Thursday, February 11, 2010

Afghan Taliban: Peace Campaign Hypes and the Rogu War-mongering

Below is a statement from the Afghan Taliban, which refers to itself as the "Islamic Emirate [state] of Afghanistan" (as it did in the 1990s). The statement is run without edits.

Peace Campaign Hypes and the Rogu War-mongering

February 10, 2010

Of Late, the invading forces led by America and their surrogates have launched a demagogue campaign and propaganda for establishment of peace and reconciliation in the country. However, all these efforts are aimed at further blaspheming holy places and rituals of our land and subjugating our people. They claim that they are supporters and aspirants of peace but we want to say unequivocally that all these claims and slogans are futile since they are still bent on shedding the blood of the Afghans; want to torture and drive our people from their hearths and homes and compel them to accept the American democracy by flagrant coercion. The current combined war preparations of America, Britain and their surrogates and their war plan to launch a vast offensive in some areas and districts of Helmand province show that the peace slogans and the holding of international conferences by the invaders were mere an eye-wash or these forums were, in fact, part of war stratagems. They want to utilize the said forums and propaganda for war-mongering purposes and thus mobilize the opinion of the public of the world in favor of their militarist goals.

The brutal forces may bring about a new humane tragedy in the Mujahid-bearing soil of Helmand province. Women, Children and old men will fall prey to the bestiality of the invaders and their innocent bodies will become pelted with the bullets of the invaders once again. They will ruin many villages and houses, turning them into rubbles, forcing thousands of Afghans to leave their houses. But the enemies of humanity and Afghan traditions should know that they will neither be able to subjugate the honor-loving and proud Afghans nor could dilute their strong determination. Their new offensive will meet the same fate of fiasco as did their previous attacks.

We would like to tell the puppet president of the Kabul Administration, who is ostensibly on a trip to achieve peace and reconciliation as a part of the war stratagem and intelligence agenda, that you would never find an outlet for peace in London conference nor in Munich forum; nor peace could be achieved in the drawing rooms of the regional and neighboring countries, but the real place and forum for peace is in Afghanistan and the main hurdle for that is the continuation of the American and British invasion of our country.

Ironically, the invaders have now become so brazen that even they arrest Afghan military officers on per their discretion; disarm them and even bombard military garrisons.

If Karzai really wants to bring about peace in the country, he should, at first, put an end to the current American aggression and the humane tragedies as a result of their brutalities. If the invaders and he think that they can concomitantly raise slogans of peace and reconciliation and continue killing and subjugating the Afghan people and launch more military operations on the line of the Helmand operations,— but still no one could know their devilish wiles but will keep them up their sleeve, it will be no more than one of their futile and ludicrous guesswork.

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