Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lebanon's Hizbullah Condemns Karachi, Pakistan Attacks on Shi'i Muslims

Hizbullah's secretary-general, Al-Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah (Hassan Nasrallah)

The Lebanese Shi'i political party and social movement Hizbullah has issued a condemnation of a recent terrorist attack on Twelver Shi'i pilgrims in Karachi, Pakistan during ceremonies for Arba'in, the "40 day" commemoration of the martyrdom of Husayn bin 'Ali, the third Shi'i Imam, and dozens of his male friends and relatives on the barren plain of Karbala in southern Iraq. Historical background and a set of posts on the death of Husayn and his companions, and the Shi'i ceremonies of 'Ashura and Arba'in can be found HERE. The official English-language version of the statement is run without edits below. I could not find the Arabic-language statement. Hizbullah issued a similar condemnation about attacks on Shi'is in Iraq.

The attack killed "at least 33" people and wounded over 100 others, and were probably carried out by one of the militantly radical Pakistani Sunni groups. Since the 1980s, Pakistani Sunni and Shi'i radicals have launched attacks on one another as well as on civilians belonging to the opposite religious community. Prof. Muhammad Qasim Zaman of Princeton University has written an excellent 1998 ARTICLE on the radicalization of Pakistani Sunni and Shi'i identities, and an updated version is available in his 2002 book The 'Ulama in Contemporary Islam: Custodians of Change.

Hizbullah condemns Karachi attacks, declares solidarity with victims

February 6, 2010

In a comment on the double-bombing operation which targeted Pakistani citizens at a Karachi market and, later, at the hospital they were evacuated to, Hizbullah released the following statement:

The agents of criminalim continue to target innocent people in Iraq and Pakistan, leaving behind more and more martyrs, wounded, and disabled people at an unprecedented increasing pace, and thus, revealing the extent of barbarity of those who plan and execute the attacks under a horrid international silence that couldn't care less for the victims that fall every day, the victims of the schemes of enemy intelligence agencies, namely the "Israeli" Mossad and its international supporters.

We strongly condemn these horrific massacres and declare our complete solidarity with the families of the victims. May God have mercy on the martyrs, and may He heal the wounded. Hence, we stress the necessity to employ all possible efforts to uncover and punish the masterminds of these crimes, as well as to adopt all measures to prevent such attacks from occurring, as well as to counteract the vile instigative mood which creates a climate which nourishes killers and fosters their aggressiveness.

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