Friday, May 14, 2010

Shi'ism is Not Islam, It is Unbelief (Essay)

"Scholars of the Shi'a" shown with the former U.S. viceroy in Iraq, L. Paul Bremer, as an ally of "Crusaders" and "Zionists."

Embedded below is a jihadi-takfiri anti-Shi'i Muslim polemical essay. It follows a familiar pattern used by jihadi-takfiris in their verbal/visual attacks on Shi'is. The author of the essay was not given, though it was posted by a user named "obl lover" ("OBL" standing for "Osama bin Laden.")


Shi'Ism is Kufr (Qimmah Essay)
Shi'ism is Kufr (Unbelief)

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