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He is More Exalted and Sublime Than What They Do (the Martyr, Abu'l Khayr 'Abdullah Usayri): English Translation from AQAP's Sada al-Malahim, #12

Abu Basir Nasir al-Wuhayshi (al-Wahayshi), the amir (leader) of Al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and a former secretary in Afghanistan to Al-Qa'ida Central (AQC) chief Usama bin Laden.

*Below is an English translation prepared by a cyber jihadi-takfiri of an article from Al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula's (AQAP) bi-monthly Internet magazine, Sada al-Malahim (Echo of Epics; Epic Encounters/Battles), issue number 12. Details and an embedded PDF of the issue are available in an earlier post, HERE.

He is More Exalted and Sublime Than What They Do (Shahid Abu-al-Khayr Abdallah Usayri)

A shameful phenomenon has been spreading in our countries; whenever a believer witnesses the prevailing scene (that such a phenomenon creates), the feeling of annoyance fills his heart. This phenomenon is disrespecting the names of God, the Great and Almighty, (by throwing) newspapers that include the names of God and many other (religious) terms in nearly each page. Only God is our Supporter.

When I immigrated to this blessed land of Yemen, I said to myself: `At last, I will be getting rid of this calamity! However, soon as I arrived, I went to the market accompanied by one of my brothers and headed toward a restaurant. There, we ordered our dinner and the owner of the restaurant delivered it to us wrapped in newspapers! In fact, even when a person goes to a laundry, he will encounter the owner giving him the clothes wrapped in newspapers. Such incidents often recur everywhere.

I murmured to myself: Glory be to God! Is it possible that the Muslim masses have reached such a situation? God spoke the truth when He said: `No just estimate of Allah do they make` (Partial Koranic verse, Al-An`am, 6:91). I swear to God that I have seen some people giving advice to (the masses), but they simply do not show any signs of care. Their only response would be `evil has prevailed and `on no soul doth Allah place a burden greater than it can bear` (Partial Koranic verse, Al-Baqarah, 2:286). When you go further in preaching those masses, they end up telling you: `Well, I feel shy of people!`

I really like a story about a French Muslim that one of my Al-Ansar (a descendant of the people of Median who supported Prophet Muhammad when he migrated to their city) brothers has narrated to me. The story tells that one of our brothers saw the French Muslim at a street gathering newspaper. Our brother asked him: `What are you doing?` The French Muslim did not master the Arabic language; so, he replied by pointing to the newspaper and saying `Abdallah, Abd-al-Rahman,` meaning the name of God printed in the newspaper! Glory be to God on how could Islam be deep-rooted in his heart to that extent!

O worshippers of God, fear God and let us all start changing that great vice we are committing. You have to know quite well that preventing that vice is one of the most required duties, and that tolerating harm while carrying out the action of prevention of this vice represents one of the closest ways to God. The Lord said: `Such (is the Pilgrimage): whoever honors the sacred rites of Allah, for him it is good in the Sight of his Lord` (Partial Koranic verse, Al-Hajj, 22:30). Do not our hearts move with affection at the scene of stepping by feet upon the name of God?!

Do not we feel ashamed of God when we see those newspapers thrown in trash bins and inappropriate places?

O brothers, let us advise, preach, and do our best in this regard to be discharged of any guilt. Whenever anyone of us sees a paper, let him/her lift it from the ground to deem God far above profanation. O my brother believer, I swear truly to God that no one has carried out such a deed, being pious to God, and tolerated harm for the sake of that (good) deed, but God has rewarded him by elevating his rank. In fact, as you sow, so will you reap; and God is Grateful and Omniscient.

I know that one of our renowned shaykhs from Al-Qasim area, whose name is known and his reputation is high- may God protect him from the evil of the tyrants- used to take a stick with him whenever he gets out of his house to gather with it the dumped newspapers. Such an action has often hindered his work and delayed his scheduled appointments.

I have also met a high school student who spent, during the exam days, most of his time collecting the papers and notebooks that students neglected and threw on the ground. In fact, the student collected what was dumped because the thrown papers and notebooks included the attributes of God or even Koranic verses at some instances. Therefore, when the students left the school and headed to their homes, you would find this student inside the schoolyard or outside collecting the thrown papers. I pray that God elevate the student`s rank and grant him (a reward) for each of God`s attributes that he contributed in raising high and exalting. God is the Generous and the Munificent.

Another story narrated about one of the Salafists saying that he once went out to the market and saw a plate on the ground on which the word `God` was inscribed. The Salafist took the plate, scented it, and put it in a high place. Then and in a dream, he was told that due to that plate, God had forgiven (all his faults).

It suffices us that the glory of (God`s) attributes protects those who mention them from any harm; thus, in our morning and evening supplications we always say: `In the name of God, whom with His attributes, nothing on earth or in the skies will ever harm (us), He is the All-Hearing and the All-knowing.

(To solve such a prevailing problem), projects that enjoy lots of benefits and bless and need little effort have been launched. An example of the actions of those projects is putting boxes for waste papers. Thus, a person can put at a mosque a big box that neighborhood people can use for trash papers, or one can even find boxes for waste papers at certain bookstores, and I have even seen these boxes at some homes. Moreover, some brothers have told me that some youths in Southern Yemen have put on each electricity pillar a box for throwing trash paper in. In fact, the Ummah (Islamic nation) still enjoys the existence of men who love God and glorify Him!

I hereby advise people to boycott the store owners who do not prevent such a spreading vice or follow the advice. I also call for telling the store owners of the reason behind such a reaction in order to discharged ourselves from any guilt.

The person who examines the situation that our ummah is passing through, and sees the aggravating calamities and tragedies that are befalling it day after day, realizes that the major reason behind all this is the domination of the tyrants. Thus, the tyrants have become the people who give orders and ask for the prevention of certain matters. Therefore, all that matches their interest becomes an unquestionable virtue, and whatever opposes their interest is a vice that needs eradication.

Jihad is the only successful project and the only way to reform both our religion and our worldly life. God said: ` And fight them on until there is no more Tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah` (Partial Koranic verse, Al-Baqarah, 2:193). O` God, grant the mujahidin victory and establish their state.

It is in this way (of jihad) that our cherished ummah realizes what it has been losing by not applying the Islamic Shari`ah, and by absenting the rule of God upon His land.
Praise be to God, the Lord of all creation.

Translator: Cyber jihadi-takfiri, "obl lover"

Source: Sada al-Malahim Magazine Issue 12

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