Friday, October 30, 2009

Comments on "New" Obama Strategy in Afghanistan from Senior Taliban Leader

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Remarks of Esteemed Mullah Brader Akhund made to [the] Media about Obama's New Strategy

After long waiting of one month and dithering about American reinforcement in Afghanistan, it has been unveiled by Carl Levin, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the US Senate that Obama wants to get a by-law passed through this committee that would allow giving money and other financial aids to some members of Taliban in order to encourage them part way with the current armed resistance.

We would like to tell Obama that this is an old weapon that has failed already. The British invaders used it in the 19th century but failed; the former Soviet Union used it, it failed too. The Afghan Mujahid people and the Mujahideen at the front lines have vast experiences of the past three decades in this regard and know all tactics used by the enemy.

Seeing that you failed to win the war with the help of your cutting-edge and sophisticated technology; considering that your media failed to make any ground; bearing in mind that your allies are seeking ways to leave the field and that your internal gunmen are not able even to defend themselves; realizing that your newly- formulated policies face failure one after another, then how you would be able to gain success by resorting to this devilish tactic while our people are already aware of the essence of such tactic. Similarly, considering this decision as a sign of weakness and complete despondency of the enemy, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan announces the following points for the moribund rulers of the While House:

  1. All Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have been waging Jihad against the Americans and other invaders on the basis of an obligation of their belief and ideas. The terms of moderate (Taliban) and extremists are American-invented terms, which have no physical existence.

  1. The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are not mercenaries and employed gunmen like the armed men of the invaders and their surrogates. Contrarily, the Mujahideen have been carrying out this Jihad for obtainment of independence of the country and establishment of a Sharia system there. This war will come to an end when all invaders leave our country and an Islamic government based on the aspirations of our people is formed in the country.

  1. We remind Obama and all rulers of the White House to avoid wasting your time on ways which are not pragmatic but focus on ways, which provide a down-to-earth and realistic solution to this issue. Pull all your forces out of our prideful country and put an end to the game of colonialization by shedding the blood of innocent Muslim people under the unjustified name of terrorism.

  1. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan warns the rulers of the White House that the huge military expenditure that you shoulder to maintain your military presence in Afghanistan and carry out operations and implement other failed strategies will only deepen your economic crisis and will harm your international reputation. Your people will face more problems and suffer from psychological diseases. You should know that the Afghans laugh at your irrational decision and unpractical strategies.

  1. The American rulers should not think that all heroic Afghan nation is like the few well-known Afghan Americans who sell their country and who have received training in the CIA cells for many years. Here in this country, selling one’s country quid pro qu money and government slot is not only a crime according to Islam but also a historical taunt and infamy . Traditionally, it is a shameful act, which is unforgivable. If you do not believe this, then have a glance at the history of Shah Shuja and Babrak Karmal and his cronies, the surrogates of the former Soviet Union. Study what status they had in the eye of the Afghan masses. The Afghans, particularly, the Mujahideen do not want to solve their economic problems of daily life with the donations and other material aids of the intelligence networks of colonialism.

This pious and patriotic people have offered tremendous material and soul sacrifices in the way of their sacred objectives. The Mujahideen have not chosen this path of strife between the truth and the evil to obtain some material goals. They have lofty Islamic and nationalist aims. This war will only end when these goals are achieved. Inshallah.

Mullah Brader Akhund

Deputy-Amir [leader] of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Released October 30, 2009

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