Monday, April 12, 2010

Afghanistan Taliban Release New Video of French Journalists it Holds as Hostages

The Afghanistan Taliban have issued a second video of the two French journalists it is holding hostage. The first video of the two was released in February. In the new video, one of the journalists speaks in English, saying the video is the two journalists' last message and that if the French government do not meet the Taliban's demands, the two be executed "soon." He later goes on to repeat this statement in French. Below the embed of the video is the official English text of the Taliban's message that accompanied the video.

The two work for the France 3 television station and were captured with their Afghan driver and translator, who has since been released, in Kapisa Province on December 30.


The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has submitted a list of its most ordinary detainees to the government of France for release as an exchange for the two Frenchmen and their Afghan colleague. But the government of France has not shown any interest, consideration and compassion in the release of their nationals.

2. There is no other option for the release of the said detainees except the option of detainees exchange.

3. If those involved in this issue do not show swiftness and urgency, the life of the French will face danger.

4. The French government which gives such a huge sacrifices for the protections of the interests of the Americans and their puppets, why they are not able to bring the Americans and the Karzai administration round to accept the French demand so that the chance of release of the French nationals is not lost.

The shooting of a film by the Mujshideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan with the said foreign and internal detainees is not aimed at making a media drama but the main goal is to get released the miserable detainees of the Islamic Emirate who are now living a life under torture and brutalities.

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