Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Traitors of Ahl al-Sunna (Sunni Muslims) in Iraq: Jihadi-takfiri Al-Fajr Media Center's Second Film in a Series

The shadowy transnational jihadi-takfiri Al-Fajr (Dawn) Media Center recently released the second film in a series on Iraq, "The Traitors of Ahl al-Sunna (Sunni Muslims)" that takes aim at Sunni political and tribal leaders in that country. The first film was entitled, "The Killers: Rejectionist-Shi'is (Muslims)," which can be viewed via a previous post HERE.

Among those pictured in the second film's advertising banner are Iraqi Sunni politicians Tariq al-Hashemi (a vice-president) and Mahmoud al-Mashhadani.

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