Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Death of a Convert: Turkish & Uzbek Jihadis Announce the "Martyrdom" of German Jihadi-convert Eric Breininger

Eric Breininger, a young German convert to Islam and wanted militant, was killed in late April during an attack on a Pakistani military position near Mir Ali, Waziristan in the Pashtun tribal areas. His "martyrdom" was announced by Turkish and Uzbek jihadi-takfiris associated with the Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), an Uzbek group based in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Elif Medya, a major Turkish-language jihadi-takfiri media outlet, and the Turkish jihadi-takfiri group Taifetul Mansura (Victorious Sect; Taifatul Mansura). Breininger was featured in a number of videos, including a Ramadan 2009 release from Elif Medya where he and other jihadi-takfiris thanked those who donated food to "the mujahideen" (warriors of faith).

Breininger, who was also known by the nom de guerre 'Abdul Ghaffar al-Alamani (The German), was born in 1987 in Saarland, Germany and converted to Islam in 2006. He left Germany the next year and traveled to the Pashtun tribal areas of Pakistan, where he trained in IJU camps. German police issued a warrant for Breininger's arrest in 2008. He was one of a number of Germans who have joined Turkish and Uzbek jihadi-takfiri groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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