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Why is Chechen blood cheaper than Palestinian?

"Lions of Chechnya" (from left): Khattab, Abu al-Walid al-Ghamdi....Abu Hafs al-Urduni (second from right) and Shamil Basayev (far right), before he converted to Salafism and grew a long, unkept beard.

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Why is Chechen blood cheaper than Palestinian ?

Publication time: 19 March 2010, 19:42

An Australian journalist Brett Stephens asked the following rhetorical question - why the whole world pays great attention to the Palestinian-"Israeli" conflict, and virtually has no interest in what is happening in Chechnya.

Stephens indicated that the so-called "counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya" and the second Palestinian intifada had broke out almost simultaneously.

Victims of the latter, including civilian casualties as a result of a military invasion of Zionists were counted and they make about 6 thousand people.

As for Chechnya, there are no solid figures for the number of killed civilians. Estimates range from 25,000 to 200,000, the journalist writes.

The Chechnya's population, at a little more than one million, is about one third or one fourth of Palestine's.

That makes between 25 and 200 Chechen deaths per 1,000 as against 1.5 to two Palestinian deaths per 1,000.

Keeping in memory the fact that in both cases Muslims are being killed by non-Muslims, Stephens typed the words Palestine and genocide into Google. Search engine found in the Internet 1, 630, 000 results satisfying the search query.

At the same time, the combination of Chechnya and genocide gives only 245,000 results.

Comparing the number of deaths per 1 thousand of the population with the number of results in Google, Stephens came to a conclusion that Palestinian victims of the conflict get 28 times more attention than the Chechen.

Stephens is again convinced that "every Palestinian death is worthy for the world, and nobody cares a damn a Chechen one".

The Australian journalist doesn't accept the argument that Palestinians are abundantly supplied from the outside world with pictures of the results of "Israeli" military operations, demonstrating martyred old people, women and children, while Russian authorities have imposed an information blockade on Chechnya.

Stephens says that to feel the full horror of what is happening in Chechnya, there is no need for video clips.

As a very simple example, he cites evidence of Russian military about the execution of a so-called "Chechen sniper" [note : the brutal murder of the 18 years old chechen sister, Elza Kungaeva, by the Colonel Yuri Budanov and 2 of his men. She has been tortured and raped], published in the Los Angeles Times (by the way the article is here):

"We just tore her apart with two armored personnel carriers, having tied her ankles with steel cables. There was a lot of blood, but the boys needed it".

So talkings that the world supposedly does not know what is happening in Chechnya is a lie. The world is well aware of the Russia' atrocities and the crimes of Russian troops in Chechnya.

Stephens again raises questions to which he cannot find answers:

The "Israeli"-Palestinian conflict inflames the Muslim world in a way the Russian-Chechen does not. But why is it so, when so many more Muslims are being victims of the Russians?

Why to make "solidarity" pilgrimages to Ramallah but not to the Chechen capital of Jokhar?

Why do British academics organize boycotts of "Israel" but not of Russia? Why does every "Israeli" prime minister invariably become a global pariah, when not a single person among 1,000 knows the name of Putin's viceroy in Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov, a man who, by many accounts, keeps a dungeon near his house to personally torture his political opponents?

Stephens puts forward his hypothesis:

Maybe the world attends to Palestinian grievances but not to Chechen for the sole reason that Palestinians are, uniquely, perceived as victims of the "jewish state". Or being expelled en masse from Kuwait. Or being excluded from the labor force in Lebanon", the journalist writes and concludes that as for the Chechens, too bad for their cause that "no jew is ever likely to become president of Russia".

These words, obviously, are to be understood assuming the current president of Russia, according to Stephens, is presumably an ethnic Russian (ethnic Russians know well he is a jew - KC), which may challenge many Russian nationalists.

However, as it seems, Stephens' hypothesis still seems uncertain. And it was not that natural attention of the Muslim world is focused on Palestine because the Zionists, with the support of modern Western crusaders, occupy the third holiest site in Islam - Al-Aqsa Mosque and the city of Al-Quds (AKA Jerusalem).

The reason why the world does not notice Russian crimes in Chechnya is not in a presumably "Russian" nationality of the man in the Kremlin, but in much more prosaic motives.

Russia is a great country, it has nuclear weapons, it has great energy resources (the Russians steal them in Siberian countries they illegally occupy - KC) , which are much needed in Europe (and not only there), Russia is still being afraid. And the so-called "Islamic world", presented by puppet regimes operating as puppets of Western democracies, always united against every move to establish the Sharia.

As for the current Palestinian leaders, the national democratic Mahmoud Abbas, his Fatah and "extremist" Hamas, led by the national-Islamists, they have no intention to establish the Sharia. Moreover, the same Hamas had immediately executed Palestinian Muslims, as soon as they demanded to introduce Sharia.

So Hamas has successfully passed a test for democracy.

Ruslan Sinbarigov,
Kavkaz Center


Anonymous said...

The third man in the picture, between Abu al-Walid and Abu Hafs, is Amir Hayrullah.

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Anonymous said...

there were 40.000 Chechen children killed(official number), so the numbers are certainly above 25.000
as for Sharia - real chechens don't agree with that view imposed by outsider arab extremists because it contradicts with their Chechen/Caucasian identity and culture, it IS a different culture and people