Saturday, October 31, 2009

Afghan Taliban Account of its Attack on UNAMA Guesthouse in Kabul

*Interview of an Afghan Taliban member about Wednesday's (Oct. 28) assault on a United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) guesthouse and other recent attacks in the capital city of Kabul.

*This official communiqué is run unedited for academic and informational purposes only. Any parenthetical notes of mine appear in brackets [ ], and in bold.

The Al-Amara (AW) Website Interview with Zabiullah Mujahid about the Martyrdom-seeking Attack in Kabul

AW: Mujahideen, targeting the UNAMA guesthouse in Kabul, carried out a martyrdom-seeking attack today. Could you tell us about the casualties inflicted on the enemy as a result?

Mujahid: Mujahideen launched a martyrdom-seeking attack against UNAMA guesthouse in Shirpur, in Kabul city early in the morning. A great number of foreigners, who are to monitor the coming runoff elections, are staying in the guesthouse.

Being equipped with weapons, the Mujahideen succeeded to enter the guesthouse and opened fire on security guards pointblank inside the compound of the guesthouse. When security forces from other parts of the city arrived at the scene, Mujahideen engaged them in fighting. After putting up strong resistance, the Mujahideen detonated their explosives, killing or injuring about 50 foreigners. Other Mujahideen report from Kabul city that only four Afghans have been killed and the rest are all foreigners killed in the assault.

AW: There are other reports of missiles attacks on the Presidential Place and the Serena Hotel. Please give details about these attacks.

Mujahid. According to a previously worked out plan, Mujahideen fired 5 missiles at the Presidential Palace and the Serena Hotel at nine o’clock which resulted in casualties among foreign nationals, staying in the hotel. Eyewitnesses say, vehicles were seen racing out with dead bodies and injured persons. Our information emphasizes, some members of the monitoring team for the next runoff elections including staff workers and advisers were residing in the hotel.

AW: Bashary, a spokesman of the ministry of interior of the Kabul surrogate regime says that the attack resulted into insignificant casualties. Do you verify that?

Mujahid: This has now become a routine habit of the puppet regime to play down their casualties. In some cases, even they deny their causalities. The enemy is completely unable to prevent the Mujahideen from carrying out attacks and they have failed to maintain security, so they are trying to play down thier casualties. They think, this is also a sort of victory to hide the casualties.

AW: As you know the runoff elections are about to be held soon. What programs the Mujahideen have on hand to foil this process?

Mujahid: The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has issued a statement, calling the election a sham, having been engineered by the Americans. The statement urges the Afghans to stay away from casting their votes and boycott the polling as they did in the past elections. Similarly, the leadership has instructed all Mujahideen to foil the process, target the polling stations and workers. I believe the election process will fail, but we call on all our countrymen to avoid taking part in the elections and keep away from polling stations because the Mujahideen have hammered out plans of attacks on these centers.

AW: Thank you for taking time to share your information with us.

Mujahid: You are welcome.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan; October 31, 2009

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