Friday, February 19, 2010

Somali Mujahid (Harakat al-Shabab Leader?) Calls the Tribes of Yemen to Jihad

"Winds of Victory from the land of Somalia," with pathways leading out from Somalia to all corners of the globe. "Winds of Victory" is the name used by the group to describe its ongoing insurgency against the interim government and its African Union backers.

*The Somali "mujahid" ("striver", in this context "warrior") may be Abu'l Zubayr, a leader of Harakat al-Shabab al-Mujahideen (Movement of Warrior-Youth).

UPDATE (9:01 p.m., Feb. 19): An anonymous commenter says that the message is not from the Harakat al-Shabab leader Abu'l Zubayr. It is unclear how s/he "knows" this.

UPDATE #2 (3:35 p.m., Feb. 20): See the original Arabic message, posted by a user on one of the jihadi-takfiri web forums, an "Abu'l Zubayr al-Somali."


Message to the Tribes of Yemen, from [a] Mujahid in Somalia

Tribes of Yemen, the war has reached you, it has come to your abode and you are most able to face it. The messenger of God had indicated in a Hadith that the armies of Yemen will come from Aden and that they are the best of armies. The Yemeni front is ablaze; thus be as good as people think you are.

The banner has reached us here in Somalia and the enemies have gathered against us from every direction. Against us, they launched a brutal war and they plotted machinations to keep us away from the causes of Muslim. And despite the fact that some tribes were hesitant at first, and some were fearful because of the false Crusader media`s cloaking their forces with a veil of deceptive media coverage, they threatened and frightened the world. But in the end, thanks to the determination of their children, the few, and their steadfastness, they (the tribes) championed the jihad and supported the mujahidin. Today, here they are championing the oppressed and working to restore the caliphate, and what did the Crusaders do?

"Yemen: Land of Wisdom and Aid/Reinforcements"

Tribes of Yemen, do not be frightened by your enemies` threats to invade you by land and by sea. Do not be frightened by the fabrications of the hypocrites. By God, they are too cowardly to confront and fight you and the best example is the tribes of Somalia. Ask them about the threats. Did they wipe them out; did they force them to surrender? By God, they did not, rather, they emboldened them and strengthened their pride and unity.

Proud tribes of Yemen, today is your day. Do not let your enemy see either weakness or disagreement in you. The enemy has grown weaker and powerless from fighting the mujahidin in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia. It has come to you in its most weakened state. Therefore, you have no excuse to let it occupy your lands, desecrate your sanctities, slaughter your children, and destroy your homes, for you are a people of pride and faith.

People of Yemen, do not be the last to champion Shaykh Abu Abdullah (Usama Bin Ladin), may God protect him. He is from you and you are the first who acknowledged his good deeds. I know this is not going to be the first time you champion him. Everyone knows that your sons were the first to immigrate to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia. But this time, the fate of the battle is to be determined in your land and sea and it is in your own hands. After that, the turn of Jerusalem will come, and then it will be time to restore the caliphate.

Tribes of Yemen, you have no excuse to fail Shaykh Usama. After the tribes of Somalia, Kenya, Abyssinia, and the sons of Sudan and Nigeria have come to champion him, you have no excuse to fail him now. It is inconceivable that the tribes of Africa are more eager to defend and champion Islam and protect its sanctities than you. Repent to God and defend the position of Islam. Champion Abu Abdullah. By God, he returned the nation to its glory and unity, so what is there to say, now that the tribes of Kenya have understood the matter and emerged from the jungle to support `There is no god but God.`

Tribes of Yemen, our rendezvous is at sea and the Bab al-Mandab (strait). The tribes of Somalia, along with the tribes of the jungles of Kenya and Abyssinia, the people of Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, and all of the people of Africa are ready. Do not miss the rendezvous and do not be afraid, for you are no cowards and this is how we regard you. We are confident that we will see you at sea just as we have been accustomed to see in the past. It is no coincidence that Abu Abdullah came from you, and it is no coincidence that the messenger, prayers and peace be upon him, mentioned you (in Hadiths).

May God`s peace, blessings, and mercy be upon you.

Abu Zubayr Alsomali


Anonymous said...

Its not written by the Amir of The Youth Movement, it was first published in al-Faloja Forum in arabic of course.

إبن الصقلي said...

Thanks for the imput. I of course often deal with Arabic materials here and on my main blog, but ran across the translated version first. As for the original language the "call" was in, it would seemingly only be relevant to the identity of the author if the original had information related to that. I will now look for the Arabic original.

إبن الصقلي said...

And how do you know who the "Abu'l Zubayr, the Somali" is referring to? Is it in the original document?

Anonymous said...

I know it because I read the translated text before you!
Besides its not like the Amir of Shabaab has got time to log in on faloja forum:)

Anonymous said...

I could give you the link to the 'original text' released on al-Faloja forum. But unfortunately, I can not be that friendly for many reasons. If you know what I am saying!

إبن الصقلي said...

Whether or not you read the translation before me, which is impossible for you to tell, is a red herring issue. As for the posting of the message, I'm sure your hero "al-doktor" Ayman doesn't post his own video and audio tapes either.

Anonymous said...

what do you mean its impossible for me to tell. maybe i posted that translation, who knows. I mean do not have anything beter to do than to copy from ansar al-mujahideen english forum?

إبن الصقلي said...

You can answer your own questions if you're clever. And I didn't get it there.

Anonymous said...

so u copied from unjustmedia

إبن الصقلي said...