Monday, January 18, 2010

Afghan Taliban Claim Kabul Attack

Below is a statement from the Afghan Taliban, which refers to itself as the "Islamic Emirate [state] of Afghanistan" (as it did in the 1990s). The statement is run without edits.

The statement below claims today's wave of attacks in the Afghan capital city of Kabul.

Wave of terror sweeps through Kabul; 31 government servicemen killed

By Zabiullah Mujahid

KABUL, Jan. 18 - A series of blasts and gunfights hit Kabul city for hours on Monday.
The spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, Zabihullah Mujahid told," the fighting is still in progresses and some key government buildings are in the control of the Mujahideen from where they are firing at the soldiers and other government personnel", he said," the Mujahideen have, so far, killed 31 soldiers of Afghan army, National Security, Ministry of Home affairs and other forces in subsequent gunfights, while three of the Mujahideen have embraced martyrdom after strong resistant."

According to the eyewitnesses from the regions, the gunfire is still heard in the central Kabul, and the flames are shooting up from some government buildings. Several dozens of the NATO and the security forces have been positioned in the war zone and the helicopters are flying over the area.

In spite of this, the security forces along with the other forces have been unable control the security situations yet.

One of the eyewitnesses, Raz Muhammad, from the area told al-Emirarah website that the security situation in Kabul has badly deteriorated. The soldiers of the NATO and the security forces are seen to run about in a confused and chaotic state at the battle ground where the Mujahideen are positioned and from where the Mujahideen are firing at the enemy with heavy and small arms in subsequent gunfights.

The eyewitness said before a short while an explosion was heard which might have been a martyr bomb attack carried out by one of the brave Mujahideen following the strong resistance.

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