Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Afghan Taliban Statement on Karzai's Cabinet Problems

Below is a statement from the Afghan Taliban, which refers to itself as the "Islamic Emirate [state] of Afghanistan" (as it did in the 1990s). The statement is run without edits.

Self-same Surrogates in the Service of the Masters Once More

January 10, 2010

The puppet Head of the Kabul Administration nominated some well-known and notorious faces in his initial list of nominees and tendered them to the Parliament. This, he did on the basis of his overt and covert commitment made to his global masters and his shadowy dealings with warlords prior to so-called elections. Sarcastically, he prepared it on their bidding and demands without taking into account the needs and aspirations of the Afghan people. Pathetically, the nominees are those who traded on and played with the destiny, wealth, values and rights of the Afghans for the past five years-- obviously by dent of their being at the saddle of power in the ministries and other government departments. Karzai once again nominated them for the next five years and requested the parliament to affirm them by casting vote of confidence.

On the other hand, the Afghan parliament is not expected to vote for independent Islamic and nationalist figures because the members of the parliament are themselves under the favor of the West and obligingly hasten to serve them. Most of them have found the way to the parliament thanks to clandestine American, European, Russian and others disbursement. That is why they feel obliged to toe the line of their masters. As usual, finally the members of the parliament will approve those nominees who are protégés of the west or its favorites.

Preposterously, Karzai wants to throw dust into the eyes of the people by promising them that the same nominees would eradicate corruption whereas they are in fact a band of agents of the World Mafia. Five years ago, he had given self-same empty pledges and said that he would launch anti- corruption drive, establish security and stability in the country and build up national economic pillars. Karzai should have answered the queries of the people about his promised security, employment, poverty eradication and economic improvement before nominating the new cabinet. Do they have any tangible results or achievements in the past fives years to show to the people?

Despite the presence of thousands of foreign and internal security contingents, the puppet administration has not been able to save the inhabitants of Kabul from thieveries, robberies, insecurity etc. Nor it has completed any spectacular rehabilitation project except construction of some buildings of a few new hotels which are the product of private enterprises. Even the Kabulites lack clean running water.

As a rule of thumb, in Afghanistan those who are affiliated with the World’s Mafia or are protégés of foreign masters find the way to the corridor of power, though they are against the vital interests of the people of Afghanistan. Then how such cabinet will ever rise to the occasion to represent the aspirations of the man in the street in Afghanistan , let alone realizing them?

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