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Al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula: The Rafidah (Shi'a) and the Arabian Peninsula

From left: AQAP's Amir, Abu Basir Nasir al-Wuhayshi, 'Abdullah Hassan 'Asiri, the attempted assassin of Prince Muhammad bin Nayyif, and AQAP leader Abu Sufyan al-'Azdi al-Shihri.

Embedded below is an English translation, by a cyber jihadi-takfiri, of an article from the twelfth issue of Al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula's (AQAP) Internet magazine, Sada al-Malahim (Echo of Epics), which was released in February. The Arabic article was entitled "The Rafidah in the Arab Peninsula," using a term that is often used as a derogatory description of Shi'i Muslims. Rafidah and Rawafid translate literally to "ones who reject," referring to Shi'is alleged rejection of "true Islam," which in the eyes of jihadi-takfiris is an extreme form of Sunni Islam.

I posted a translation of another anti-Shi'i article in the twelfth issue in a previous post, "The Houthis: Rejectionists in a Zaydi Mask." AQAP has a history of virulent anti-Shi'i rhetoric, though the article suggests that Zaydism is closer to Sunni Islam than it is to Shi'i Islam. One of AQAP's anti-Shi'i releases was an audio statement by one of its leaders, Muhammad bin 'Abd al-Rahman al-Rashad, "I am Your Sincere Adviser," which was released on November 9. An English translation was released last December.

The translation is run without edits.


The domestic security crises witnessed in the Balad al-Haramain proves the regime's inability to eradicate al-Qaeda and its supporters, who have come to constitute a real player in the region. A quick move was made to bring down the brittle regime, which different factors had managed to strip naked before its own people, and before the Islamic world. Just as had happened during the second Gulf war, the House of Salul government during the reign of Abu Rughal (the damned Fahd), sought help from America and its allies. The government thereby exposed the failure of the Saluli army to defend its land. How can we therefore expect this army to defend matters of even greater importance such as religion, souls, honor and other requirements? On the contrary, the outcome of the war was even more disastrous and disgraceful. It exposed their (the regime’s) loyalty to the infidels, their support and prostration before them and their loss of religion. The Balad Haramain, the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, was occupied by these supporting armies, the US and coalition armies. There is neither might nor power save in Allah!

Another aspect of this issue is that of Rafidism and its schemes. This is what we and our leaders are speaking about in many publications on Jihadist websites: the schemes and progress of Rafidism. Allah willing, we will make this clear at the end of this article. During this period, through the grace of Allah, the Mujahideen have for almost two years carried out blessed operations against the Saluli government and the Crusader occupation. The strength of both sides was revealed during this period, which has yielded long and short-term consequences. The strength of the Mujahideen has been evident in the most important elements of this ideological struggle:

1. Argument and demonstration: The Mujahideen were able to win the society over to the ideological creed upon which their Jihadist program is based. The evidence for this is seen in the increasingly huge numbers of people in jail from all segments of society. What we see on the ground of reality, as well as what we read on internet websites, reveals the true victory achieved by the Mujahideen in the Balad al-Haramain under the leadership of Abu Hajar Abdul Aziz al-Muqrin, may Allah have mercy on him, and the brothers who stood with him. We see the fall of the ulema of the “tyrant” regime, whose lies, false statements and misguidance of Muslims were revealed. They thereby became, Allah forbid, the lowest and least of men if the eyes of many from the different segments of society, whether the Muslim public, government apostates and secularists. If the people of knowledge protect the knowledge, it will protect them, and if they do revere it, it will be highly revered. However, since they humiliated it, they were humiliated. Also they tarnished it with their aspirations until it became sullen.
Those mercenary ulema have been the first line of defense and the visible strength of the House of Salul government. Through the grace of Allah, this power has been broken by the clear truth which was brought by the Prophet Muhammad, the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and is carried by the true Mujahideen, Ulema, students of knowledge and warriors. “For the scum disappears like froth cast out, while that which is for the good mankind remains on the earth. Thus doth Allah set forth parables.”
The Mujahidin have left in reality published knowledge, tangible actions, and facts that are read and seen by every Muslim who is true to his Faith. The Mujahideen have been fighting (motivated) by a pure creed planted in their hearts. Against them is the army of the tyrant, motivated by a shaky faith, propped up by a monthly salary which is increased commensurate with the need to steady their soldiers.

2. Sacrifice: This element varies from one fighter to another. The Mujahideen take the lion’s share of this great principle, which is dictated to them by their religion, for whose sake the humblest thing they can offer is their souls. So how could it be without that?

3. Patience: The greatest evidence of their firmness and patience is the fight and Jihad against the infidel nations.

4. Preparation and Combat and Media Skills: The websites are the best proof of what the Mujahideen have achieved, by the grace of Allah.

This is the long-term reality that has been revealed and what has been achieved in the Balad al-Haramain by the Jihad under the leadership of Abu Hajar, may Allah have mercy on him. What we see today is a built-up tension, that could explode at any moment, at the hands of the supporters of al-Qaeda. They have frightened and terrified the Saluli government, which has responded by trying to produce new religious merchants from among the sheikhs. They have launched for them broadcast stations and websites in an attempt to calm the situation. For the old sheikhs had failed to quiet the situation and their scandals filled the satellite networks.

Then the Saluli government was scandalized by the Huthist Rafidites in the south of the Balad al-Haramain, where the failure of the Saluli government has been revealed before the people, and even the children laugh at the lies of the media, which fool nobody. On internet websites and their Rafidite channels, the Rafidites exhibit images that show their occupation of the border, their entry into villages, their seizure of military equipment as booty, and their capture of soldiers whose hearts are filled with fright – all of this done at the hands of small Rafidite groups! Just imagine if Iran were behind this. There is no power nor might save in Allah!

The Saluli government has therefore endeavored to end the war by all means. As a spokesman for the Huthis told the satellite networks, the Saluli government offered the Rafidites 1 billion Saluli riyals. The Huthis, however, stipulated the condition that the Saluli government does not intervene in their war with Yemen. The statements of the insane nomad (Abdullah al-Salul) imply acceptance of this condition. And this after the House of Salul tried to bring the Mujahideen into battle on their side, they shamelessly proposed that to the captive brothers in their prisons. It is out of the question, however, that the House of Salul or anyone else will dupe the Mujahideen into wars that benefit the interests of the infidels and their Western lackeys. Although the sheikhs of the government media have tried to mobilize the people to fight alongside the government, the Jihadist call in the Arabian Peninsula has been stronger and broader than the appeal of the government and its sheiks. This is first and last the blessing of Allah.

Today, by the Grace of Allah, our supporters look to us for guidance in the coming war, in which we beseech Allah to keep us steadfast against the apostate government and the Rafidites, who are more dangerous than anyone else. We must pause to clarify the fierce assault by its enemies which our Ummah is experiencing today and the masterly roles the enemies play in this assault. This compels us to explain – hastily – the truth of the conflict, especially the one taking place in the last stronghold of Islam: the Balad al-Haramain, the Najd and Hijaz, and the facts of the Crusader-Magian roles represented by America and Iran. The role to be played by the Magians will be providing an alternative to the Crusader occupation, in accordance with a mutually-beneficial deal entailing a swap of land for oil. The West does not care whether their agent is an Arab or Magian-Persian. There have been longstanding Magian-Crusader plots for Iran to seize control of the region, especially in the aftermath of the collapse of the role of the Saddam-Baathist (regime), which proved incapable of preserving security and oil in the region. As the West desires, the proxy is now Iran. The first common work between them is cooperation and collaboration against the Sunni Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq. Iran played the major role in that collaboration, as stated by its leaders. Iran then undertook to safeguard Israel’s security in the region, through the “Hizb al-Lat” (Hizballah) Rafidite party in Lebanon, and the initiative by HAMAS and its top politicians to begin striking at the military Jihadist resistance in Palestine, abandoning Sunni Muslim blood in Palestine and killing the true Salafi Mujahideen monotheists who believe in the whole Book in their mosques. Allah is sufficient for us and He is the best disposer of affairs! The military Jihad has turned into sitting at the table of defeatist negotiations with the occupying Zionist enemy. This is the greatest achievement which the Rafidites have given to the Jews and Christians throughout the entire history of the Rafidites. Thus the Rafidite Iranian agent has claimed the right to be ruler of the region, and the tool by which the people of Islam and the Arabian Peninsula are exterminated. The rulers of the region, with their misguiding clerics, have failed to destroy the creed of “Loyalty and Enmity” in the hearts of the faithful people – even as they repeat their false slogans such as interfaith dialogue, humanism, differing opinions, human rights, women’s rights and other false slogans designed to perplex Muslims and call their beliefs into doubt. Nonetheless, Allah preserves his Religion and the Faithful from the evil of those who lead astray. America knows that these societies have principles for which they live and die. America has seen the sons of these people in Iraq and Afghanistan and how they taught her their courage undaunted by death. The Rafidites are her proxy for destroying these peoples. Iran revealed its plans to occupy the Arabian Peninsula and realize its old dream of reviving the Persian Empire. Iran sought to forge an alliance with Russia, so that the balance of power will be between Iran and Russia on the one hand and America and Europe on the other.

These schemes revolve around basic elements, which Iran has drawn up as protocols, predicated upon five principles:

1. Presence in the region (sectarian presence)

2. Social reproduction and an increasing birth rate.

3. Integration in society and in all areas such as politics, economy, education, medicine and other fields.

4. Military preparation and facilitation by providing weapons, military bases and organizational groupings. This is the next to final stage and Iran has almost reached it in all parts of the Arabian Peninsula. This is what we perceive today in reality, and it is seen in the eastern regions, and we have seen what has recently happened and what is now happening in Bahrain. They are covertly conducting a siege of the Najd, covering the entry and exit points around the Riyadh-Hijaz highway, to isolate different areas and establish there rest houses and enclosures with a secret military presence, among other organizational matters. They have purchased border land adjoining the Rafidite presence in the northern regions like Hafr al-Batn, al-Qaisimiyah and other border areas. Additionally there is a large presence of men of fighting age: between the ages of 17 and 40. They gather in large numbers, especially in Mecca and Medina, where there are places for their gatherings. They also own farms, from which they foment plots for subjugating Balad al-Haramain, which Iran is supervising externally. The plan for occupation is therefore approaching its end, with only military action remaining.

5. Military action is always the final stage of the Rafidite plan, especially against Islam. The best evidence of this is what is happening in Iraq, and what has happened recently in Lebanon. There are ominous signs that the Rafidites in the Arabian Peninsula are about to take up arms; the signs are very clear in the media and on the ground. There is no solution for repelling this occupation, except Jihad fi Sabeel Allah, preparing people for it, exposing the collaborator agents who claim to be scholars, such as Al-Saffar and the like, and warning people of this vicious lurking enemy of Islam and the Muslims, who harbors ancient ideological ambitions to revive the old Persian-Magian empire. This empire intends to lay siege to the Arabian Peninsula using their collaborators in Bahrain, Kuwait, al-Ihsa and the Qatari government from the east, from the northeastern borders with Iraq, and through their infiltration of al-Qaisumah, Hafr al-Batn and elsewhere, Mecca and Medina in the Hijaz, Najd form its outskirts, and Najran along the Yemeni border in the south. They have a presence in some areas where they are called Huthis. These have a very strong presence in Yemen. What we witness along the southern border is the best evidence. They have occupied entire villages, which they would not have achieved had not the Saluli army evacuated these villages. They thought this was an appropriate course of action, but they did not know that their actions serve and facilitate the Persian project to re-establish the old Persian Empire from the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Aden. In this context, the Hizb al-Lat has declared a truce with the Jews. The aim is to fight the Sunnis in Lebanon and to prepare, in collaboration with the Rafidite Nusayri government in Syria, to invade the northern parts of the Arabian Peninsula. The situation is very dangerous for the Sunnis in their last stronghold from the Crusader and Magian enemy: the Balad al-Haramain.

Beware, O Ummah of Islam, the Rafidites are the truest and sincerest agents who have reached an agreement with the enemy to destroy us, and they are supported by the lackey governments. As has become widely acknowledged, no one can stop this Rafidite Persian tide except the Mujahideen. We say to our brothers who refused to support the apostate Saluli government, may Allah give the best of rewards for this stand, which reveals your deep faith in the creed of ‘Loyalty to Believers, Enmity to Unbelievers.’ Soon our banners will be raised in the Balad al-Haramain.
“And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs; but most among mankind know it not”.

Source: Sada al-Malahim Magazine, 12th issue

Translation by "Abu Fatima"

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