Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Twitter Special #3: The Canonization of Bukhari and Muslim, or How the Sahihayn Became the Sahihayn

The Canonization of Bukhari & Muslim (Jonathan a.C. Brown) Dissertation

Dissertation of a friend, Prof. Jonathan A.C. Brown of the University of Washington, on the canonization of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, the two ahadith collections considered to be the most reliable by Sunni Muslims, who make up approximately 85% of the world's estimated 1.3-1.5 billion Muslims. Ahadith (singular: hadith) are traditions associated with the Prophet Muhammad's sayings, actions, and habits. An excellent introduction to the ahadith tradition, also by Prof. Brown, is newly available and highly recommended: Hadith: Muhammad's Legacy in the Medieval and Modern World (it can be purchased on His dissertation has been revised and published by Brill, perhaps the most prestigious of academic publishers.

An excellent lecture he gave on ahadith can be viewed:


alle said...

Great lecture, despite the sound quality. I rarely bother to watch something that length on Youtube, but this was worth it. But could you make your scribd docs downloadable somehow?

إبن الصقلي said...

Are they not downloadable? I have them set so that they can be downloaded as a PDF; or I thought I did. I see that it says they're not in the embedded form.

I think this may be because I gorgot to insert a direct link. I have done so with this post (it's "Dissertation" underneath the embedded file), and will check the others. I signed off and tried to download it and it works for me. Please let me know if this does or doesn't fix the download problem.


إبن الصقلي said...

There are already links below the embedded AQIM documents. Let me know if you can download them. If not, I'll try and fix the problem.

I'm interested to hear your take on the "founding" of the new media outlet (or the renaming of the existing one).

Essam said...

Excellent lecture. I came across it a year or so ago. He delivered it to the MIT MSA right?
I tried downloading the dissertation though but when I clicked the scribd link, it said access denied. Anyway I could get a copy of the dissertation from you.
Excellent blog by the way. I'm planning to come to the McGIll ISI as well.

Essam said...

managed to get it done. thank you.

إبن الصقلي said...


Yes, I believe so.

Thanks for reading and for the compliment. Just to check, you were able to download the file, right?

Essam said...

Yes I was. I found a pdf of the Brill book as well. A friend has it.