Sunday, May 16, 2010

Turkish Jihadi-takfiri Group Taifatel Mansura (Victorious Sect) Will Aid Afghan Taliban in New Military Campaign

Below is a statement from the Turkish transnational jihadi-takfiri group Taifatul Mansura ("Victorious Sect"; Taifetul Mansura), in which the group says it will participate in the Afghanistan Taliban's recently-announced new military campaign. The group is based in Pashtun areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The brief statement is run without edits.

The statement of military group “Taifatul Mansurah”

Military group “Taifatul Mansurah” has sent its third group to Afganistan to fight against kuffar occupators according “Fath 2010” plan.

Afganistan Islamic Emirate

Military Group “Taifatul Mansurah”

Abu Yasir


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