Sunday, November 1, 2009

Afghan Taliban say Runoff Elections Not Supported by the People

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The Afghans' Decision about the Runoff Elections is Unchanged

The runoff for selection of a figurehead for the Kabul regime as per the expansionist policy of America elucidates that how brazen and avaricious Americans can be to ensure their interests. It also proved that how blatantly they make their puppets seem ludicrous and shameful among the public.

No question, Afghanistan is under a military occupation, the war is flaring up, and the people are deprived of liberty, security and facilities. They are bearing the brunt of the terror being created by tanks and helicopters of the invaders on daily basis. Moreover, they face brutalities of the invading troops from day to day. In such unstable conditions, how real elections can be held to elect a really representative Afghan leadership? Their claims in this regard is a mere irrational and unpractical bragging.

The Americans spent hundreds of millions of dollars on August 20 elections but still they failed to obtain their pre-contemplated objective despite being the ones calling the shots and despite having taken vast security measures.

The people refused to vote in the so-called American democratic process under the shade of tanks and mortars. Instead, many of them preferred to stay home on the polling day, thus , putting on display their boycott with the lections. This blow dashed at the Americans held them to shame and tarnished their face with a stigma. Because of this, they were compelled to make for this infamy after postponement of two months, ostensibly under the name of votes- counting. Finally, they invalidated votes of the first round of elections because of rigging, ballots-stuffing and other frauds. By doing so, they simultaneously and ludicrously discredited their stooges who were in charge of the elections and by sowing seed of linguistic discord and hatred, they paved the way for the runoff elections.

Undoubtedly, the first round elections were not free from rigging and frauds. This is clear as the broad daylight. Still more, the Americans are now well-known for being ringleaders of rigging, forgery , counterfeiting and deception at world’s level but their surrogates are not lagging behind them either. So expectedly the elections’ travesty and the sham project was infested with fraud, mischief and evil designs.

Unequivocally, the announcement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, calling on the Afghans to foil the election process, brought the Americans occupation and military presence in Afghanistan under question. The Afghan people positively responded to the call of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which urged them to avoid beefing up the ranks of the disbelief, corruption and misguidance by not casting their votes.

The Americans and their invading coalition should understand that the stand of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and of the Afghan Mujhid people regarding the travesty of the election is unwaveringly the same as before. You have already witnessed and tasted their reaction in the first round of the elections.

The Afghans have been observing various faces of hostilities of the invading Americans with the Afghan noble values and Islam, then it is not possible for them to be deceived by some fatuous and empty slogans of the American conspiracies. Nor these slogans will weaken their unfaltering determination to wage armed struggle.

The Afghans know that every step, statement and slogan of the Americans is aimed at ensuring their own interest rather than safeguarding the interests of the Afghans!

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan [Afghan Taliban]

October 31, 2009

*In related news, 'Abdullah 'Abdullah, the main rival to sitting Afghan president Hamid Karzai in the presidential elections, which are set to go into a run-off after allegations and evidence of electoral fraud by Karzai's camp, has announced that he will not participate in the run-off elections after the sitting government refused to reform the electoral commission. For more details see HERE.


Charles Cameron (hipbone) said...

In the words, "The people refused to vote in the so-called American democratic process under the shade of tanks and mortars", do I detect an ironic echo of the hadith attributed by Bukhari to 'Abdullah bin Abi Aufa -- Allah's Apostle said, "Know that Paradise is under the shade of swords" -- with the tanks and mortars of the crusaders contrasted with the (symbolic) swords of the mujahideen?

إبن الصقلي said...

Very interesting observation!

On a somewhat related note, this past week I've started doing some language and translation drills with Twelver Shi'i hadith. The first one I looked at may be of interest (it was for me). I have not included the full isnad, but can provide it if needed. It's from Furu' al-Kafi compiled by al-Kulayni in tenth century, specifically from Kitab al-Jihad.

عدة إن أصحابنا عن أحمد بن محمد...عن عمر بن أبان عن ابي عبدالله: الخير في السيف و تحت ظل السيف و لا يقيم الناس إلا السيف و السيوف مقاليد الجنة و النار

"A number of our companions from Ahmad bin Muhammad...from 'Umar bin Abaan from Abi 'Abdullah: Goodness/Benefit is in the sword, and being under the sword's shadow, and [in] not assessing/evaluating the people except [with] the sword, and the swords are keys to Paradise and the Conflagration [Hell]."