could you please tell our audience the Jihadic situation in Laghman at the moment?

Mauli Najeebullah Haqqani: Walaikumsalam

All praise is due to Allah and may his peace and blessings be on the leader of Mujahideen, Muhammad SAW and on his companions. For what follows:

Firstly I would also like to extend by Kindest of regards to the Mujahideen working for Alemarah and its readers and am pleased to have this opportunity to speak to the Momin and Mujahid Ummah about situation of Laghman province. Alhamdulillah the Jihadic situation in Laghman province is very good and according to our expectations. Mujahideen have bases and heavy presence in Muhtarlam City, Qarghaye, Daulat Shah and Alishang districts.

Qarghaye district, in which a large part of Jalalabad-Kabul main highway goes through, is mostly under Mujahideen control just like before. The enemy cannot enter Tor Ghar area of this district, Badpeeh area of Muhtarlam is also under our complete control. Similarly the area in and around the province center is always coming under Mujahideen bombings and assaults. The districts of Alishang and Daulat Shah are under Mujahideen’s complete control. The enemy only has its presence is the district centers. As for Alingar, Mujahideen activity is not as strong and therefore is using guerilla tactics so far.

So Mujahideen are always going forward in their Jihadi activities in Laghman. We have appointed governors and commissions for the various districts and so far don’t have any serious problems regarding our Jihadic progress.

Alemarah: Could you give us information about the presence of invaders in Laghman?

Mauli Najeebullah Haqqani: American’s are based in Laghman, just like in other eastern provinces. They have a base in Muhtarlam city and Alishang district center. They also have a PRT in Kala Gosh area between Laghman and Nooristan provinces. They are now busy in building a new base in Kambere area of Qarghaye district.

Alemarah: How many Mujahideen are there in Laghman?

Mauli Najeebullah Haqqani: I will not be able to tell you the exact figures due to them being military secrets but can say that Alhamdulillah we have enough of a presence in all the districts that if the enemy tries to come out of their base on patrol or for an operation, Mujahideen can confront and stop them and similarly we have enough logistics to properly equip our Mujahideen and so far don’t have any serious problems in that area.

Alemarah: A very recent event which requires our attention is the operation which was carried out against ANA in Badpeeh area. This is an event which the enemy tried to hide and hasn’t said anything about it till now but an article published in NY times called this a historic victory for the Mujahideen. Could you please tell us about the operation and how Mujahideen were able to cause such damage to the enemy?

Mauli Najeebullah Haqqani: Just like you mentioned, this event really was a historic win due thanks to Allah’s help. Recently Mujahideen focused their operations on Jalalabad-Kabul main highway which goes through Laghman. Mujahideen targeted the enemy convoys and patrols which caused the enemy great distress. So the enemy decided to carry out an operation in Badpeeh, where Mujahideen have a big presence. Another important point about this event was that, American’s wanted to test their puppets in order to see if they could carry out a successful operation about which the puppet regime boasted.

So the enemy entered the area on Tuesday, 3rd August 2010 after fully equipping themselves with about 41 armored and other military vehicles which had more than 350 ANA puppets. When the enemy entered the area in the morning, Mujahideen contacted me and said that they do not have enough supplies to combat them but did so anyway only trusting in the help of Allah. This fierce battle started in the morning and lasted until dusk when the enemy was defeated. Out of the 41 vehicles, only 18 were left which the Mujahideen took as war booty.

Similarly, 75 puppets were left on the battle field after being killed and 25 others were taken as captives but in all this fighting, only 2 of our brothers were Martyred. The Mujahideen who participated in the battle say that they saw the help of Allah SWT because with all the military might of the enemy and the weak state of Mujahideen, they still won the battle and Allah made that day so cloudy that the enemy airpower was rendered useless. Earlier Mujahideen had complained about not having enough supplies and weapons but by the end, they had so many that they asked me what to do with them. So Allah SWT clearly showed them his help and gave them victory after fear of a defeat.

Alemarah: How are other operations going in the other areas?

Mauli Najeebullah Haqqani: Alhamdulillah operations are going forward very fast in the areas. Jalalabad-Kabul main highway is always targeted and enemy check posts are also coming under constant assaults. Similarly enemy patrols come under IED attacks and their bases under missile strikes in Alishange. Enemy check posts and bases in Laghman provincial capital are also coming under Mujahideen assaults which you might have heard about through media.

Alemarah: How is the locals help with Mujahideen in Laghman?

Mauli Najeebullah Haqqani: The locals of Laghman are a Mujahid people. They have given us places in their homes. The reason why the enemy cannot weaken the Mujahideen resistance is a clear manifestation of their help and we are thankful of Allah for this and are show immense pride in the help of locals.

Alemarah: To end, as a Commander of Laghman province, do you have a message to the Afghan population, similarly to Mujahideen and the enemy as well in which we can help to reach your voice?

Mauli Najeebullah Haqqani: To Mujahideen: Make your focus only to Allah’s and make his happiness your first and foremost goal. Listen and obey your leaders and treat the people with a good manner. Be very patient with the Muslims population and forgive them for we need their help because any Islamic movement which has succeeded or is succeeding, it’s due to the help of the local Muslims.

To the Mujahid Afghan people: Do not be fooled by the so called democracy and nation building lies of the enemy. Just like how you have given a place to the Mujahideen in your breasts, similarly help out physically and financially.

To the puppet ANA: Do not fight for the wrong group who only use you as for their stingy goals. Think. We captured 25 of your ANA puppets and asked the invaders for a swap of prisoners but to our surprise, they did not only want to do a prisoner swap but told us to kill the ones we have. But we released them as a favor. You must know that with all the sacrifices you make, you still don’t have any importance to your masters.

To the invaders: You should look at the realities, read the history of this nation and then revisit your strategy. They should know that with all their might they will not succeed in subduing us through your illegitimate invasion. Today or tomorrow you will be forced to flee just like your predecessors the USSR. And a message to their leaders is, to stop wasting your money on failed operations here and instead use that money on your people and their development. Leave us alone so we can live in peace under Islam Sharia.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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Dick said...

Well Commander Maulie Haqqani, it looks like you have everthing under control ... especially the propaganda that you speak every chance you can.

The truth is we (the USA) have no desire to rule Afghanistan as the USSR once did. We just want the good people of that country to run it themselves without interference from you and the paid Mujahideen from the Taliban and Al-Qaida. Your bullying tactics are crimes against humanity and you should tell everybody to stop it. The people have a God/Allah given right to live free and in peace and as they wish to live ... as long as they are not hurting anybody.

Please give up and let it go and the people will love you and all the Mujahideen who distort Sharia Law to justify their very mean and bad actions. Thankyou. Dik Deerwood.