Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Afghan Taliban: America on the Path of the Soviet Union

Below is a statement from the Afghan Taliban, which refers to itself as the "Islamic Emirate [state] of Afghanistan" (as it did in the 1990s). The statement is run without edits. An example of Taliban artwork from my research archive has been added.

"Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: No Victory Except from God"

America on the Path of the Former Soviet Union

January 12, 2010

After the successful and bold attack of Mujahideen against the CIA area station in Khust province, top brass in Pentagon are now seized by the anxiety that how they could carry out their future operations and maintain security of personnel.

The past eight years saw the constant and tremendous efforts by America and NATO forces to put an end to Mujahideen activities and expand the writ of the puppet administration. They have resorted to various steps including economic incentives, black propaganda and cultural cleansing etc to achieve that end. In 2009, these effort reached their climax in terms of momentum, multitude and initiatives. American President Barack Obama with a rejuvenated spirit and initiative, attempted to turn the tide. To materialize this, he hammered out a new strategy and ordered troops surge to the country. In political and media fields, America began a new drive at world level and appointed their experienced and most touted commander Mc Crystal, who is considered victor of Iraq, to coordinate and organize military operations of the invading coalition forces in Afghanistan. In Helmand, military operations were launched under the command of the so-called experienced commander. Simultaneously, they built an open bridge of contact between Kabul, Washington, London and Brussels in order to coordinate their diplomatic activities. Similarly, they publicized the negotiation stratagem to either isolate or demoralized the Mujahideen. On top of this, American rulers launched the election drama to give legitimate facet to the surrogate administration of puppet Karzai.

It took eleven months to accomplish these tasks whereas the NATO member countries had anxiously been waiting to see a tangible result. The American rulers now admit that the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating despite the initiatives, planning, exaggerations and stints. Definitely, the above steps were taken to ensure their victory and advancement on ground but, contrarily, the corpses of dead bodies of their soldiers speak otherwise. Having been left on the field, the dead bodies, are being decomposed by the waves of the Nimroze river and snatched by vultures and other beasts in mountains and deserts of Helmand, Kunar, Nooristan and Khust. Their only flaunted institution, the CIA, on which they had banked their hopes, itself became target of a crushing blow of the Mujahideen. Now the Americans themselves admit that the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirare are active in 33 out of 34 provinces of Afghanistan. They have administrative and military set-ups in these provinces and are able to target the most advanced espionage agency of the world like CIA.

One wonders what the invaders want to achieve in Afghanistan after the ground reality now excising in Afghanistan. Verily, Afghanistan is not only the graveyard of the empires but it is the graveyard of ideologies as well. Many analysts believe that the American empire is now being laid to grave in Afghanistan. Ironically, many western ideologues, priests and common people are shockingly watching this process.

It would be more rationale and proper for these analysts and intellectuals to rise to the occasion by getting the mongering-policy of their staggering rulers, stopped right away. Thus they will save their country and prevent the war from flaring up.

As for the Afghan people and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, it is their legitimate right to stand up against the aggression and make short work of the invaders. The strength of the armed Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate is now a well-known reality. The invaders can comprehend this reality from their detained soldiers and corpses which obviously indicate the ensuing victory of the oppressed Afghans over the tyrant invaders.

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