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Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus Claims Nov. 27 Attack on Russian Train

"Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus," & photographs of its umara' ["leaders"]

The Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus (IEC) has issued a statement via an affiliated media outlet claiming the November 27 bombing that derailed a Russian passenger train, the Nevsky Express, on route from Moscow to St. Petersburg, which killed 26 people. The IEC is an umbrella for several Muslim insurgent groups operating in Chechnya, Ingushetia, and other Caucasus republics who seek independence from Russia, which under former president and now strongman "prime minister" Vladimir Putin has sought to reestablish Russian dominance in the areas formerly controlled by the Soviet Union.

Members of groups associated with the IEC include both Salafis and Sufis (Muslim mystics traditional to Central Asia, the Caucasus, and many parts of the Muslim world). Hardline Salafis of the jihadi trend have taken issue with the IEC's tacit endorsement of a kind of regionalized Caucasian Muslim nationalism.

Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus, maps

Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, the most influential jihadi-Salafi scholar alive, penned a letter in September 2009 in which he quoted warnings against nationalism in the IEC, revealing tensions between purist jihadi-Salafis and religious-nationalists like many of those in the IEC. He quoted a Caucasus jihadi leader: "At the first opportunity to contact Amir Abu 'Uthman [the IEC amir ("leader") Doku Umarov,] I am calling on him to renounce democracy and the ruling system of idols, and raise the banner of Islam pure and free of polytheism. I am informing him that such a decision does not require summoning the council [of other amirs], as it is his own responsibility. He is first responsible for his soul and rescuing it from the Day of Judgment, but he is also responsible for the souls of his followers and for military planning, and will answer to this before God, the Great and Almighty."

Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi

The IEC's statement is reproduced below, without edits. I have added some photographs and other images from my research collection (with brief explanatory captions).

IEC Amir, Doku Umarov


Caucasian Mujahideen reported successful sabotage operation against the 'Nevsky Express'

Kavkaz Center received a letter on behalf of the command of the Caucasian Mujahideen, which states that the operation on destroying the "Nevsky Express" was carried out within the ongoing operations of strikes on strategic targets in Russia.

Note that according to Russian authorities behind the organization of undermining "Nevsky Express" is Russian Mujahid Pavel Kosolopov, who by Moscow's version, was behind all the loud sabotage operations in Russia in recent years.

Also note that in 2007, "Nevsky Express" was already undermined once. The responsibility for the sabotage then was taken by the brigade of martyrs "Riyad-us-Saliheen".

According to the Russian authorities there are about 30 people injured, and two residents of Ingushetia, which are declared "terrorists", have been arrested. Just a couple of days before the destruction of "Nevsky Express" Russia's authorities have stated that one of Ingush prisoners allegedly "confessed".

Kavkaz Center publishes the statement sent by the command of the Caucasian Mujahideen, which was received late Tuesday, 1 December, without any cuts or corrections. ***

On November 27 special operation group derailed the "Nevsky Express" train, which was heading from St. Petersburg to Moscow, and which is mainly used by Rusnya's (AKA Russia) leading officials. As a result of erosion several carriages were destroyed or damaged, over 30 people killed and at least 80 people injured.

Initially, authorities of Rusnya stated that the reason for which the train derailed, was another "accident", but after the crater from the blast became public, the leadership of Rusnya was forced to acknowledge the fact that it was operation.

The final dispel of false doubts was the second explosion, which occurred after the undermining of the main bomb, which almost blew up the head of the Investigation Committee under the Prosecutor's Office Bastrykin.

Despite all these facts, the infidels still prefer to write about "a possible accident", while being forced to recognizing that the main version is a diversion operation.

We declare that this operation was prepared and carried out within the planned, early this year, and successfully carried out acts of sabotage on a number of strategically important objects of Rusnya, pursuant to the order of the Emir of Caucasus Emirate Dokka Umarov.

As previously repeatedly warned, in the spring Majlisul Shura by the command of the Caucasus Emirate, it was decided to transfer the sabotage war to the territories of Rusnya, along with strong blows to the occupiers infrastructure in the Caucasus.

Today, we carry out sabotage operations on electricity transmission lines, oil-and gas-wires. Many of the operations are under preparation status.

We declare that we will do everything possible to spread Jihad even greater in the territory of Rusnya to undermine its economy, so that Rusnya will not have the opportunity to use the Caucasus as its raw material base.

We have long been accustomed to the fact that as a result of such operations, Mujahideen are "accused" in a war against "civilians" of Rusnya, but we intend to conduct such diversions in future, which are the just acts of vengeance.

These diversions will continue for as long as the occupants in the Caucasus will not stop its policy of killing ordinary Muslims purely on religious grounds.

We also consider the population of Rusnya as accomplices of Russia's government, which supports by its approval the bloody policy of occupation of the Caucasus and the brutal killings of peaceful Muslims whose only fault is their desire to keep at least basic norms of Islam.

But even despite this, by the order of our Emir Dokka Abu Usman, we will try to avoid casualties among the unarmed population of Rusnya, and will not consider them as a primary objective for operations.

In this year by the command of the Mujahideen, several intelligence-sabotage units were trained and sent deep into Rusnya to conduct operations on enemy's territory. As the result, and the consequences of these operations have caused enormous economic damage to Rusna, we will continue to work in this direction.

We warn the leadership of Rusnya that unless they stop the killing of innocent Muslims of the Caucasus Emirate, and unless they terminate the activities of the "death squads", we reserve the right to conduct appropriate military operations against the "civilian" population of Rusnya.

And sufficient is for us what Allah Almighty said in the Quran: "And fight against them as they fight against you."

Headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Caucasus Emirate


Department of Letter,

Kavkaz Center

Publication time: 2 December 2009, 07:52

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Sumi said...

Salamu alykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu, the only thing we can do for the mujahideen on the path of Almighty God is dua, until we join them in their struggle in His cause Bi'idniAllaah Al Baree!!

Yaa Allah! You have revealed The Book, You control the clouds and dominate their path …

You defeat the armies of Your enemies…

Yaa Allah, All Mighty are You, All Powerful are You,

Yaa Allah, defeat your enemies, defeat the Russians, All our enemies and yours!

Yaa Allah! Scatter their aim, shake the earth beneath their feet, strike fear into their hearts and thunder into their lands all properties, assign the winds and your soldiers on them to finish them as you've done before to your enemies Allahoma Amen.

Yaa Allah! Cripple their limbs and blind their sight, mute them, and send upon them epidemics and calamities and don't cure them no more Allahoma Amen.

Yaa Allah! Disperse their gatherings and shatter their unity and their leaders & troops labors; Make their condition severe amongst themselves, and make their plots turn against them - show the worlds the signs of your Power, and make their destruction a lesson for those who do not learn lessons Allahoma Amen.

Yaa Allah! Hasten their destruction, and make their wealth a bounty for the Muslims Allahoma Amen.

Yaa Allah! Aid our Mujahideen brothers in Chechnya, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Philippine, Indonesia, and every where Allahoma Amen.

Yaa Allah! Unify their ranks, and gather them on the word of truth Allahoma Amen.

Yaa Allah! Make accurate the aim of their weapons; strengthen their determination and make them steadfast, and bestow upon them tranquillity Allahoma Amen. Yaa Allah, put their hearts at peace and guide them to that which is all-good Allahoma Amen.

Yaa Allah! Give them authority in Your Glorified Name, and give glory to them with your infinite armies in the heavens and the earth Allahoma Amen.

O Allaah you are The King of kings & the Worlds! May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon the Messenger of Allah and upon all his followers and companions
wa akhiru da'waanaa ani Alhamdulillaahi Rabbi ala alameen