Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Video Message from American Al-Qa'ida Central Spokesman Adam Gadahn on Pakistan Floods; Separates Baluchistan from Pakistan

Al-Qa'ida Central's (AQC) media outlet, the Al-Sahab (Clouds) Media Foundation, released a new video message from its American spokesman Adam "'Azzam al-Amriki" Gadahn today entitled, "The Tragedy of the Floods." Gadahn speaks in English and the video was subtitled in both Arabic and Urdu. It is addressed to the peoples of Pakistan, the Pashtun areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Baluchistan. Gadahn criticizes the less than stellar Pakistani government response to the floods as well as what he says are meager contributions from foreign countries. He accuses the Pakistani and Afghan governments of corruption and says that most of the donated money will end up in the private bank accounts of their officials.

Particularly noteworthy to me is Gadahn's separation of Baluchistan (Balochistan), a region that spans both southeastern Iran and northwestern Pakistan, from Pakistan as a whole in his message. There are active insurgencies on both sides of the border, making Gadahn's decision to separate the region from Pakistan proper noteworthy. AQC in the past has shown a desire to attach itself to ongoing local conflicts, building upon a pre-established base.

The English-Arabic video may be downloaded via:

The Urdu video may be downloaded via:

The password to unpack the video file is: opPolgf329kjsag

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