Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Footage of Attack on Swedish Cartoonist Lars Vilks Set to Transnational Jihadi-takfiri Nasheed

A transnational jihadi-takfiri nasheed (themed song) is played over footage of the recent attack on the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who in 2007 drew Islam's central prophet, Muhammad, as a dog. He has been criticized by many Muslims and threatened by radical ones, including the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI). I written about the use of anasheed (plural of nasheed) HERE.

The video shows a May 11 attack on Vilks during a lecture at Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden. In a slide just before a member of the crowd jumps out and headbutts him, breaking his glasses according to news reports, an image of one of the Shi'i Imams can be seen. Given my interest in religious iconography and religio-political iconography, I found this tangentially interesting. The inclusion of this type of nasheed over the footage, as well as the introductory part about an imagined caliphate (unified Muslim state), is what I find most interesting about this video. I say "imagined" because groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir and transnational militant types envision a caliphate that differs significantly from any historical caliphate. To take but one point, there was never a caliphate that included every single piece of territory where Muslims lived, "from Morocco to Indonesia," as some say. Nor were the historical Muslim states always or even usually ruled in such a pristine, religious and moral way by their temporal rulers, the caliphs.

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