Friday, November 20, 2009

Iranian Sunni Jihadi & Radical Sunni Nasheeds (Anasheed) in Persian (Farsi)

Persian-language (Farsi dialect) anasheed that the Iranian radical Salafis at Sons of Sunnah-Iran endorse are available for download HERE (non-jihadi site), for those who are interested. Anasheed (singular: nasheed/nashid) are religion-themed songs, though in this case they are religio-political-themed songs. Anasheed are an important part of jihadi media. Traditional anasheed are an integral part of Muslim cultures and frequently take the form of songs praising the Prophet Muhammad and other holy figures as well as God.

I have written previously about the Britain-based Sons of Sunnah chaps HERE and HERE. They were none too happy at my report on their anti-Shi'i bigotry and responded with venom. Read about it HERE.

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