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Ashura: Understanding the True Concept, Lecture by Grand Ayatullah al-Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah

Transcript of a lecture on the Shi'i holy period of 'Ashura by the influential Lebanese Twelver Shi'i grand ayatullah Al-Sayyid [descendant of the Prophet Muhammad through the line of Twelver Shi'i Imams] Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah, delivered in the last Islamic lunar year, 1430, in Beirut. It is run without edits (and thus you may notice differences in transliteration from the style I usually use on Occident).

For historical background on 'Ashura, see HERE. For traditional Twelver Shi'i views, see HERE.

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There are several questions related to Karbala or the movement of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.), as well as other questions concerning the method adopted by the "weepers" and the "bereaved" for studying Ashura tragedy, which was far from the scientific methodology in reading history, mainly when it comes to the contradicting historic texts and traditions that some might take a certain approach and others take a wholly different one.

Did Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) rise to be murdered?

Perhaps this historic narrative chaos opens the doors ajar for those who create traditions that have nothing to do with the true nature of the memory or the line of the Members of the House (a.s.). Thus, we notice that some of them create, during Ashura, backward traditions, or what our master Sayyed Al-Khoui' (may he rest in peace) calls "violating the sacredness of the sect", since these acts offend the manifest image of the sect of the Members of the House (a.s.), which is the authentic Islamic line.

Therefore, many questions must be raised: Was the movement of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) based on martyrdom? Did he rise just to be murdered? Was his movement dedicated for reaching a phase in which he would be martyred along with his children, companions, and members of his household? Was martyrdom his only objective throughout his movement?

Some preachers, commemorating the event of Ashura, narrate a few traditions that are ascribed to Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) when he was leaving Mecca, where they quote him saying: "I can see my limbs torn by wild beasts of the desert, between Nawawis and Karbala...etc." They also say that once Al-Hussein (a.s.) slept at the grave of the Messenger of Allah (p.) and he saw his grandfather in his dream. Al-Hussein (a.s.) was begging him to take him along, for he could not bear staying in this world anymore, saying: "My grandfather, I ask you to admit me into your grave. I have no desire to go back to the earthly world." However, the Prophet (p.) said to him – according to the narration: "My beloved Hussein, there are degrees which will not be acquired except through martyrdom."

In other narrations, they say that when his (a.s.) brother, Muhammad Bin Al-Hanafiyya talked to him about his journey, the Imam (a.s.) told him: "Allah wishes to see me killed." So, he asked him (a.s.): "Then why are you taking all these women with you?" The Imam (a.s.) answered: "Allah wishes to see them captives."

How could we study these narrations in a scientific manner, in comparison to the character of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) as an Imam who shouldered the responsibility of the Imamate and its role in turning reality back to the line that the Messenger of Allah (p.) had brought. The Imamate represents the active Islam that the Imams ought to carry as a message to be delivered to the people, and by which they ought to act in order to turn the corrupt reality into a rightful one. Therefore, if the Imam rose just for the sake of gaining martyrdom, then why did he leave Mecca knowing that the Umayyads had set plans to kill him even if he were clinging to the Ka'ba curtains?! Is it because he did not want them to violate the holiness of the Ka'ba or is there another reason?

The Imamate represents the active Islam that the Imams ought to carry as a message to be delivered to the people, and by which they ought to act in order to turn the corrupt reality into a rightful one.

The responsibility of making a change

This is another tradition that the narrators say that he delivered upon leaving Mecca, and let us make a comparison between these narrations and the character of the Imam. It was narrated that he said: "O people, the Messenger of Allah (p.) said: "Whoever sees an oppressive tyrant who legalizes what Allah has forbidden, breeches Divine laws, violates the Prophet's traditions, and oppresses the worshippers of Allah, yet he does not oppose it in words or deeds, Surely Allah will treat him in the same way as the tyrant."

The responsible person, especially if he holds the responsibility of the Imamate or the Call for Allah, should not remain neutral before such a reality – the reality of the oppressive tyrant – but rather he ought to rebel against it in order to change the status quo. Moreover, the tradition of the Messenger of Allah (p.) is considered a lawful basis for revolting against an oppressive ruler, unlike what some jurists claim that we ought to obey our rulers even if they were oppressive and obey their commands and adhere to their teachings.

As the Imam (a.s.) goes on with his sermon, he talks about the reality and puts the theory in the tradition of the Messenger of Allah into practice to, and defines his responsibility in all that: "Certainly these people have come to staunchly obey Satan, and given up obeying Allah, the Compassionate. They made permissible what Allah has forbidden and forbade what Allah has legalized, and showed mischief and took Muslims' property to themselves. And I am more entitled than anyone else to make the change." In this speech, he was addressing the people and telling them that he is taking action in order to change the ruler and reform the corrupt reality that has surrendered to this ruler.

Therefore, we can deduce from this speech that the movement of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) was reformative; i.e. he himself was reformative, and that he did not leave Mecca just to be martyred, knowing that he was ready for this fate had it been imposed on him, eventually, for the sake of making the aspired change.

The movement of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) was reformative and he did not leave Mecca just to be martyred, knowing that he was ready for this fate had it been imposed on him, eventually, for the sake of making the aspired change.

Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) was asserting that the then current reality was not Islamic and that he would take action to turn it into an Islamic one, for Islam was the trust Allah has entrusted him with. Actually, the Imam (a.s.) criticized the reality that existed at that time, for he said: "They take the public money for themselves," i.e. they usurped the nation's money, split it among themselves, and used it for their own interests, "and they enslaved the people," i.e. they took the servants of Allah as their own slaves. In this respect, we should also recall Al-Imam (a.s.)'s famous speech: "By God, I did not rise against the tyrannical rule of Bani Umayyad out of selfishness or with the aim of oppression or corruption! But rather, I rose to seek reform in my grandfather's nation, I want to enjoin good and forbid evil. Whoever accepts me not for myself but by accepting the truth, then Allah is higher than the truth. And whosoever rejects me then I will bear patiently until Allah judges between me and them, and He is the best Judge."

In this speech, the Imam (a.s.) is confirming that his movement seeks reform in the nation, since he shoulders the responsibility of the nation, for one of the Imamate's requirements is to shoulder the nation's tasks by setting straight any kind of deviation and reforming any kind of corruption in it.

Determining the ultimate objective

Moreover, this tradition also reveals that Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) did not rise as a fighter, for he says: "And whosoever rejects me then I will bear patiently until Allah judges between me and them, and He is the best Judge," but rather he rose peacefully just as his grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (p.) had risen before the immigration, opening up to the people in a wise manner, and by means of a pleasant admonition, a good word, and a lenient method, for Allah says: "Thus, it is due to mercy from Allah that you deal with them gently, and had you been rough, hard hearted, they would certainly have dispersed from around you." (03:159).

Actually, this is what drove the Imam (a.s.) to accept the letters sent to him from Al-Kufa, and it is believed that they have reached eighteen thousand letters in which people called on him to join them, and this is what made him send to the people of Al-Basra the letter in which he confirmed that he was more entitled than anyone else to make the change.

Therefore, in his movement, Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) did not aim at getting killed or martyred; thus, we ought to reconsider the narrations which mention that he rose just for the sake of becoming a martyr.

On the contrary, the Imam (a.s.) rose seeking reform and change, and in comparison to our contemporary times, we would say that he sought a revolution, which leads to a radical change in a certain corrupt reality, changing it into a rightful one.

The mentality of crying

However, the problems or the reasons that prevented studying the historic texts mentioned in the events of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.)'s renaissance are our customs, traditions, and mentality, which adopts the trend of crying and interacts with the tragedy itself more than it interacts with the cause and the message. Actually, this mentality became so addicted to Karbala, the tragedy not the cause, that the Hadith fabricators and poets followed this trend; for example, most of the people have memorized this Hadith: "If the religion of Muhammad (p.) does not stand upright except by my death, then, O swords, take me."

Actually, this is a verse of a poem written by a poet from Karbala and it is based on spiritual underpinnings; however, it is circulated between people that it is one of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.)'s sayings.

How could murdering Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) be what makes the religion of the Prophet (p.) stand upright, at a time we know that killing him in this way actually undermines the line of this Imam (a.s.) who rose for the sake of reforming the nation and changing the reality. Thus, it would not have been logical for him to say: "O swords, take me!"

Moreover, we might find in several biography books many traditions that portray Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) as a weak person. It is true that Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) passionately loved his children, family, and companions, yet this does not make him the coward he was pictured as.

You must have heard when reciting the biography of Ali Al-Akbar and Al-Kassim Bin Al-Hassan that after their martyrdom, Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) laid down between them, crying and talking to each of them, in a way that tries to reveal that Imam Al-Hussein could not hold himself before this dreadful tragedy. It was natural for him to cry, for crying is a human trait; however, he did not cry in the way mentioned and to the extent that tragically affected the women, for that would picture the Imam (a.s.) in a state of weakness that could never be accepted. Meanwhile, in his biography, the Imam (a.s.) is pictured in a position where he was fixing his sword and saying: "O time, what a bad companion you are…etc. to the extent that his sister Sayyeda Zeinab (a.s.) felt that he was bewailing himself after he noticed how the people had set their minds on fighting him. Therefore, this aroused the feelings of Sayyeda Zeinab (a.s.) who experienced every moment of this tragedy and expressed its awfulness by crying in an emotional manner; however, Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) asked her not to slap any cheek after his martyrdom and to bear every calamity in the way of the Lord with patience and justice and not to let what he has done with so much of patience and fortitude be undone by her impatience. We deduce that the Imam (a.s.) showed a strong and composed attitude even when he approached the martyrs on the battlefield. Moreover, when we study his strength, valor, and solidity while he was fighting alone, we will find out that he was fighting with dignity, vigor, and honor.

Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) showed a strong and composed attitude in the battlefield. And even when he was the only one left fighting, he fought with dignity, vigor, and honor.

The courage of Al-Hussein (a.s.)

A narrator talks about the state of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) as he was fighting the enemies and says: “Deity by Allah! Never have I seen a man, standing alone amidst a crowd of people attacking him and killing his sons, family and companions, who maintained a more balanced composure and self-possession than Al-Hussein. Every time the fighters drew close to him, he would charge at them and they would scatter before him like goats attacked by a wolf." The narrator continues to say: "He fought them in such a way that forced them to be dispersed everywhere as if they were the widespread locusts. Then, he (a.s.) would draw back and say: ‘upon Allah and only Allah we count in expectation of strength and power’”.

Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) enjoyed the courage, strength, and stamina of his father, the Commander of the Faithful, Ali (a.s.). Therefore, according to the story, Ibn Saad cries out to the men: "Woe to you! Do you know whom you are fighting? This is the son of the most fatal Arab warriors. He is the son of Ali, the killer of the Arabs…"

How could this man who did not give up his pride even in the most ruthless situations appear weak before his enemies or the people of his house and his women?!

The Imam (a.s.) carried the banner of a cause and a message. He wanted to turn the Islamic world back to the right course of Islam, and reform the believer's corrupted affairs, and enjoin good and forbid evil, to the extent that he used to stand in front of the enemies' camps, talking to them advising them and guiding them; thus, we have to reveal the Imam's real image.

Zeinab: The role model

As for Zeinab (a.s.), she is renowned as the heroine of Karbala; the strong lady who dared to say to Ibn Ziyad: "O son of Marjanah! May your mother be mournful for you," and faced Yazid and said: "Scheme whatever you wish to scheme, and carry out your plots, and intensify your efforts, for, by Allah, you shall never be able to obliterate our mention, nor will you ever be able to kill the revelation (that was revealed to us)." This strong and firm woman that is the model of the strong Muslim woman, the militant (Mujahidah), the heroine, and the leader is being pictured as a Bedouin that cries over her parents and calls on them out loud. However, when we study the character of Zeinab (a.s.), we would find out that she was a true sister of Al-Hussein (a.s.) when it came to struggle and shouldering the responsibility of the message, for she understood what Al-Hussein (a.s.) and his message meant. Unfortunately, we tended to drop out all the dignity and pride that could be inspired from Zeinab, by the poems people read for the sake of crying and weeping, rendering Sayyeda Zeinab (a.s.) as someone to cry over rather than to model after!

Zeinab was a true sister of Al-Hussein (a.s.) when it came to struggle and shouldering the responsibility of the message; however, we tended to drop out all the dignity and pride that could be inspired from Zeinab, rendering her (a.s.) something to cry over rather than to model after!

Al-Hussein: The role model, and the nation's responsibility

Based on what we have mentioned, the following question is raised: When did Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) decide to engage in the battle?

He set his mind on stepping into the battle when he was asked to deem the rule of the Umayyads as legitimate, as Ibn Ziyad asked the Imam (a.s.) to accept his rule and Yazid's. So, when the Imam felt that the matter has reached such a high level of danger where he is supposed to give legitimacy to who does not enjoy it, let alone to who is against it, he said the following famous speech: "No way! By God, I will never surrender to them like a humiliated person and never pledge allegiance to them like slaves. Behold, the illegitimate, son of the illegitimate, has settled between two, between unsheathing [the sword] and humiliation, Oh how impossible is humiliation from us! Allah refuses that for us, and His Messenger, and the believers, and laps and purified and zealous noses and repudiating souls, that we prefer obedience to the mean ones, over the killings of the honorable." Once he finished his speech, the Imam (a.s.) stepped out as a warrior and prepared himself to engage in the battle.

Therefore, we ought to study the character of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) on his way to Karbala, taking into consideration all the slogans and speeches he delivered. So, when we celebrate Ashura ceremonies, we ought to base the celebration on the slogans of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.), for in our contemporary Islamic society, we are facing several oppressive tyrants that are the same as those the Imam has described in his time. As an Islamic nation, we ought to shoulder the responsibility of turning this stand into a practical one we ought to plan for and carry out, for when the oppressors, be they leaders, presidents, or kings, assume the position of leadership, the Islamic reality would fall apart. This is the situation we are witnessing nowadays, where most of the Islamic rulers have succumbed to disbelief and international arrogance that they think would preserve their chairs, and eventually they would be employed as guards for the prisons in which they are meant to lock their peoples. Actually, this is the case of many presidents, kings, rulers, as well as their political and administrative followers, who are lured with money and power, to the extent that we notice how they stand in the face of those who call for justice and equality and against the Islamic resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, and how they co-plan with "Israel" to commit massacres that are executed by the Zionist army against children, women, elderly, and civilians, and how they devise all kinds of plan so as to fail all forms of opposition, for the ultimate objective is selling the Palestinian cause to the Jews, as well as to America and Europe.

We ought to base our understanding on the following tradition by the Messenger of Allah (p.): "Whoever sees an oppressive tyrant who legalizes what Allah has forbidden, breeches Divine laws, violates the Prophet's traditions, and oppresses the worshippers of Allah, yet he does not oppose it in words or deeds, Surely Allah will treat him in the same way as the tyrant." The nation is actually held responsible if it remains silent before the unjust rule of an oppressive tyrant, and it ought to mobilize all its powers, forces, and groups in order to revolt against him and overthrow him. Actually, oppressive tyrants have played a major role in weakening the Islamic peoples, to the extent that the latter are prevented from taking any action except releasing denouncing words, knowing that some of these countries have even prevented their people from holding demonstrations.

Committing to reform and confronting distortions

Dearly loved ones, we ought to commit to the call of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) who sought reform in his grandfather's nation, and enjoining good and forbidding evil, so as to be aware and set plans for examining where political, security, economic and cultural corruption in our societies exists.

This imposes on us the necessity of exerting every effort to drive away all those who try to distort the image of Karbala and Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.), for the problem we are going through is the result of the collaboration between the speakers at the rostrums and the people. Actually, most of those speakers are culturally illiterate; they do not understand what they read, even though they are capable of reading and writing. It is them who bring up tragic myths just for the sake of making people cry.

We notice that when people hold Ashura ceremonies, they search for someone who has a beautiful, passionate, and touching voice to attract the audience, knowing that in certain cases such voices might have a tragic and sad effect. Moreover, they ignore many educated people who enjoy a historic culture through which they study the historic events in a scientific manner, as well as other educated people who enjoy a literary sense that makes them study many of the poems created by the ceremony speakers. Actually, people have turned many poetry verses into sacred sayings, even though each poet has his own mentality and way of writing.

For example, a certain poet said the following verse about Abulfadl Al-Abbass (a.s.): "Had it not been for fate, he would have ended the world by his sword…" Is that possible? Another poet says: ""If the religion of Muhammad (p.) does not stand upright except by my death, then, O swords, take me," making it seem as if Imam Al-Hussein is asking the swords to end his life so that the religion of the Prophet (p.) would stand upright, as if that could not happen, if Al-Hussein (a.s.) stayed alive and led his life as a preacher, reformer, and a changer! Yet, all these verses have become circulated amongst people, and we notice that many of these poems are recited in Ashura ceremonies, whether in a classical language or a spoken one.

People have turned many poetry verses into sacred sayings, even though each poet has his own mentality and way of writing.

Backward traditions and customs

We are also witnessing many customs and traditions that are practice under the title of showing consolation to the tragedy of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.), such as hitting the heads with swords, which made a few non-Muslim people deduce that the Shiite swords that were used against their enemies are now being used to hit their own heads; and it has become one of their sacred issues! However, it must be noted that this is in no way relevant to the life and methodology of the Imams (a.s.), knowing that the story mentions that a certain man – assumed to be Turkish – once hit his head with a sword after he had heard about the tragedy of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.), and people started to imitate him, cementing this tradition that has persisted in the last century or so.

Moreover, televisions cover many celebrations – that are unfortunately supervised by religious authorities – where people make a vow "Nidhr" to cut the heads of their children; all this being covered by several media means. Once, I was going through a Canadian magazine that pictured a grey-headed man holding a small baby that was crying his tears out after the man had made a cut in his head, and the magazine had the following caption for the photo: "This is done in the name of Allah!" If tormenting one's self is religiously forbidden since it is forbidden to inflict damage on the self, how do you think the situation would be if someone is tormenting a child?! This is religiously forbidden! It is a crime committed in the name of childhood! Neither the mother nor the father is entitled to do such things to their children, for they are obliged to care for their children and put them on the straight path. Unfortunately, it must be admitted that this has become one of our sacred practices, to the extent that many religious scholars have issued Fatwas that deem such acts as recommended. Moreover, many scholars – May Allah return them to the straight path – consider that one's Shiism is further consecrated and cemented by means of these traditions and customs.

In the same context, we cannot but mention the custom of hitting the backs with chains; a custom that is still being practiced in a few regions, knowing that some people add sharp objects to the chains so as to cut their backs while hitting, and others walk on fire commemorating the tragedy of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.). Sayyed Mohsin Al-Hakim – May Allah shower him with his mercy – have forbidden these acts.

We also watch other similar traditions on TVs that cover from certain countries the scenes of people crawling while placing their cheeks on the ground, showing consolation to Al-Hussein (a.s.), and others who insert a lock in their flesh and lock it, and others who walk in the posture of dogs, so as to show modesty to Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.), and so on where each year we witness a new method. Once, Imam Al-Khoui' was asked about these practices and the like: "Are those considered religious rituals? He answered: "No, they are not." When he was asked if they were permissible, he answered: "If they lead to desecrating the honor of the sect, then they are impermissible." He was asked: "And how these acts desecrate the honor of the sect?" He answered: "If they lead people to make fun of the sect." This was published in his book entitled: "Masa'el Shar'iyya" (Religious matters).

We confirm that showing consolation cannot be done in this way. If someone was informed that his son died, would he hit his head with a sword, or his back with chains to express his grief? This would be completely irrational.

I have told those people: this is not a proper way to show consolation to Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.). The ones who are truly doing so are the ones who confronted the Zionists in Jabal Safi (Safi Mountain), and in July War, and in any confrontation with the Zionists… These loyal and good-hearted men and militant fighters are the ones truly showing consolation to Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.), for the Imam was injured and martyred in the battlefield.

The ones who are truly showing consolation to Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) are the ones confronting the Zionists anywhere

Karbala: A great human wealth

Dearly beloved, Karbala is a great wealth. It represents the history we could present to the world so as to prove that this human and spiritual heroism has triumphed over brutality represented by those who murdered Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.). Therefore, we ought to join between sentiments and the cause, for if it does not integrate with the sentiments, it would be lost in history, just as other similar historic issues were lost. However, we ought to rationalize the sentiments and guide them and amend them so that the cause would be complemented and the sentiments would serve the message.

Moreover, arousing sentiments in a human and rational way makes us interact with all the world's miseries. Many people who live the tragedy of Karbala actually react against the savage massacres executed by the Zionists, supported by America, the European Union, and some Arab states, and the Gaza massacre is the best example on what we have said. The stand which we take in refusing the tragedy that happened in Karbala drives us to refuse anyone who commits a tragedy or massacre in any place in the world, be they Muslims or non-Muslims, for as the term tragedy refers to a human cause, man cannot help but interact with it.

Our criticism to these methods and forms of commemorating Ashura does not mean that we reject the role of the emotions; however, these emotions ought to be represented calmly, such as in crying calmly and hitting one self smoothly rather than in a folkloric, show-off manner that reveals everything other than grief.

We are for rationalizing and guiding the emotions, and working to revive the cause and commemorate it over and over again, and driving away all the ignorant people who speak at the rostrums, for they base their understandings on myths, with which they nourish people so as to bring about tears.

O loved ones, this is the true Ashura of Islam; the Ashura of the message and the cause, the Ashura of struggle, that ought to be directed towards making Allah's word the most Supreme and Satan's the most inferior.

* His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, delivered the following valuable lecture in the Ashura ceremony held by the Society of Islamic Religious Education in Az-Zahra' Hall, the Islamic Cultural Center, in Muharram 1430 H.

Afghan Taliban Denies Media Claims that it's Meeting with United Nations

Below is a statement from the Afghan Taliban, which refers to itself as the "Islamic Emirate [state] of Afghanistan" (as it did in the 1990s). The statement is run without edits. An example of Taliban artwork from my research archive has been added..

"Afghanistan: Hell of the Crusaders"

Statement of the Leadership Council Regarding rumors of Meeting between UN Special Envoy and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

January 29, 2010

The Leadership Council of the Islamic Emirate, on the basis of its previous legitimate stance, refutes the rumors in some media reports, about negotiation between representatives of the Islamic Emirate and, UN Special Envoy, Kei Ide.

The Leadership Council considers this mere futile and baseless rumors, being a machination against Jihad and Mujahideen who are waging Jihad against the invaders. The Leadership Council once again emphasizes continuation of Islamic Jihad against all invaders as a mean to frustrate these conspiracies.

In fact, the decisive stance of the Islamic Emirate regarding the London Conference, was a crushing blow dealt at the American and other invaders. Now the enemy wants to launch such propaganda campaign in order to compensate for that. But the Leadership Council and the sacrificing Mujahideen, with the help of the Almighty Allah, will defeat the futile efforts, conspiracies and collusions of the enemies of Jihad and they will face infamy, if Allah willing.

The Leadership Council
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Friday, January 29, 2010

Islamic State of Iraq Claims Attack on Iraqi Government Forensics Center in Baghdad

"Islamic State of Iraq: [The] State of Islam, with God's permission, remains."

The Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), an umbrella for several of the most militantly radical jihadi-takfiri insurgent groups operating in the country, has issued the "second part" of its statement claiming the fourth wave of attacks in its current campaign, the "Expedition of the Prisoner," in the capital city. The ISI's largest member group is Al-Qa'ida in the Land of the Two Rivers/Iraq (AQI), headed by Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, the ISI's "minister of war" and "prime minister." AQI was founded, as Jama'at al-Tawhid wa'l Jihad [Group of Absolute Monotheism & Struggle] in 2003 by the Jordanian jihadi commander Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi. The group became AQI in the autumn of 2004. Details about the first part of the fourth statement can be found HERE, along with the full Arabic text.

In the second part, the ISI says that those it killed in the forensics center were government employees (apostates and traitors) who were trained and equipped by "the Crusaders" (the United States and its European allies) and who were also involved in the "torturing of the Sunni Muslims of the Land of the Two Rivers (Iraq)." The ISI finishes by vowing to continue to attack the "Safavids," with "God's permission/blessing." The Safavids were a Twelver Shi'i Turkic dynasty that ruled much of what is now Iran during the 16th and 17th centuries. Radical Sunni polemicists often refer to Twelver Shi'is today as "Safavids," in a usage akin to "Persian" or "Iranian," in order to supposedly differentiate them (the Shi'is) from "true" (Sunni) Muslims and Arabs.

Details about previously released "Expedition of the Prisoners" statements can be read HERE and HERE.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

دولة العراق الإسلامية / بيانٌ ملحق عن الموجة الرابعة لغزوة الأسير في بغداد

الحمد لله ربّ العالمين، والصلاة والسلام على نبينا محمد، وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين.. وبعد:

فبتوفيق وتسديد ربّانيّ من القويّ العزيز، وفي صفحة ثانية ضمن الموجة الرابعة لغزوة الأسير المباركة، قام فوارس بغداد باستهداف مبنى ما يسمّى بمديرية الأدلة الجنائية والدوائر الأمنية المرتبطة بها في ساحة التحريات المحصّنة في بغداد، وأدى الانفجار الضخم لتدمير الهيكل الداخلي للبناية بالكامل، وليهلك العشرات من كبار ضباط وكوادر مرتدّي وزارة الداخلية الذين تمّ تدريبهم وتأهيلهم من قبل الصليبيين لحرب الموحّدين، والتنكيل بالمسلمين أهل السنة في بلاد الرافدين.

وتمّت العملية قبل انتهاء يوم واحد على غزوة الاثنين المباركة، وفي قمّة استنفار الأجهزة الأمنية الخائبة للحكومة المرتدّة، وأسيادهم الصليبيين الذين نزلوا بكلّ ثقلهم لإنقاذ عبيدهم وحفظ ماء الوجه بعد الغزوات السابقة، وليثبت أبناء دولة الإسلام أنّه لن توجد بعد اليوم بإذن الله مواقع محصّنة تمنعهم من رقاب عدوّهم، وأنّهم لن يتوقّفوا عن استهداف مفاصل الحكومة الصفوية العرجاء وكسر عظمها، وتطهير الأرض من رجس الأنجاس المناكير..

{إِذْ يُوحِي رَبُّكَ إِلَى الْمَلائِكَةِ أَنِّي مَعَكُمْ فَثَبِّتُوا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا سَأُلْقِي فِي قُلُوبِ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا الرُّعْبَ فَاضْرِبُوا فَوْقَ الْأَعْنَاقِ وَاضْرِبُوا مِنْهُمْ كُلَّ بَنَانٍ} [الأنفال:12].

والله أكبر{وَلِلَّهِ الْعِزَّةُ وَلِرَسُولِهِ وَلِلْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَلَكِنَّ الْمُنَافِقِينَ لا يَعْلَمُونَ}

وزارة الإعلام / دولة العراق الإسلامية

المصدر : مركز الفجر للإعلام

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Afghan Taliban: McCrystal Felt the Need for Peace Instead of War

Below is a statement from the Afghan Taliban, which refers to itself as the "Islamic Emirate [state] of Afghanistan" (as it did in the 1990s). The statement is run without edits. An example of Taliban artwork from my research archive has been added.

"Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: No Victory Except from God"

McCrystal Felt the Need for Peace Instead of War

January 28, 2010

The top commander of American forces in Afghanistan, Mc Crystal, in an interview with The Financial Times, has said: “ We fought along war in Afghanistan. Now there is need for peace and for efforts to establish peace. “

His remarks come amidst reports that it is impossible for his invading forces and other coalition troops in Afghanistan to turn the Jihadic resistance. In fact, the Americans tried every mean and tool to wipe out the Jihadic resistance but the graph of the resistance of the Afghans has been ascending and opposition to the presence of the invaders intensifying.

The legitimate Jihadic resistance of the Afghans not only faced the enemy with defeat in the military field but they have faced them with a psychological defeat as well. All their decisions and planning indicate a clue of their psychological disease. One of their ridiculous decision and proposition is that the Jihadic leadership and chiefs of the strongholds of Jihad can have a political asylum abroad. Similarly, to distract the attention of the people from the complete defeat, they offered government slots to Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate or that they would pave the way for their comfortable life abroad.

Could one believe that they are doing this out of sympathy with the Afghans and for prosperous life for them?

In the last eight years, the Americans have proved and showed their sympathy with the Afghans in the brutal Bagram jail and other jails. They have burnt up thousands of children, women and miserable old men in the flames of phosphorus bombs. They let loose dogs to bite people. They turned Afghanistan into ruins based on their faith of unbelief and for the prolongation of the reign of their stooge administration. They announced millions of dollars as award for capturing the leaders of Jihad. When all their brutal experiments gave rise to the intensification of the country-wide Jihadic resistance by the Afghan Mujahid people, now they speak of providing conditions of comfortable life ( to the leaders of Jihad) and give them participation in the government.

The invaders think that the committed Mujahideen of Afghanistan are like their mercenary soldiers who lost their lives in mountains and deserts of Afghanistan for obtainment of a few dollars.

They nurture this childish and ridiculous notion to subjugate the people of Afghanistan and impose on them the ideology of unbelief. This is because the invaders are not able to think and ponder sagaciously. They propose asylum for a person, whose order every honor-loving individual of the nation, obeys as a religious obligation. It is the cherished hope of every committed Afghan to be in the stronghold of martyrdom and sacrifice in order to comply with the order of the leader.

The fundamental solution of the tragedy of Afghanistan lies in withdrawal of the invading forces from Afghanistan. They should ponder over ways to save thousands from the strong resistance of the Mujahid people of Afghanistan rather than consider suggestions of asylum-seeking for the leaders of Jihad or participation in the puppet government.

The invading foreigners should pull out of the occupied Afghanistan immediately so that those who deserve, should receive their due rights. They should let the Afghans and their true leadership to live in an atmosphere of prosperity, security and fraternity, following establishment of an independent Islamic system in the country.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Afghan Taliban's Leadership Council, Statement on the London Conference

Below is a statement from the Afghan Taliban, which refers to itself as the "Islamic Emirate [state] of Afghanistan" (as it did in the 1990s). The statement is run without edits.

Statement of the Leadership Council of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan regarding the London Conference

January 27, 2010

The world knows that America brutally and illegally attacked the Islamic Emirate and our nation after 9/11 under the pretext of the so-called War on Terror, occupying our dear country. This global crime further aggravated problems and hardship of our oppressed and miserable people.

Black cloud of atrocities and violations engulfed our oppressed nation. A spree of killings, theft, desecration of national and religious values and other indecencies started forthwith under the name of democracy, reconstruction and human rights. Brutality and barbarism reared up its head in the country ostensibly under the same name of democracy and rehabilitation, unleashing a phase of anarchy, insecurity, plundering, indecency, drug trafficking, corruption in government circles and offices. Traffickers of intoxications items, human rights violators, corrupt persons, national traitors and usurpers of people private properties grabbed the (government ) power. They conducted the most tarnished election, which are now a talk among the people for its fraudulence.

The war-mongering rulers under the leadership of Obama and Brown want to deceive the people of the world by holding the London conference to show that people still support them. Thus they hope to dodge the wrath of their own people. Certainly, they invaded our country in contravention of all moral and legal norms and principles. Therefore, all Afghans and Muslims are duty-bound to safeguard and defend their life, property, honor and religious values. The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate are the sons of this land; they know every peak and gorge of this country and are ready for its defense . The final defeat and infamy will be fate of the invaders.

It is worth mentioning that the leader of the faithful Mulla Mohmmmad Omar (May Allah protect him) has clearly said that we want an Islamic rule in our country. We do not intend to harm neighboring countries as well as other countries of the world, nor we want them to harm us. We will not allow our soil to be used against any other country.

The Islamic Emirate want to have good and positive relations with the neighboring countries in an at atmosphere of mutual respect and take far-reaching steps for bilateral cooperation, economic development and prosperous future. We want others to reciprocate our gesture by similar intentions. Further more, the Islamic Emirate is committed to take measure for the fulfillment of our countrymen’s educational needs in the light of the fundamentals of Islam and the requirements of the contemporary world.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants to create a conducive atmosphere without any lingual and racial prejudices so the people can join hands with each other in brotherhood and unity. Thus they will put their support behind a real Islamic Rule, an embodiment of the lofty aspirations of the noble martyrs of the revolution, being protector of life, property, honor, status, and religious values, national and historical valor.

It is a matter of great sorrow that the invaders led by USA are bent on sticking to the military approach of the issue. We want to say clearly, if the invaders want to save themselves from further financial and life losses, they should not deceive their people by illusory plans and strategies, nor they should waste time on them, or make our people face further sufferings and problems. They should accept the solution put forward by the Islamic Emirate -- which is the full withdrawal of the invading forces from our country. There is salvation and safety for the invaders in this. If they really want to take amicable measure for the solution of the issue, they should release the detainees in prisons in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Guantanamo and other prisons. In the first place, they should not have kept them in jails for so many years against all principles of the world. They should have completely removed the black list and should not have sent more troops. They should have fulfilled what they are saying.

All should understand that conferences have been held in the past like Bonne Conference and other conferences in Paris and Tokyo. There was vast media propaganda campaign prior to the holding of the said conferences accompanied by extravagant outlays and expenditure but they were not fruitful as to the issue of the Afghans. The problem deteriorated instead of improving because these conferences were not convened on the basis of the wants and call of the Afghans.

This is a hard fact that all endeavorings are futile until and unless there is determination to seek a real and crucial solution of the issue. If the Afghan issue is not pondered upon and mooted in a realistic way and once again try to prolong the military, economic, cultural and political occupation of the country, this conference will be a mere eye-wish like other conferences.

To end, we would like to say that the Jihad and resistance of our Muslim and honor-loving people against atrocities and brutalities of the invaders are growing day by day. The enemy could not weaken or hamper this momentum by resorting to ploys and stratagems. They have tried in the past and are trying now to entangle our Muslim and brave people and their leadership, the Islamic Emirate. Some time, they announce that they will provide money, employment and opportunity to have a comfortable life abroad, for those Mujahideen who agree to part ways with Jihad. They think that Mujahideen have taken up arms to gain money or grab power or were compelled to turn to arms. This is baseless and futile. Had the aim of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate been obtainment of material goals, they would accept dominance of the invaders in the first place and would have supported them. Every thing was in their hand, comfortable life, money and power. But the Islamic Emirate will never trade on the faith, conscience, soil and country for material benefits or be coerced as a result of intimidation and personal privileges. Such wicked game doest not fit into the history of the honor-loving people of Afghanistan.

The defeated invaders should know that their ploys and wiles would not have any achievement to deceive the freedom-loving people of Afghanistan. The invaders have no option but to put an end to the occupation of our country and soil.

Leadership Council

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Islamic State of Iraq Claims January 26 Baghdad Hotel Attacks

"The State of Islam [Islamic State of Iraq] Remains because it is built on skulls of the Crusaders & Apostates"

The Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), an umbrella for several of the most militantly radical jihadi-takfiri groups operating in that country including al-Qa'ida in the Land of the Two Rivers/Iraq (AQI), issued a statement today claiming yesterday's (Jan. 26) multiple kamikaze car bombings targeting hotels in the capital city of Baghdad. Hotels hit, according to the statement, include Hotel Babylon, the Palestine Hotel, and the 'Ishtar complex.

The statement blasts the "Rafidiyyah" security establishment and the "Safavid militias", referring to the "rejectionist" (Shi'i) Iraqi parties that dominate the current government, which is referred to as the "rejectionist (Rafidiyyah) state in Baghdad." The Safavids were a Twelver Shi'i Turkic dynasty that ruled much of what is now Iran during the 16th and 17th centuries. Radical Sunni polemicists often refer to Twelver Shi'is today as "Safavids," in a usage akin to "Persian" or "Iranian," in order to supposedly differentiate them (the Shi'is) from "true" (Sunni) Muslims and Arabs. In summation, this latest statement is essentially in the same format as the previous statements issued by the ISI in its current campaign, dubbed the "Expedition of the Prisoner in Baghdad" (غزوة الأسير في بغداد).
Previous "Expedition of the Prisoner" statements by the ISI can be read HERE and HERE.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

() دولة العراق الإسلامية / بيانٌ عن الموجة الرابعة لغزوة الأسير في بغداد ()

يقول تعالى: {إِذْ يَقُولُ الْمُنَافِقُونَ وَالَّذِينَ فِي قُلُوبِهِمْ مَرَضٌ غَرَّ هَؤُلاءِ دِينُهُمْ وَمَنْ يَتَوَكَّلْ عَلَى اللَّهِ فَإِنَّ اللَّهَ عَزِيزٌ حَكِيمٌ}[الأنفال:49].

الحمد لله ربّ العالمين، والصلاة والسلام على نبينا محمد، وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين.. وبعد:
ففي موجة رابعة مزلزلة، واستكمالا للمرحلة الثانية من خطة حصاد الخير وغزوة الأسير المباركة، وبعد التّوكّل على الله والتخطيط المحكم والأخذ بالأسباب المتيسّرة، نزل فوارس بغداد إلى قلب هذه المدينة الجريحة، مستهدفين مجموعة أخرى من أوكار الشّر المنتخبة، والتي تضمنت معاقلَ ظنّ سفهاء المنطقة الخضراء وأسيادهم أنها في منأىً عن ضربات المجاهدين، بفعل الحواجز الأمنية الكثيفة وعشرات نقاط التفتيش وأجهزة المراقبة والجدران الإسمنتية التي أحاطوا بها هذه المواقع، ومنها: مجمع أبنية فندق بابل، ومجمع أبنية فندقي عشتار وفلسطين، والمجمّع الأمني المحصّن لفنادق الجادرية وفي مقدمتها فندق الحمراء سيء الصّيت، وأهدافا أمنيّة أخرى قادمة قريبا بإذن الله.

ولطالما كانت هذه المواقع أهدافا مشروعة لضربات المجاهدين، كما حصل في غزوة (بدر بغداد)، وغزوة (الشيخ الأسير) المباركتين قبل بضع سنين.. فقد اتّخذها رؤوس الكفر من قادة الأحزاب الرافضية وأجهزتهم الأمنية المجرمة، وأرباب التشريع في البرلمان العراقي معقلاً ظنّوه آمنا لسكنهم وعوائلهم، وأوكاراً لأجهزة المخابرات الأجنبية والشركات الأمنية المرافقة لها، ومقرا لقيادة الميليشيات الصفوية وسجونهم السريّة، ومراكز لأجهزة الإعلام المسمومة المحاربة، ومرتعاً للوفود الأجنبية والمؤتمرات المعلنة والسرية التي يكيدون فيها لحرب الإسلام وأهله، والتي تصبّ كلها في تثبيت حكم الدولة الرافضية الصفوية في بغداد.

وفي الوقت الذي نظنّ أن هذه الرسائل المزلزلة التي خُطّت بدماء الموحّدين، قد طرقت أسماع البهائم في المنطقة الخضراء ووعتها قلوبهم السّوداء، إذ ليس بعد أفعال الرجال هذه من مقال، وما سيأتي سيكون بإذن الله أشدّ على هؤلاء وأنكى، فإننا نبشّر أهل التّوحيد وأمّة الإسلام، بأنّ أبناء الدولة الإسلامية كما عهدتهم سائرون بإذن الله على هذا الدّرب، ولن يضرهم كيد الكفار ومكرهم إلا أذى، وكفى بهذه العملية رداً على أكاذيب السفهاء في المنطقة الخضراء، والقصص الملفّقة الهزيلة لبطولات أجهزتهم الأمنية، والتي لن تزيد المجاهدين إلا ثباتاً وتصميماً وتوكّلا على الله

{الَّذِينَ قَالَ لَهُمُ النَّاسُ إِنَّ النَّاسَ قَدْ جَمَعُوا لَكُمْ فَاخْشَوْهُمْ فَزَادَهُمْ إِيمَاناً وَقَالُوا حَسْبُنَا اللَّهُ وَنِعْمَ الْوَكِيلُ}[آل عمران:173].

والله أكبر

{وَلِلَّهِ الْعِزَّةُ وَلِرَسُولِهِ وَلِلْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَلَكِنَّ الْمُنَافِقِينَ لا يَعْلَمُونَ}

وزارة الإعلام / دولة العراق الإسلامية الاربعاء،11/ صفر/ 1430 للهجرة النبوية الشريفة الموافق 27/ 1/ 2010

المصدر: (مركز الفجر للإعلام

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Juridical Ruling from Jihadi-Salafi Jurist Concerning Yemeni Soldiers Fighting the Houthi Rebels

"Yemen: Land of Wisdom & Aid/Reinforcements/Help"

Below is a juridical ruling (hukm, plural: ahkam) from a jihadi-Salafi religious scholar and jurist associated with the Palestinian-Jordanian Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, who is perhaps the most influential jihadi-Salafi religious scholar alive. The fatwa is in response to a question about the permissibility of fighting for the army of Yemen, held to be an apostate regime, against the Houthi rebels, Zaydi Shi'i Yemenis in the northern part of the country.

Question: Our dear Sheikh, Asalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

My brother asked whether a relative of his friend who was killed while fighting the Houthists in the Yemeni Army is in the Paradise or Hellfire, and I replied that he was fighting under an infidelic banner and was defending it, and thus he is Hellfire. My brother responded that he may be ignorant of the ruling concerning his participation in the Army, to which I questioned why he did not ask the scholars about this. He questioned who he could have asked, when the majority of the scholars today, except those to whom Allah has shown mercy, are mouthpieces of the government, and if he were to ask them, they would respond that it is permissible. At this point, I ended the discussion as I did not know what to say. So my question is what is the ruling concerning this soldier, and can we say that he is in Hellfire?

Answered by the Religious Panel of Minbar Al-Tawheed wal-Jihad:

Wa alaykum Asalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

By dear brother questioner, may Allah take you under His Protection and Care:

First of all, it is from the firm beliefs of Ahl-us-Sunnah-wal-Jama’ah that it not permissible to state whether a person is in Hellfire or Paradise except if this was explicitly stated by the Prophet (saws). Rather, they only say about the good-doer that he has done good, and about the evil-doer that he has done evil. Whoever dies and his actions were such that we can say that he died in a state of Islam, we treat him as a Muslim, and whoever dies and his actions were such that we can say that died in a state of disbelief, we treat him as a disbeliever: we do not pray the funeral prayer for him nor do we bury him in Muslim graveyards.

Soldiers who fight in the armies of the idolic goverenments (Taghut) these days, whether it be the Yemeni army or others, have fallen into disbelief, and there is no difference of opinion amongst the scholars in this matter, and here I mean those scholars who follow the Salaf, for two main reasons:

1 – By his actions he is defending and protecting unislamic constitutions, and by this he is endorsing kufr.

2 – He has allied with the idolic governments (taghut) who are the enemies of Allah. Allah has said:

( الذين ءامنوا يقاتلون في سبيل الله والذين كفروا يقاتلون في سبيل الطاغوت )

“Those who believe fight in the way of Allah; and those who disbelieve fight in the way of Taghut…” (Al-Nisaa: 71)

After we have agreed that they that have fallen into disbelief, what remains is the ruling concerning specific individuals and whether or not they are excused for their ignorance. There is evidence for both stances. Those who do not excuse them for this disbelief see that this matter is of those things which are so clear that it is not permissible that one be excused for its ignorance, especially in our times in which anyone who ponders can see that the job of these governments and armies is to fight Islam and the Muslims and kill and pursue the Mujahideen. This is something that is not hidden from anyone, and all praise be to Allah. At any cost, we believe that you should not debate about these rulings concerning the Hereafter and decisively stating whether a person is in Paradise or Hellfire.

It is enough in the Call of Tawheed to speak of the worldly rulings, clarifying that whoever allies with the Taghut, aids them against the Muslims and defends their laws is from them. He is from the defenders of these laws and from the army of the Taghut. He has not fulfilled the Tawheed which is the greatest right of Allah over His slaves. You should call to avoiding all forms of Taghut and to disbelieve and reject them and their laws. You should warn people from joining their armies and defending them, even if it be from the Houthists, Bathists or Communists, as these are not Muslim wars. There are battlefields present today in which the flag of Tawheed has been raised. Allah’s helpers are present in your own country and in those around you. Call people to join them, defend them, and side by them in their ranks. This is the Call of Tawheed. Stick to it, and do not busy yourself with what will happen to people in the Hereafter. May Allah grant you success.

Shaykh Usama al-Shami
Member, Religious Panel Minbar At-Tawheed Wal-Jihad [Pulpit of Absolute Monotheism & Struggle]

حكم العسكري اليمني المقاتل للحوثيين
رقم السؤال:50

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته شيخنا ...

سألني أخي عن قريب لصديق له يعمل في الجيش اليمني وكان يقاتل الحوثيين ومات في القتال فهل هو في الجنة أم في النار فقلت له انه قاتل تحت راية كفر دفاعا عنها وانه في النار، فقال لي أخي لعله يجهل حكم عمله في الجيش، فقلت له ولماذا لا يسأل المشايخ والعلماء، فقال لي أخي ومن يسأل انت تعلم ان معظم العلماء في هذه الأيام هم علماء سلطان الا من رحم الله وبكل بساطة اذا سأل سوف يفتونه بجواز عمله هذا وان طاغوت اليمن ولي أمر وبذلك سوف يعمل بهذه الفتوى!!

الى هنا توقفت عن الحوار معه ولم أستطع ان اجيبه

فما حكم هذا العسكري في الأسلام وهل يجوز ان نقول انه في النار ؟؟؟

السائل: احب المجاهدين ولست منهم

المجيب: اللجنة الشرعية في المنبر

وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

أخي السائل حفظك الله ورعاك

أولا إن من عقيدة أهل السنة والجماعة أنهم لا يشهدون بجنة ولا نار لأحد إلا لمن شهد له الرسول بذلك ، وإنما يقولون للمحسن أحسنت وللمسيء أسأت ، فمن مات وظاهره أنه مات على الإسلام فنعامله معاملة المسلم ومن مات وظاهره أنه مات على الكفر فنعامله معاملة الكافر - من عدم الصلاة عليه أو دفنه في مقابر المسلمين

والجندي الذي يقاتل في جيوش الطواغيت في هذه الأيام سواء كان في الجيش اليمني أو غيره من الجيوش هو واقع في الكفر بلا خلاف بين العلماء - أقصد علماء هذا التيار - لعلتين واضحتين الأولى : أنه بعمله قائم على حراسة الدستور الطاغوتي وحمايته مقر للكفر بذلك ،الثانية : أنه موالي لأعداء الله من الطواغيت ، قال تعالى " الذين ءامنوا يقاتلون في سبيل الله والذين كفروا يقاتلون في سبيل الطاغوت "

يبقى النظر في حكم المعين منهم وهل يعذرون بالجهل أم لا يعذرون - بعد الاتفاق أنهم واقعون في الكفر- ؟ وكلا القولين لهما حظ من النظر ، فالذي لا يعذرهم بجهلهم يعد هذه القضية من الأمور الواضحة التي لا يعذر فيها بالجهل خاصة في وقتنا المعاصر الذي ظهر فيه لكل ناظر أن وظيفة هذه الأنظمة وهذه الجيوش هي حرب الإسلام والمسلمين وقتل المجاهدين ومطاردتهم وهو أمر لم يعد يخفى على أحد والحمد لله

وعلى كل حال فنحن ننصحك بعدم الخوض في أحكام الأخرة والجزم بالجنة أوالنار لأحد

ويكفيك لأجل الدعوة إلى التوحيد أن تتكلم في أحكام الدنيا وتبين أن من تولى الطواغيت وناصرهم على المسلمين وناصر قوانينهم فهو منهم ومن أنصار القوانين وجند الطواغيت وهو لم يحقق التوحيد الذي هو أحق حقوق الله على العبيد ، وتدعو إلى وجوب اجتناب الطاغوت والكفر به وبقوانينه ، وعدم الدخول في جيشه أونصرته ولو على الحوثيين أو البعثيين أو الشيوعيين فهذه ليست معارك المسلمين ، وساحات الجهاد التي ترفع راية التوحيد موجودة ، وانصار الله عندك في بلدك ومن حولك متوافرون ، إدع إلى اللحاق بهم ونصرتهم والانحياز إلى عساكرهم والدخول في أجنادهم ؛ فهذه هي دعوة التوحيد ، عليك بها ولا تتكلف الانشغال بالحكم على مآلات الناس الأخروية .. وفقك الله

أجابه، عضو اللجنة الشرعية :
الشيخ أبو أسامة الشامي

Afghan Taliban Statement: What Colonialists do to Occupied Nations

Below is a statement from the Afghan Taliban, which refers to itself as the "Islamic Emirate [state] of Afghanistan" (as it did in the 1990s). The statement is run without edits.

What the Colonialists Do to Occupied Nations

January 23, 2010

The imperialist and colonialist powers, as their official policy, kill scientist, professionals and eminent literary and social figures of the Islamic Ummah. The same is true of Afghanistan where the notorious Blackwater is given free hand

to carry out this wicked task under the supervision of Joint Special Operations—a Pentagon undercover army which was previously under the command of Mc Crystal, the current top American commander in Afghanistan. The aim is to pave the way for uneducated, ignorant and unaware stooges to remain at the helms of power thanks to multi-faceted support of imperialism. Then the Western powers bind their surrogates by various agreements at the expense of national, cultural and religious values and vital interests of the nation. They take hold of all strategic assets of a country including telecommunication, dams, transportation, mines etc. After that, colonialism tends to plunder the wealth and natural resources with both hands. Similarly, the invading powers distribute national wealth among members of society unfairly and unequally, giving a lion share to their flunkeys and hirelings. As a result , majority of the society faces economic problems. Here, the colonialism benefits from the people’s poverty and use the poor people as servants to achieve goals of the invaders

. Imperialism encourages a negative competition among people for wealth and social statues to. During such competition, the competitors often do not think about their honor, culture, history and religion which is the very aim of colonialism because in such atmosphere, they can easily employ citizens of an occupied country to work for the objectives of colonialism. At the same time, colonialism spreads racial biases and differences in the society. This makes it possible for the colonialist powers to play some ethnicity groups against another and thus ensures its rule over the occupied society.

This is what are happening in Afghanistan today. On the one hand, America speaks of democracy and human rights but at the same time she supports warlords in Afghanistan whose hand are stained with blood of thousands of innocent people. Murderers like Abdul Rashid Dostum are flourishing under the very wing of Washington by giving him top slots in the Kabul administration instead of putting him on trial for the murder of thousands of miserable Afghans. In addition to this, colonialist powers send their religious groups, in this case, Christian missionaries to the occupied societies like Iraq and Afghanistan to convert Muslims to Christianity because they believe that the converted people honestly work for their political, economic and religious goals.

Many Afghan observers have regularly expressed their consternation about the presence of Christian missionaries in Afghanistan. This Western machination was exposed clearly when Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan captured 23 Christian missionaries of Saemmul Presbyterian Church, Seoul in Ghazni province.

Currently, both troops and Christian missionaries operate side by side in Afghanistan. They have opened offices in the country to Christianize Afghans. Some NGOs are also encouraging them to convert young Afghans. They give them Bibles and promise them citizenship in Europe and America. . They have rented houses in Kabul, apparently under the name of schools for students-- some of them for students of Helmand province.. They pay the money indirectly via some officials of Helmand province like Amir Shir Mohammad, ex-governor of Helmand province who has a leading rule in renting the houses. The missionaries arouse the students against the current Islamic Jihad and invite them to Christianity. No one is allowed to know about which that is actually happening inside the compounds of these schools. Local agents encourage students to get themselves enrolled in these schools. They blame Taliban for all the anarchy, the country is passing through and support American invasion of Afghanistan. Here, we see that how innocent students are misused for politically-motivated goals of the American colonialism . They do not care about trampling principles and violating internationally recognized human rights norms.

English Translation of Jama'at al-Tawhid wa'l Jihad in Palestine's Claims to Recent Rocket Attack on Israeli Military Base

Below is an English translation of a recent statement issued by the new jihadi-takfiri group in the occupied Palestinian Territories, Jama'at al-Tawhid wa'l Jihad [Group of Absolute Monotheism and Struggle], claiming to have fired a couple of rockets at an Israeli military base.

Bombing the “third eye” military point with 2 rockets

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful

Praise is to Allah the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings on the Imam of the Mujahideen, and on his family and companions and

Those who follow them rightfully until the Day of Judgment, To Proceed

Allah the Almighty says

"And you threw not, [O Muhammad], when you threw, but it was Allah who threw " (Anfal 17)

By the grace and mercy of Allah alone, your brothers in the Jama' At Tawheed wa Al JIhad, succeeded in bombing the Zionist “third eye” military point with 2 locally made rockets on Wednesday at one o'clock and a quarter before dawn, 4 Safar 1430 AH corresponding to 20/1/2010.The lions of monotheism successfully retreated to their bases safely protected by the protection of their Lord and His care, we ask Allah for reward and acceptance and protection and guidance.

O Allah, you are our guide and victory granter
O Allah, we attack by You and wander by You and fight by You
And there is no power nor might except with Allah the High, the Great
And Allah is powerful over His matters but most people know not

Jamaa Tawheed wa Al Jihad
Bait Al Maqdis

Wednesday 4 Safar 1430 AH

Translated by
Your brother

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Imprisoned Jihadi Shaykh Abu Qatada's Statement to the Muslims about Extradition to Jordan by the British Government

"Statement to the Muslims from Shaykh Abu Qatada al-Filistini"

A letter from imprisoned jihadi-Salafi scholar Abu Qatada al-Filistini [The Palestinian] was released on January 20. He is awaiting extradition from Great Britain, where he has lived in political asylum for years, to his native Jordan. He has has close ties to senior leaders in al-Qa'ida Central and is accused of being a member of the group's juridical council.


الكاتب : أبو قتادة الفلسطيني
تاريخ الإضافة: 2010-01-16

تعليقاً على قرار محكمة اللوردات البريطانية بإقرار الحكومة في تسليمه إلى الحكومة الأردنية.

الحمد لله ربّ العالمين والصلاة والسلام على النبي الأمين وبعد،

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته.

أبدأ كلامي بحمد الله تعالى على نعمه العظيمة، ومنحه الجليلة العميمة، فوالله لقد أكرمني بكرامات وعطايا لا أستطيع لها عداً، ولا أقدر على حمدها وأداء شكرها، كان أعظمها ما نلته في سبيله من السجن والقيد والإيذاء، ثم قد أعطيت في هذه السنوات الست من منح وهبات ما لو قضيت عمري كله في خارج السجن لم أنلها، فكانت كرامة السجن ثم كرامات عدة فيه بحمده وفضله وإصطفائه.

في السنوت الثلاث الأولى أتممت حفظ كتاب الله تعالى مع تأملات طويلة فيه أعانتني على كتابة عدة كتب كان من أجملها عندي هو كتاب "فن القراءة" وهو كتاب أردت فيه أن أنقل تجربتي في هذا الفعل العظيم القراءة، ليصل الإنسان من خلاله إلى ما سميته "القراءة الجدلية"، بثثت فيه الكثير من الرؤى والنصائح والإستنتاجات ليتحقق القارئ من الوصول إلى تمجيد الله العظيم وتسبيحه، وقد أردت أن أجعل القراءة الدينية قراءة علمية كما أردت أن أجعل القراءة "أي قراءة" هي قراءة دينية بمعناها الصحيح، أي أن تحقق العبودية لله تعالى، أرجو من الله تعالى أن ييسر خروجه لأني أعتقد أنه لم يُكتب في هذا الموضوع قبله شبيه به.

وكتبت فيها كذلك كتاب "لماذا إنتصرنا؟!" بيّنتُ في هذا الكتاب معنى النصر من خلال كتاب الله تعالى، وقرأت واقع العمل الجهادي خصوصاً وآثاره على العالم عموماً، ووصلت فيه إلى نتيجة جازمة أننا نعيش في نصر، لأن الخط البياني لأمة الإسلام في صعود، وخط الكفر في نزول وهبوط، وهذا الكتاب فيه الكثير من المناظرات الإفتراضية مع خط الهزيمة في الصف الإسلامي.

منذ اليوم الأول لسجني الأول (ثلاث سنوات) وأنا أسجل خواطري ورؤاي وكذلك ما أراه بصراُ وأذكره من مواقف على صورة "صيد الخاطر" سميته "شذرات من الفكر والحياة" ملأت في ذلك ثلاثة دفاتر.

كان مما يشغلني منذ زمن مفهوم "العقل"، وهو من المسائل التي لها خصوصية قرآنية، حيث لم يذكر في القرآن ككائن مستقل، بل ذكر كملكة فعل ((يعقلون)) فكتبت بحثاً سميته الفرق بين "العقل الشعري والعقل الجهادي" وذلك إهتداءً بما قاله تعالى في سورة الشعراء ((والشعراء يتبعهم الغاوون...)). وسجلت في تلك الأيام ذكريات لم أتمها سميتها -وفي بلمارش كانت لنا أيام-.

وكان آخر ما كتبته هناك ((الأربعون الجياد لأهل التوحيد والجهاد)) وهو الوحيد الذي قدّر الله تعالى له أن يصدر إلى الإخوة.

كانت الحالة التي عشتها في سجني الأول هي التي ساعدتني على هذا الإنتاج، إذ كتبت مع هذه الكتب عشرات القصائد نشر منها قصيدتي في رثاء الشيخ أحمد ياسين، وقصيدة في الشوق لفلسطين، وأخرى تربوية وكثير منها تعبيرية نفسية، والأخرى أسررت بها للمقصود منها وهي زوجتي حفظها الله ورعاها، وفاءً لها على صبرها وثباتها، وكذلك تعليمها لي الكثير مما أحتاجه في محنتي.

كنا في تلك المرحلة مع إخواني في زنازين إنفرادية نمكث فيها أكثر من ثلاث وعشرين ساعة في الليل والنهار حيث لا يرى المرء أحداً بل يكون خالياً متفرداً.

كان هذا السجن -ثلاث سنوات- بلا تهمة ولا محاكمة ولا يجوز لك كذلك أن تطلع على الأدلة التي تزعم الحكومة أنك مسجون بسببها، فقد أقر "برلمانهم" قانوناً يجيز للدولة أن تسجن أي غريب أجنبي لا يملك الجنسية البريطانية إلى أمد غير محدود بأدلة سرية.

هذا القانون يعد فعلاً تجديدياً لأكلة الآلهة الباطلة كما سميته، إذ أننا نعلم ما كان بعض المشركين يفعله قديماً في تعبدهم الشركي، فكانوا يصنعون أصناماً من تمر ثم يعبدونها، فإذا جاعوا أكلوها، وكذلك فعلت الحكومة الإنجليزية، فهي التي تزعم أنها تحترم الإنسان بغض النظر عن دينه ولونه ولغته وجنسيته، فها هي الآن تأكل إلهها، وتأتي بهذا القانون الذي يفرق بين إنسان وإنسان.

سجن معي تحت هذا القانون ما يقارب عشرة أخوة، وكل واحد من الأخوة استغل سجنه في باب من الأبواب، وأنا مع هذه الكتب والأبحاث استطعت بفضل الله أن أتخلى عن شحوم زائدة، إذ استطعت وعن طريق الرياضة والحمية إنزال أكثر من خمسة وعشرين كيلو غرام، وقد بدت لمن لم يكن يراني وأنا أمارس الرياضة أن هذا بسبب مرضي ولكنه والحمد لله لم تكن كذلك، بل تخلصت من مرض السكري كلياً وإلى الآن وكذا من آلام الظهر الشديدة التي كانت تأتيني بسبب المشي، حيث صرت أركض ساعة كاملة ولمسافة إحدى عشر كيلومتر. والحمد لله رب العالمين.

لقد هزمنا الحكومة البريطانية بفضل الله تعالى، وكان في سجننا كشف لخبثها وإجرامها وكذب دعاويها الإنسانية، واستطعنا أن نكشف للمسلمين في بريطانيا خصوصاُ أن الحكومة البريطانية حكومة تعادي الإسلام والمسلمين، وحصل الشرخ بفضل الله الذي لن تستطيع أن تجبره أبداً بعد ذلك.

لقد انتهى عهد الأكاذيب، وانتشر بين الناس هنا أن هناك غوانتينامو في بريطانيا هو سجن بلمارش كما في أمريكا غوانتينامو سواء، ونشأ جيل جديد من الشباب المسلم وخاصة من إخواننا القادمين من القارة الهندية لم يعد لديهم الإنبهار بالمسؤول الإنجليزي ولا بالقيم الإنجليزية، بل هم يحتقرونه ويعلمون عداءه لهم فصاروا له أعداء كذلك.

لم يكن أحد يتصور أن يسجن أحد هذه المدة بلا تهمة ولا محكمة في بريطانيا، لكنها الحقيقة، وهي الوجه الحقيقي للإنسان المتعجرف الذي يرى أن الآخر هو مجرد رقم لا قيمة له.

بعد ثلاث سنوات أصدر مجلس اللوردات البريطاني قراراً بإبطال هذا القانون، وقالوا فيه أقوالاً شديداً فلم يتم التجديد له ولكن تم إقرار قانون آخر بديلاً عنه وهو قانون يفوض الحكومة البريطانية بتقييد أي إنسان بقيود وهو خارج السجن، وذلك بمنعه زمناً من الخروج من البيت ومنعه من إستخدام التلفون والكمبيوتر أو مقابلة بعض الناس أو الذهاب لبعض الاماكن أو تحديد مكان ذهابه.

خرجنا من سجن بلمارش العنصري "وغوانتينامو بريطانيا" تحت هذا القانون أنا وإخواني، ومكثت في الخارج ما يقارب خمسة شهور لعبت الحكومة البريطانية لعبة جديدة، وهي أنها عقدت صفقات شخصية (نعم صفقات شخصية) ليس لها أي وجه قانوني أو تشريعي بحسب دينهم وقوانينهم، مع الأردن وليبيا يتم بسببها تسليم المسلمين إلى بلادهم.

بعد صلاة الفجر داهمت بيوتنا الشرطة واقتادتنا إلى السجن مرة أخرى، وبلا تهمة ولا محكمة مدنية، بل بمحكمة خاصة وبأدلة سرية، أي خاصة للأجانب دون بني جلدتهم، ووضعنا أكثر من سبعة عشر أخاً في قسم مستقل، نعيش معاً، كان فينا الفلسطيني والأردني والليبي والجزائري، ثم بعد مدة خرج الليبيون لما أطلقت الحكومة الليبية سراح الأطباء البلغار المتهمين بنشر الإيدز بوساطة فرنسية ولم تعط للإنجليز، فانتقمت الحكومة البريطانية بأن أخرجت الليبيين.

لم تنجح الحكومة البريطانية بعقد صفقة مع الجزائر فدخلت في دوامة مع الجزائريين، وبقيت لعبتهم مع من يحملون الجنسية الأردنية.

كنا ثلاثة اثنين معاً؛ أنا والأخ عبد الله السمامرة (أبو شيماء) والثالث هو أبو عيسى الرفاعي، وكان أبو عيسى يتنقل بين بلمارش والمستشفى لوضعه الصحي ولم يكن معنا.

مكثنا مع الأخوة في هذا السجن ثلاث سنوات، وللأسف لم أنجز فيها الكثير لأن السجن كان جماعياً مع الأخوة، والحديث معهم ذو شجون، هذا مع إلحاق الأخ عادل عبد المجيد المصري والأخ خالد الفواز النجدي المتهمين في أمريكا، وهي تطالب بهم لمحاكمتهم، وأضيف معنا الأخ بابر أحمد وهارون أسواط وطلحة إحسان، وكل هؤلاء لهم قضية واحدة وهي تسليمهم لأمريكا.

بعد خروج الليبيين بمدة طويلة استطعنا جميعاً الحصول على خروج بالكفالة في إنتظار قرار محكمة اللوردات في قضيتنا وبعد أقل من خمسة شهور هاجموا بيتي فجراً واقتادوني إلى بلمارش تحت دعوى أنني كسرت شروط الكفالة، وذلك أنني فكرت أن أهرب من بريطانيا.

تأمل هذه التهمة ((فكرت أن أهرب))، في الحقيقة لم تكن كذلك بل هي كما قيلت في الأوراق: "أنه يمكن له أن يفكر أن يهرب".

هذا هو القضاء البريطاني النزيه كما يقول زنادقة بلادنا.

رجعت إلى السجن وقد زاد التضييق والإيذاء في السجن، حيث وضعت في درجة أمنية عالية إذ يتم تفتيشي عارياً مرتين في كل شهر، وأعدت إلى إخواني السابقين؛ عادل وخالد وبابر وطلحة وزاد معهم أخ آخر من جامايكا أسلم جديداً وتسمى باسم بلال، وهو كذلك مطلوب لأمريكا في قضايا جنائية أخرى لا علاقة لها بالجهاد بخلاف الآخرين.

منذ اليوم الأول قررت أن لا أضيع الوقت إلا في الكتابة، فبدأت بفضل الله تعالى في كتابة موضوع كان أملي أن أكتبه منذ أن دخل الأمريكان أفغانستان وحدث ما حدث في تورا بورا وغيرها، لأني رأيت ردود أفعال جاهلية قالها أصحاب عمائم ومشايخ صحوة ضد الجهاد والمجاهدين، هذه الأقوال هي عين ما قاله المنافقون بعد أحد.

كان المقصد أولاً هو شرح آيات معركة أحد ثم رأيت أن غزوات رسول الله في القرآن تستحق أن يفرد لها كتاب مستقل فكان الكتاب وهو ((غزوات رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم في القرآن الكريم)) وذلك تحت عنوان كبير هو "صبغة الله" سيكون بحسب الوسع والطاقة، وهو قراءة الأسئلة الوجودية والجهادية من خلال كتاب الله تعالى.

* * *

الآن وبعد أن صدر قرار محكمة اللوردات بموافقة الحكومة على تسليمي للحكومة الأردنية ماذا يمكن أن يقال :-

لقد قال قضاة هذا البلد، ومن كل طبقاتهم أن الأردن فيها عدالة، وأن المحاكم العسكرية فيها تحقق العدالة اللازمة، وأن التعذيب في السجون وفي دوائر المخابرات أمر يمكن تفهمه.

هذه خلاصة قراراتهم وبلا رتوش أو مزينات، وهذا يعني لذوي الحجر والعقول أن الأردن هي إبنة بريطانيا كياناً ونظاماً وأمناً، ومن لم يفهم هذا فالكلام معه إضاعة وقت.

لقد أكرمني الله تعالى بأن كشف في قضيتي هذه القضاء البريطاني، لأن بعض الناس لغفلتهم يبرؤون القضاء البريطاني من المؤسسة الإجرامية فيها أي التشريعية والتنفيذية، وأقول :- إن قضيتي واحدة في الحق من هذه القضايا التي تظهر عنصرية القضاء البريطاني وحقده ضد الإسلام والمسلمين.

لا أستطيع في هذه الورقات- وهي رسالة سريعة- أن أفصل وأشرح، لكن يكفيني أن أقول كلمة قالها أحد القضاة وهو يناقش قضية ترحيل عيد الله السمامرة (أبي شيماء) إلى الأردن حين عرضت عليه وصية الشيخ فقال القاضي: هذه الوصية تذكرني بوصايا المسلمين في الحروب الصليبية.

لقد قدّر لي أن التقي لمدة قصيرة هنا في هذا "القسم المنفرد" حيث عزلنا عن العالم وعن بقية المساجين بالدكتور محمد عشا، وهو الذي اتهم مع الدكتور العراقي بلال عبدالله "وهو أخ التقيت به في المسجد حين كنت في الوحدة الانفرادية في بلمارش ويوم الجمعة ثم التقيت به في سيارة النقل التي كانت تحمله إلى المحكمة" وهذا الدكتور بلال عبدالله رجل من رجالات الاسلام بحق علماً وعملاً وثباتاً ورجولة، فهو يحفظ كتاب الله، وعالم فقه وحديث، وقد وقف موقفاً إيمانياً في المحكمة قال فيه كلاماً يُرفع إلى كلام السلف رضوان الله عليهم، لقد استصغرت نفسي وهو يقول: لقد تأثرت من أشرطتك السمعية كثيراً، فالحمد لله رب العالمين"، أقول: لقد قال لي الدكتور محمد عشا -وهو تخصص جراحة أعصاب- أن المدعي العام في المحكمة كان يقول في اثبات التهمة ضده :-

"صحيح أن عشا لا توجد ضده أدلة لكن تذكروا أنه ذكي وهذا يكفي"

"صحيح أن عشا لا توجد ضده أدلة لكن تذكروا أنه فلسطيني الأصل وهذا يكفي"

هذه هي مراسم المحاكم في القضاء البريطاني حين يكون المتهم أمامهم مسلماً.

هل أذكر لكم أخرى؟!

يكفيكم واحدة هنا :-

وزير الداخلية السابق ديفيد بلانكيت هو الذي وقع قانوناً عجيباً بين الحكومة البريطانية وبين أمريكا لتسليم من تطلبهم أمريكا من بريطانيا، وسبب عجبه أن هذا القانون ملزم لبريطانيا وغير ملزم لأمريكا، أي أن بريطانيا ملزمة بتسليم من تطلبه أمريكا، وأمريكا غير ملزمة بتسليم من تطلبه أمريكا، وكما يقولون "ما علينا" لأن المقصود غير هذا.

الذي حصل التالي :-

قامت أمريكا بطلب شخص بريطاني -غير مسلم- متهم عندها بأعمال في الإنترنت مخالفة للقانون الأمريكي، وقررت المحاكم تسليمه، لكن أعضاء البرلمان إعترضوا على هذا القرار، وكان أشد المعترضين هو ديفيد بلانكت نفسه، وقد إستجابت الحكومة لضغوط البرلمان وهي تدرس الآن إمكانية محاكمته هنا وتسليمه لأمريكا.

الإتفاقية إذاً هي ضد المسلمين، وضعت خاصة لأبي حمزة المصري وبقية الأخوان.

الوقت يتسع لحادثة أخرى :-

حكم على أبي حمزة المصري سنين طويلة تحت تهمة إثارة الكراهية، وبعبارات موهمة غير صريحة ألبسوها ما يريدون من المعاني، وبعد أيام حوكم قائد حزب بريطاني معروف بالتعصب اسمه نيكولاس غريفن بنفس التهمة وبعبارات أقوى من عبارات هتلر النازية وخرج البريطاني بريئاً.

لا بأس واحدة أخرى :-

عندما تم القبض على بابر أحمد قام الشرطة بضربه ضرباً شديداً وهو وزوجته -العروس يومها- وصار وجهه كالقربة من الضرب، وظهرت الكدمات الشديدة على كل جسمه، ولما رفع الأمر إلى القضاء كان جواب القاضي :- شكراً للشرطة البريطانية في محافظتها على الأمن.

إنني أنا أبو قتادة أقر وأعترف أنني مع كوني فلسطينياً، ولدت في فلسطين، ومع معرفتي بتاريخ الحكومة البريطانية في جرائمها عامة وجريمتها الخاصة في فلسطين إلا أني كنت جاهلاً بهذا الحقد وهذه الكراهية التي تكنها هذه الحكومات البريطانية ضد الإسلام والمسلمين والعرب، ولذلك فأنا في مرات كثيرة أتمنى أن يسجن كل المسلمين هنا في بريطانيا -لمدة لا تقل عن سنة- ليروا بأم أعينهم حقيقة ما أقول، لأن مئات المجلدات لن توصل الحقائق التي يعيشها صاحبها عن كثب ورؤية وإحساس.

هنا قد عدت إلى السجن لتبدأ رحلة جديدة لا أعرف أين تنتهي، لكني على ثقة أن ربي رحيم كريم، والله عند حسن ظن عبده به، أعلم أن الله أرحم من نفسي على نفسي، وأرحم من والدي علي، فأنا لضعفي أرجو السلامة والعافية، ولكن الله عز وجل أحكم وأعلم، مع كل دعواتي أن يثبتني الله على الحق حتى ألقاه، فوالله لا أخاف إلا الإنقلاب على العاقبة، وهي شر ما يلاقيه المرء، ولكني أقول :- أن الحق مع المجاهدين في كل أمر، أنصرهم ظالمين ومظلومين على ما عناه رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم، وسأكتب دوماً هذا ما حييت وقدرت على ذلك، لأنهم أهل القرآن حقاً، وهم وراثه ووراث سنة رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم، وحين يسمع الناس مني غير ذلك فأكون إما ضالاً أو كاذباً أو مجنوناً وإما مكرهاً تحت السياط والتعذيب، أسأل الله العفو والعافية.

لقد أراد هؤلاء المجرمون العتاة والطواغيت أن يحبسوا الكلمات التي أقولها، وحين يفعلون ذلك فهم يقدّروا أنهم في نصر ضد دعوة التوحيد وضد المجاهدين ولذلك فإن أشد ما يغضبهم ويغيظهم بعد السنان والسلاح هو القلم والكلمة، ولذلك فإني أدعو كل محبّ لدين الله تعالى أن ينشط في نشر هذا الدين، ونشر كلمات المسجونين ودوام ذكرهم ليبطل سحر هؤلاء المجرمين ضد الإسلام وأهله، كما إني أنصح لبعض المسلمين وهم لا يرون حب أحد من المسجونين لسبب نفسي أو فكري أن يتقوا الله في إخوانهم المستضعفين، لأن ما يفعله بعضهم من تتبع العورات وتحميل الكلمات أسوأ معانيها أو حملها على غير مراد أصحابها هو إعانة للكافرين ضد إخواهم وهذا شر ضد الدين قبل هؤلاء الذين يخاصمونهم، فليتقوا الله في دينهم وعرض إخوانهم.

أنا لا أقول هذا لأن كلامهم يضرني أو يضر إخواني في شيء، بل أقول هذا نصيحة لهم-وهي واجبة علي لهم-، وأقوله حتى يعلموا ضرر كلماتهم هذه وإفراحها الكافرين، نعم هناك قوم صغار لا يضرهم ولا يعنيهم إلا إشفاء غليل حقدهم وحسدهم، وهؤلاء نستعين عليهم بالله ونقول: حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل.

في هذه المحن يظهر من يخالفك مخالفة الشريف العالم، وبين من يخالفك مخالفة الحاقد الحسود الجاهل، فأما العالم فيقف مع الحق مع بعض أغلاطه ضد الكفر الذي لا حق فيه، وأما الحقود الجاهل فهو سيحسدك حتى مع بلائك هذا.

إننا بفضل الله نرى آيات الله العظيمة في هذه السجون، فقد رأيت هذا الدين كيف يسلم شباب فيتحولون إلى طلبة علم يتعلمون العربية والشريعة في شهور قليلة، مع فهم لحقيقة التوحيد يجهله من عاش مسلماً في بلاد المسلمين.

لقد تربى أولادي بعيداً عني لمدة ست سنوات لا أراهم إلا ساعة في شهر أو شهرين ومع ذلك نشأوا خيراً مما أنا بينهم في كل أبواب الحياة، فقد حفظ الكبار كتاب الله، وبعضهم أغلبه، وهم من المتفوقين في دراستهم، مع أدب وخلق تميّز يشهد بهذا أقرانهم فالحمد لله رب العالمين.

إن أعظم النعم التي يحياها إخوانكم هنا هو ثقتهم بالله وثقتهم بهذا الدين ومنهج الجهاد الذي حقق من الخير لأمة الإسلام ما لو بذل الدعاة مئات السنين لم يصلوا إليه:

لقد تجلت معاني الولاء والبراء في أجل معانيها بين المسلمين والمشركين.

لقد أظهر الله كفر الكافرين وحقدهم وكذبهم بما لا ينكره إلا زنديق أو أعمى.

لقد إزدادت صلة إخوانكم بالله طاعة ودعاءً وإخباتاً.

هم يقيدون أجسامنا فقط لكن أرواحنا أقوى من سجونهم، وكلمات الحق التي نقولها عصية عن قيودهم.

لم تكن الأجسام يوماً معيار النصر والهزيمة، بل معيار الحق وعلوه هو الميزان الذي يحكم به.

يضعوننا هنا في وحدات منعزلة لا نرى أحداً ولا نخاطب أحداً مخافة أن نؤثر في الناس، وهم يجهلون أن هذا هو دين الله تعالى، وهو أرواح تسري في الوجود والتاريخ لا يقدر الشيطان ولا جنوده أن يحبسوها.

لم نكن نطمع قط أن نصل لهذه القوة بأن يكون مجرد وجود أبي قتادة بين أهله لا يخرج إلا لمدة ساعتين يومياً خلال الكفالة سبباً لأن تقول وزارة الداخلية إن هذا الوضع يرفع درجة الخطر ضد بريطانيا، تقال هذه الكلمات في المحكمة وعلى مرأى من الجميع.

هل سجننا يستحق هذا؟! الجواب بل هو قليل أمام هذه النعم، ونرجو من الله تعالى أن تكون عاقبتنا الفردوس الأعلى من الجنة بفضل الله ورحمته.

جزى الله المجاهدين وقادتهم خير الجزاء، وجزى الله دعاة الحق خير الجزاء فلولاهم لدخل الكافرون إلى مخادع نسائنا وصرنا مجرد كلاب تلعق فتاتهم.

كنت أتمنى أن أفصِّل أحوال إخوانكم هنا في السجون واحداً واحداً، لكن الحال والوقت لا يتسع، ولكن إعلموا أن الأمر أكبر من الوصف، وأن المعاني أوسع من أن تحيطها الكلمات، وأرجو من الله تعالى أن يأتي اليوم الذي أكتب فيه بعض ما رأيت وعاينت وشعرت ليكون وقوداً للأمة الإسلامية وللمجاهدين، فلا يصيبهم البأس أو الحزن بل ليواصلوا الطريق فإنها طريق الأنبياء والأولياء حقاً وصدقاُ، فإن المجاهدين وأحبتهم لو رأوا بعض ما رأينا هنا لعلموا أيّ نصر يتحقق كل يوم على أيديهم، وذلك بفعل جهادهم وثباتهم، فإياهم أن تخدعهم الأخبار الكاذبة المزورة أنكم سبب سجن الناس وعذابهم، بل والله هم الرحمة المهداة لأهل السجون كما لغيرهم من أهل الأرض.

كنت أتمنى أن أفصّل لكم عن أسماء شباب كيف أسلموا وباعوا أنفسهم لله لأخبار الشهادة والجهاد.

كنت أتمنى أن أفصّل لكم عن شباب عاشوا جاهلية طويلة فلما جاء الجهاد في سبيل الله صاروا عباداً وقوّام ليل وحفظة لكتاب الله وتعلم العربية.

كنت أتمنى أن أخبركم عن قلق واضطراب وحيرة المسؤولين المجرمين البريطانيين مع هذه الظواهر الغريبة عليهم، حيث لا يدرون ما يفعلون بهذا الدفق الإيماني العجيب :-

يجمعون المسلمين حيناً في مكان واحد ظانين أنهم سيخففون من تأثير المسلمين فينقلب السحر على الساحر وتأتي النتائج ضد مرادهم فيتفرقون.

يقرونهم فتبدأ جمرات الإيمان بالتأثير في محيطها الجديد فيتألمون ويصرخون.

يصرخون كذباً أن المسلمين من المساجين يجبرون المساجين الآخرين على الإسلام دون أن يجدوا حالة واحدة يستخدمونها لكذبهم وزورهم وبهتانهم.

يصرخون ويكذبون وكل ضلالاتهم ترتد عليهم.

تحدثاً بنعمة الله تعالى عليّ: زعمت الصحف أني أقوم بالتأثير على المساجين (مع أني والله أقل الناس في هذا الباب، فهناك أخوة عجب من العجاب في هذا) وفي جلسة مع مسؤول السجن الأول هنا في لونغ لارتن، رد أحد الإخوان عليه بأن أبا قتادة لا يحسن الإنجليزية فكيف يؤثر عليهم؟! فرد المسؤول :- هو بشكله وهيئته يملك تأثيراً على الآخرين.

لقد أفلت الزمام منهم، واشتد غضبهم على المسلمين، ولذلك أطلقت يد المسؤولين في السجون لوضع إخوانكم في سجون خاصة داخل كل سجن وفي أقسام العقوبة التي إمتلأت بالمسلمين، فأنت لا ترى في أماكن العقوبة في السجون شديدة الحراسة إلا وأكثرها من المسلمين ولا مدافع عنهم إلا الله تعالى.

إن مع هذه المنح الإلهية محنٌ شديدة حيث التفتيش الشديد والتعرية الكاملة، والتقييد الأعنف، فها قد وضعنا في وحدة خاصة ممنوعة من أي ممارسة يمارسها بقية المسجونين، فقط ستة مساجين، ووضعتُ خاصةً في درجة أمنية عالية حيث لا أستطيع أن أتصل بعائلتي إلا إذا حجزت هذا الإتصال قبل أسبوع، وأنقّل كل شهر من مكان لآخر، وأفتش كل شهر مرتين تفتيشاً خاصاً ومن وحدة خاصة في السجن.

لقد اشتد الواجب على المسلمين أن يعملوا بأمر رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم من وجوب فكاك الأسير بكل ما يستطيعون من طاقة ووسع وطرق يمكن أن تحقق هذا الواجب الإيماني العظيم.

فهذه أمانة وواجب أضعها في أعناق المسلمين عامة وأهل الشأن خاصة ما قدروا على ذلك، وما استطاعوا له من وسع.

اللهم رب السموات السبع والأرض رب العرش العظيم أن تنصر المجاهدين في سبيلك في كل مكان، وأن تفك أسر المستضعفين من المسلمين وأن تلعن الكفرة المشركين الذي يصدون عن سبيلك ويقاتلون أولياءك ويعادون دينك ورسلك. آمين

ملاحظة :- لقد صدر لي حوار مع الأخ عادل عبد المجيد وبيان حول غزة، أُبلغت بعض التعليقات التي قيلت فيها، فبعضها على الرأس والعين وأخرى نلقيها وراء الظهر رحمة بحقد قائليها وجهلهم، وجزى الله الناصحين خير الجزاء.

أخوكم/ أبو قتادة عمر بن محمود أبو عمر
سجن لونغ لارتن البريطاني