Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Issue of Afghan Taliban's Al-Samoud Magazine of the New Islamic Lunar Year

The forty-third issue, and first issue of the new Islamic lunar year 1431, of the Afghan Taliban's monthly Arabic magazine Al-Samoud (Al-Somood) has been released. "Al-Samoud" translates approximately to the ability to withstand something or "staying power." In context, it can also mean something akin to "resistance." The magazine began as a simple newsletter-type publication with no graphics, but over the past couple of years has developed into a much more refined (design-wise) Internet publication.

The cover story is about "Obama's reinforcements at the time [that is too late]." A number of previously-released Taliban statements are included, such as the one about United States president Barack Obama's "AfPak" strategy. Also check out the always-interesting regular section "Our Martyrs, the Heroes," شهداؤنا الأبطال .

Al-Samoud #43

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I found the article on China quite fascinating.