Thursday, May 13, 2010

Islamic State of Iraq's New Minister of War, Nasir li'Din Allah Abu Sulayman, Announces New Military Campaign, Addresses Supporters & Enemies

A new statement from Nasir li'Din Allah Abu Sulayman, the new "minister of war" of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), has been issued addressing recent attacks carried out by the group across the country. He calls for steadfastness from supporters around the country, naming areas such as the cities of Baghdad and Mosul and the provinces of Saladin, Diyala, and al-Anbar. Harsh words, unsurprisingly, are directed at the country's Shi'i Muslims, whom Abu Sulayman calls the "descendants of Ibn 'Alqami," after the name of the chief minister (wazir) of the last 'Abbasid caliph whom some Sunnis claim betrayed him to the Mongol leader Hulagu Khan, who was besieging Baghdad. Thus, these Sunnis call Shi'is " 'Alqamiyoun" (those who follow 'Alqami).


ISI...New Minister of War's Announcement of Military Campaign (May 13)
ISI Statement

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sunni said...

Is there decision taken regarding restoring peace and easing tension in iraq ? Peace is the greatest prize of the time