Sunday, October 25, 2009

English Translation of Jundullah's Statement Claiming Attacks in Sarbaz

Released to jihadi-Salafi web forums today, Oct. 25. Read the Arabic language statement HERE.

*This official communiqué is run unedited for academic and informational purposes only. Any parenthetical notes of mine appear in brackets [ ], and in bold.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

To the sons of our Baluchi people and generally to all the sons of the Iranian people, the national resistance movement of Iran Jundullah declare

One of the bold men of the sons of Baluchistan, the land of martyrdom and resistance, by the name of "Abdul Wahed Muhammadi Sarawani" succeeded today Sunday 29 Shawal 1430, corresponding to 18 October 2009, through a martyrdom operation in the city of Sarbaz one of the cities of the Baluchistan province, to kill tens of commanders and guards force of Iran and the Baseej militia and officials of the Irani intelligence.

This martyrdom operation comes as a response to the crimes of the Iranian regime in the right of the oppressed and unarmed Baluchistani people, a portion of whose sons fall victims everyday to this regime who has killed in just last year 100s of the youth of this province who died without exception by either being shot, or strangled or martyred under torture, and the portion of the city of "Sarbaz" from these sentences were 10s from the best of innocents of its sons, and from amongst them the two great scholars "Maulvi KhaleelAllah Zar'ie" and Maulvi "Hafiz Salah al Deen Sedi" who were executed for defending the rights of this oppressed nation. Also the execution of the brothers Tariq and Asad Wafani and three others from the sons of the city who are Zabeeh al Allah Naroni, Haji Nuti Zahi and Ghulam Rasool Shahozani. The sin of all these who were murdered was that they were Baluch and Sunni. So these crimes did not leave the Baloch another choice except resistance and retaliating on the Irani regime with the same.

And in spite of the previous calls and warnings which were directed to the Irani regime and the demand to stop the crimes and atrocities on the Baluchi nation, this oppression did not stop, in fact it started increasing day after day in different colors, from racial and tribal discrimination to barbaric murders and executions. And today this martyrdom operation came as a hope that they go through the wounds and pains of the Baluchi nation that has been bleeding for years now and becomes a reason to stop the daily execution crimes that is performed by the regime of oppression and injustice in Tehran. It is also in the form of a warning to the forces of the security guards of Iran to stop its stings and to stop spreading trials and conflicts between the Baluchi tribes and clans.

The national resistance movement of Iran (Jundullah ) always tried to avoid violence and blood shed and warned the Irani regime from that many times, except that this regime rather than answering the warnings and good intentions, it increased in its barbarousness aiming at the innocent sons of the nation. Whereof each time that it was unable to face the heroic resistors it took revenge on the innocent unarmed Baluchi citizens and nationals. And that is what we expect it to do this time as well, after this martyrdom operation. and that is instead of treating the Baluchi issue with wisdom.

This operation showed once again the firmness of the Baluchi nation to present sacrifices. It also showed the ability of the resistance and the courage of its men to counter attack the forces of the Irani regime. It also showed the weakness and incapability of these in counter attacking the Baluchi nation which has resolved on fighting oppression and attain its freedom and honor till the last drop of its blood.

The national resistance movement of Iran (Jundullah )
Sunday 29 Shawal 1430, corresponding to 18 October 2009

Translated by
Dar Al Murabiteen publications

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