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English Translation: "Genocide of the Muslims in Nigeria: A New Episode in the Ongoing Crusade," Al-Qa'ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)

'Abd al-Malik Droukdal, "Abu Mus'ab 'Abd al-Wadud (Wadoud)," the leader of Al-Qa'ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)

An English translation of a statement from Al-Qa'ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), an affiliate of Al-Qa'ida Central (AQC), which is based primarily in Algeria but with members throughout North and West Africa, has been released. The statement, "Genocide of the Muslims in Nigeria: A New Episode in the Ongoing Crusade," urges Nigerian Muslims to support AQIM and pledges the organization's support in the face of inter-communal violence in their country. It is signed by the amir [leader] of AQIM, 'Abd al-Malik Droukdal, who is more commonly referred to by his nom de guerre, Abu Mus'ab 'Abd al-Wadud (Wadoud).

The statement is reproduced below without edits.

Genocide of the Muslim people in Nigeria - New episode of the Continuing crusader war against the Islamic Nation

All praise be to Allah who says in the Quran: (For, if God had not enabled people to defend themselves against one another,all] monasteries and churches and synagogues and mosques - in [all of] which Gods name is abundantly extolled.) {Hajj aya 40} And peace and blessing be upon the prophet of mercy, who says: ((The believers in their love, mercy and compassion, are as one body if one part is complaining, the rest of the body is to ensure a fever)). and on his family and companions and the swords of truth the pious Mujahideen.

To Proceed:

Again a tragedy has befallen the majority Muslim population in Nigeria, and it continues with the massacres committed against the defenseless Muslims who are oppressed by the spiteful minority Christian people, in front of an international criminal conspiracy and mass betrayal of the rulers of apostasy in the Islamic/Arab countries.

The truth: It's a new episode in the series of the spiteful crusaders campaign against the Muslim believers... five months have passed and the Muslims still did not recover from their wounds after the first mosque massacre where the spiteful Christians committed genocide against the Muslims that claimed nearly EIGHT HUNDRED Muslims inclusive the caller to Islam Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf, may Allah have mercy on him, which we see as a martyr with his lord.

Here we are in the past weeks following the second episode of the massacre at the mosque in the city of "jos" and its neighboring places, which has killed around 500 innocent Muslims, only because they said our Lord is Allah and Jesus Christ son of Mary, is the Messenger of Allah and His Word which He bestowed upon Mary and a spirit from Him.

It was very disturbing to see children and infants who were recovered burned from the wells and where broadcasted by satellite channels, it was the best evidence which showed the deep hatred from the Christians against the Muslim believers .. Allah says the truth when he revealed to us the deep hatred of the Christians in His Book: (For, never will the Jews be pleased with thee. nor yet the Christians, unless thou follow their own creeds). Quran {Baqarah Aya120}

the continuing tragedies in Nigeria Have demonstrated that the minority of Crusaders there has not only acquired the provision and exploitation of the wealth of the country, but also have the full control over the politic, economic and military institutions in the country but are revealed each day of determination and a serious attempt to exterminate the Muslims and eradicate their religion and beliefs on the way of the terrible historical events of Al-Andalusia and the massacres of Bosnia and elsewhere.

the infidel West is quite about what is happening and they are supporting what is going on Nigeria this is what we expected from the Infidel west, because they are criminals who are used to shed Muslim blood, and they are also silent because the Christian minority guarantees to them (The west) to give them Oil of Nigeria without monitoring it.

What was surprising and a matter of sorrow and sadness in our hearts the mournful silence and the silence of more than a billion Muslims, no doubt that the tyrants rulers are keeping the Muslims busy with ball games and empty worldly matters to forget about their religion and their creed from which is loving for the sake of Allah and hating for the sake of Allah, they handed over their brothers and left them being slaughtered as lambs at the hands of the cross worshipers and our Prophet, peace be upon him says: ((a Muslim is the brother of a Muslim, he does not oppress him nor hand him over))

My brothers and my beloved Muslims in Nigeria:

On my own behalf and on behalf of my Mujahideen brothers in the Islamic Maghreb our deepest condolences to the families of the dead and injured and displaced persons and missing persons, and we ask Him to bless you with patience and seek reward and make your hearts steadfast on your religion and your Islamic creed and ask Him to have mercy on the killed Muslims and to bestow you with his mercy in paradise and o take revenge against the oppressors. O Allah reward us for the difficulties we are facing and give us better in what is coming , To Allah we belong and to Him shall will return.

I say to you:

Have Trust with the permission of Allah that the blood of our brothers will not go in vain with the permission of Allah and that we will do all we can to support you and take revenge on the spiteful Crusaders: the killers of Sheikh Mohammad Yousuf may God have mercy on him and his brothers ... The (Christians) killers of infants and women and the elderly in Jos and its neighboring places, destroyers of the mosques where they remember the words of Allah allot. My brothers and my beloved Muslims in NigeriaThe way to get out of this continuing massacres against you by the Christian minority... The only solution to recover your rights and our wealth ... And the legitimate way which will save your religion and your dignity and your presence in front of the virulent crusade against you is to take the causes of military force in the preparation of jihad for the sake of Allah, and a good example is in the experience of your brothers in Somalia who fought the Crusaders from Ethiopia, and we in Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb are ready to support the Muslims in every place and we declare to you the following:We are ready to train your people in weapons, and give you whatever support we can in men, arms and munitions to enable you to defend our people in Nigeria We are ready to train your sons in weapons and to provide them with everything, with men and weapons, ammunition and equipment to enable them to defend our people in Nigeria and to retaliate the aggression of the crusaders minority.Send your sons to the field of military preparation and Jihad to raise up a fighting generation who will defend the blood and honor of the Muslims in Nigeria , and to stop the crusader campaign.

- Al-Jihad and Al-Jihad - Weapons and Weapons -

(And how could you refuse to fight in the cause of God and of the utterly helpless men and women and children who are crying, "O our Sustainer! Lead us forth [to freedom] out of this land whose people are oppressors, and raise for us, out of Thy grace, a protector, and raise for us, out of Thy grace, one who will bring us succour!) {Nisaa Aya 75}

And in front of this we emphasize the following:

We are Surprised by the shameful silence among the so-called Muslim scholars who used to mourn the killing or abduction of a crusader while we see them deaf and dumb in front of the killing of hundreds of burned Muslims ... O `Allaah we declare that we do not belong to those, and we apologies to you for what those have done.

• And we denounce the false and fraudulent information by the Arab satellite channels misleading attempting to portray the massacre as fabricating a false conflict, ethnic and tribal, and it is events with economic dimensions ...

And everyone who followed the events with honesty know that it is a clear that we are dealing with massacres which are committed only against Muslims, And it

and that the ruling minority in Nigeria is carrying out these crimes and the continuation of it crimes with help and support from several parties.

• We condemn the double standards practiced by many of the traffickers to the Palestinian cause who differentiate between Palestinian Muslims blood and Nigerian Muslims blood,
And they stand up and condemn only if the blood of a Muslim Palestinian is spilled (this is the right and duty of every Muslim) but they do not move and do not condemn the slaughter of hundreds if and thousands of fellow Nigerian Muslims,and we all ask ourselves: Didn’t the prophet (Mohammed) peace be upon him say : ((the Muslim blood is one)) ? Or that the Palestinian cause is profitable trading while trading with the case of Nigeria is non-profitable?!.

Our brothers and our people in Nigeria:

You are not alone in this trial ... The hearts of the Mujahideen are suffering seeing you suffer from this calamity and at the same time eager to support you with all we can do in the Islamic Maghreb, Somalia and Iraq and Afghanistan, Palestine and Chechnya.

You are not weak people are the sons of the dear Muslim nation that has humiliated the Persians tsars and the caesars of Rome and are the same nation that gave birth to the righteous companion Bilal bin Rabah al-Habashi, who stood on the chest of the tyrant, "omaia bin khalaf" and notch his head ... and you are the same nation who gave birth to the heroic Mujahid Omar al-Faruq May Allah hasten release who sacrificed himself to fight the crusaders in their own land which trembled the crusaders

You're not poor ... your land is the largest oil producer in Africa, but the Crusaders and their brothers in the ruling minority are stealing your oil and are looting your wealth with the power of iron and fire and our prophet peace be upon him said said "Who is killed defending his wealth is a martyr."

Allah Allah in fighting and jihad ... Defending ourselves by preparing ourselves in the field of preparation will make us Lions ... and then we avenge the killers of your children and your wives, and the blood spillers of your leaders and destroyers of your mosques ... and the looters of your oil, and your wealth.

Allah says in the Quran: (Hence, make ready against them whatever force and war mounts you are able to muster, so that you might deter thereby the enemies of God, who are your enemies as well, and others besides them of whom you may be unaware, [but] of whom God is aware) {8:60 Chapter Anfal}

O Allah, we attack by You and wander by You and fight by You, O Allah destroy the crusaders and the apostates that are following them , O Allah kill them all and do not let one of stay behind, O Allah, Revealer of the book, Disperser of the clouds, Defeater of the parties, defeat them and make us victorious. And our last prayers is All praise be to Allah the lord of the worlds.

Abu Musab Abdel Wadood
The Leader of Alqaida In the Islamic Maghreb

Al-Andalus Media Foundation

Thursday, 5 safar 1431 H Corresponding to 28/01/2010

Source (Al-Fair Media)

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