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Afghan Taliban Statement on the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Soviet Invasion

Below is a statement from the Afghan Taliban, which refers to itself as the "Islamic Emirate [state] of Afghanistan" (as it did in the 1990s). The statement is run without edits. I have added images not included in the original statement. Hat-tip to Azelin for the heads-up on this statement.

Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan concerning Thirtieth Anniversary of Red Army Invasion

Sunday, 27 December 2009 05:23

December. 27, 1979, a time when the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in violation of all international laws, a move that brought the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic(USSR) to its knee .
The Red Army executed Hafizullah Amin, a pawn, in order to replace him with a more loyal pawn, Babrak Karmal.

With the time going by, the Soviet Union troops steadily increased from 80000 to 140000.

At the beginning of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the (KGB), secret intelligence agency of the of the Red Army assured the Soviet rulers of the takeover and total control of Afghanistan within the period of three months, for they had been under impression that the Mujahideen were with no status and position in Afghanistan and had no favorability among the Afghans and that they were merely encouraged by foreign enticement and efforts.

Three months later, upon meeting with strong resistance from Mujahideen with strengthening their Islamic movement, the Red Army generals suggested a later date, that is, they would take compete control of Afghanistan and bring the country under their domination within one to three years.

"Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: No Victory Except from God"

But with the passage of ten years, the Red Army dream of occupation of Afghanistan and taking full control of the country still did not come true.

According to one of the surveys of the Soviet Union, the death rate of the Russians killed in Afghanistan reached thirteen to fourteen thousands, where as the other sources showed the death rate far more than the one expressed in the Soviet survey.

The Russian invading troops withdrawal, eventually, came as the Red Army was brought to its knee over the 10 years of their occupation in Afghanistan with Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) empire shattering and the ideology of communism being made fun of in old Moscow Kremlin.

By making sacrifice of 1.5 billion Shuhada ( martyrs), the Afghan brave Mujahid nation did not only drive the Red Army out of Afghanistan but also liberated several Asian and European countries from the Russian domination and colonialism; which the world, morally, owes it to Afghan brave Mujahid nation that, in the from of sacrifices and waging Jihad, caused the collapse of the truculent communist power.

"Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires"

Contrarily, the silly Americans backed by their allied crusaders, rather than being grateful to the suffered war-stricken Afghans and returning their favor, invaded Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting terrorism, in consultation with a couple of ungrateful so-called Afghans and believing their enticements and false promises.

The American invaders , too like the former Soviet Union, claimed to wipe out the terrorism in three months time. Deceived by lies and false advice of their Afghan agents, the U.S.forces assured the Pentagon and White house rulers of the Taliban Islamic movement having no favorability among the Afghans, once crushed, the Taliban would be no longer in position make a comeback.

On the contrary, the members of the Islamic movement of Taliban and pro-Islamic movement people are Afghans, the real sons of this nation, the power that has grown up in the environment and milieu of this soil. Over the psst 8 years, the U.S. forces have been unable to wipe out the civil Jihadic power in spite of their exercising any form of barbarism, aggression,torturer and imprisonment.

"Afghanistan: Hell of the Crusaders"

Moreover, the U.S. forces chief, general Mc Chrystal, with all military sources, power and assistance from coalition forces at their disposal, warned the Pentagon rulers of their failure in Afghanistan. President Obama, under the pressure of pro-war generals of Pentagram, ordered 30000 extra troops deployment into Afghanistan. One the other hand, the British lieutenant general Nick Parker now say, " We have lost every kind initiatives against Taliban who with each day passing expends their territory."

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan warns the American rulers and their allies, based on these facts, of U.S forces and allies quick withdrawal before the America faces the same fate befell the Soviet Union and being disintegrated itself .

Now that the U.S., despite having about 100000 troops in Afghanistan, has been unable to win the war against Afghan Mujahideen over the last 8 years, it is unlikely that the America will win the war and maintain their occupation in Afghanistan even if it deploys extra 30000 troops whose soldiers have already lost morale.

Therefore, it is the most sensible thing to leave Afghanistan to Afghans as it is the real home of Afghans who have witnessed the the U.S. real democracy and the nature of their false slogans

Furthermore, we consider it important to remind the America to stop depriving the Afghans of their natural and legal rights by making false slogans and promises tested by Afghans.

If the America is still bent on violation of the legal and human rights and values of the Afghans it should, then, get prepared for the collapse of their crusader empire and disintegration of the united state of America.

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