Saturday, October 31, 2009

Afghan Taliban Account of its Attack on UNAMA Guesthouse in Kabul

*Interview of an Afghan Taliban member about Wednesday's (Oct. 28) assault on a United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) guesthouse and other recent attacks in the capital city of Kabul.

*This official communiqué is run unedited for academic and informational purposes only. Any parenthetical notes of mine appear in brackets [ ], and in bold.

The Al-Amara (AW) Website Interview with Zabiullah Mujahid about the Martyrdom-seeking Attack in Kabul

AW: Mujahideen, targeting the UNAMA guesthouse in Kabul, carried out a martyrdom-seeking attack today. Could you tell us about the casualties inflicted on the enemy as a result?

Mujahid: Mujahideen launched a martyrdom-seeking attack against UNAMA guesthouse in Shirpur, in Kabul city early in the morning. A great number of foreigners, who are to monitor the coming runoff elections, are staying in the guesthouse.

Being equipped with weapons, the Mujahideen succeeded to enter the guesthouse and opened fire on security guards pointblank inside the compound of the guesthouse. When security forces from other parts of the city arrived at the scene, Mujahideen engaged them in fighting. After putting up strong resistance, the Mujahideen detonated their explosives, killing or injuring about 50 foreigners. Other Mujahideen report from Kabul city that only four Afghans have been killed and the rest are all foreigners killed in the assault.

AW: There are other reports of missiles attacks on the Presidential Place and the Serena Hotel. Please give details about these attacks.

Mujahid. According to a previously worked out plan, Mujahideen fired 5 missiles at the Presidential Palace and the Serena Hotel at nine o’clock which resulted in casualties among foreign nationals, staying in the hotel. Eyewitnesses say, vehicles were seen racing out with dead bodies and injured persons. Our information emphasizes, some members of the monitoring team for the next runoff elections including staff workers and advisers were residing in the hotel.

AW: Bashary, a spokesman of the ministry of interior of the Kabul surrogate regime says that the attack resulted into insignificant casualties. Do you verify that?

Mujahid: This has now become a routine habit of the puppet regime to play down their casualties. In some cases, even they deny their causalities. The enemy is completely unable to prevent the Mujahideen from carrying out attacks and they have failed to maintain security, so they are trying to play down thier casualties. They think, this is also a sort of victory to hide the casualties.

AW: As you know the runoff elections are about to be held soon. What programs the Mujahideen have on hand to foil this process?

Mujahid: The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has issued a statement, calling the election a sham, having been engineered by the Americans. The statement urges the Afghans to stay away from casting their votes and boycott the polling as they did in the past elections. Similarly, the leadership has instructed all Mujahideen to foil the process, target the polling stations and workers. I believe the election process will fail, but we call on all our countrymen to avoid taking part in the elections and keep away from polling stations because the Mujahideen have hammered out plans of attacks on these centers.

AW: Thank you for taking time to share your information with us.

Mujahid: You are welcome.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan; October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Comments on "New" Obama Strategy in Afghanistan from Senior Taliban Leader

*This official communiqué is run unedited for academic and informational purposes only. Any parenthetical notes of mine appear in brackets [ ], and in bold.

Remarks of Esteemed Mullah Brader Akhund made to [the] Media about Obama's New Strategy

After long waiting of one month and dithering about American reinforcement in Afghanistan, it has been unveiled by Carl Levin, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the US Senate that Obama wants to get a by-law passed through this committee that would allow giving money and other financial aids to some members of Taliban in order to encourage them part way with the current armed resistance.

We would like to tell Obama that this is an old weapon that has failed already. The British invaders used it in the 19th century but failed; the former Soviet Union used it, it failed too. The Afghan Mujahid people and the Mujahideen at the front lines have vast experiences of the past three decades in this regard and know all tactics used by the enemy.

Seeing that you failed to win the war with the help of your cutting-edge and sophisticated technology; considering that your media failed to make any ground; bearing in mind that your allies are seeking ways to leave the field and that your internal gunmen are not able even to defend themselves; realizing that your newly- formulated policies face failure one after another, then how you would be able to gain success by resorting to this devilish tactic while our people are already aware of the essence of such tactic. Similarly, considering this decision as a sign of weakness and complete despondency of the enemy, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan announces the following points for the moribund rulers of the While House:

  1. All Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have been waging Jihad against the Americans and other invaders on the basis of an obligation of their belief and ideas. The terms of moderate (Taliban) and extremists are American-invented terms, which have no physical existence.

  1. The Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are not mercenaries and employed gunmen like the armed men of the invaders and their surrogates. Contrarily, the Mujahideen have been carrying out this Jihad for obtainment of independence of the country and establishment of a Sharia system there. This war will come to an end when all invaders leave our country and an Islamic government based on the aspirations of our people is formed in the country.

  1. We remind Obama and all rulers of the White House to avoid wasting your time on ways which are not pragmatic but focus on ways, which provide a down-to-earth and realistic solution to this issue. Pull all your forces out of our prideful country and put an end to the game of colonialization by shedding the blood of innocent Muslim people under the unjustified name of terrorism.

  1. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan warns the rulers of the White House that the huge military expenditure that you shoulder to maintain your military presence in Afghanistan and carry out operations and implement other failed strategies will only deepen your economic crisis and will harm your international reputation. Your people will face more problems and suffer from psychological diseases. You should know that the Afghans laugh at your irrational decision and unpractical strategies.

  1. The American rulers should not think that all heroic Afghan nation is like the few well-known Afghan Americans who sell their country and who have received training in the CIA cells for many years. Here in this country, selling one’s country quid pro qu money and government slot is not only a crime according to Islam but also a historical taunt and infamy . Traditionally, it is a shameful act, which is unforgivable. If you do not believe this, then have a glance at the history of Shah Shuja and Babrak Karmal and his cronies, the surrogates of the former Soviet Union. Study what status they had in the eye of the Afghan masses. The Afghans, particularly, the Mujahideen do not want to solve their economic problems of daily life with the donations and other material aids of the intelligence networks of colonialism.

This pious and patriotic people have offered tremendous material and soul sacrifices in the way of their sacred objectives. The Mujahideen have not chosen this path of strife between the truth and the evil to obtain some material goals. They have lofty Islamic and nationalist aims. This war will only end when these goals are achieved. Inshallah.

Mullah Brader Akhund

Deputy-Amir [leader] of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Released October 30, 2009

Ziyad Jarah Brigades Claim Tuesday's Low-Tech Rocket Strike on Israel

The Ziyad Jarah Brigades (ZJB), a unit of the 'Abdullah 'Azzam Brigades, issued a statement yesterday claiming the firing of a low-tech rocket at the Israeli town of Hula on Tuesday (Oct. 27). The ZJB are reportedly affiliated with al-Qa'ida Central (AQC), though the exact nature and level of this affiliation is debatable. It is named after Ziyad Jarah, one of the September 11, 2001 hijackers, who was Lebanese. I have written previously about the group HERE and HERE. The ZJB fired two low-tech rockets into northern Israel near the Lebanon-Israel border in September. The Israeli military in both instances retaliated by firing artillery shells into southern Lebanon.

بيان تبني نصب خمسة صواريخ كاتيوشا في محيط بلدة حولا (Oct 29)
Statement of the Ziyad Jarah Brigades

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Islamic State of Iraq Endorses Apple Computers for All Your 'Jihadi' Media Production Needs

The Islamic State of Iraq's (see description HERE) Al-Furqan Media Foundation (Foundation for Media Production) Presents.........

A wholehearted endorsement for Apple computers and software for all YOUR jihadi-Salafi design needs! Need to make a "martyrdom" video? Apple has got you covered!
Please see your nearest retailer to learn more about these fine Apple products.

*Screen stills & advertising GIFs from the last ISI video release, "The Important Duty/Mission," released on October 28. [This post is meant as sarcastic humor and should not be taken otherwise]

Watch the video

Monday, October 26, 2009

History of Imam Mahdi's Occultation, by الشهيد Grand Ayatullah Sadiq al-Sadr (Part I)

Part one of a two part series: The first two volumes of Grand Ayatullah al-Sayyid al-Shahid Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr's monumental four-volume study of the history and traditions revolving around the twelfth Imam are presented in this post. Ithna 'Ashari (Twelver) Shi'is believe that the twelfth Imam, Muhammad bin 'Hasan "al-Mahdi," will return at an appointed time to usher in a period of absolute justice preceding the Day of Judgment. During this period, the "true" followers of the Twelver Imams will be rewarded for their loyalty to the 'Alid-Husaynid line of the Prophet's family (Ahl al-Bayt). Twelver Shi'i ahadith collections however note that a segment of those who claim to be followers of the Ahl al-Bayt are really not.

Sadiq al-Sadr (second from left with white beard) and Muqtada al-Sadr (in the center back leaning on his hand).

Sadiq al-Sadr (1943-1999) and two of his sons were assassinated by the Iraqi Ba'th in February 1999 on the outskirts of the southern Iraqi Shi'i shrine city of al-Najaf. His was the cousin of Grand Ayatullah al-Shahid al-Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr, who was executed in April 1980 with his sister Amina bint Haydar al-Sadr. Sadiq al-Sadr's youngest son, al-Sayyid Muqtada, inherited the grassroots socio-political network that he established covertly in the 1990s.

During Sadiq al-Sadr's lifetime, his rivals spread rumors that he was an "Iraqi Ba'thi agent," pointing to the fact that for a time the Iraqi dictator Saddam Husayn cultivated relations with him in order to try and weaken the influence of non-Iraqi and non-Arab grand ayatullahs in the country, chief among them al-Sayyid 'Ali Husayni Sistani. This rumor is believed to have been started by his rivals in the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (since renamed the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, SIIC), a movement of Iraqi Shi'i exiles led by Ayatullah al-Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim founded in November 1982 in Tehran, Iran with the support of Grand Ayatullah al-Sayyid Ruhollah Musavi Khumayni. Baqir al-Hakim and other SIIC officials were reportedly booed and pelted with shoes at a mourning ceremony for Sadiq al-Sadr hastily arranged by the Iranian regime after his assassination.

Sadiq al-Sadr preached the importance of an activist "speaking Hawza (seminary)," which he represented, as opposed to an apolitical "silent Hawza," which Sistani and the other grand ayatullahs of al-Najaf represented.

VOLUME I: Tarikh al-Ghayba al-Sughra
(History of the Lesser Occultation)

VOLUME II: Tarikh al-Ghayba al-Kubra
(History of the Greater Occultation)

*Both volumes are in Arabic, from his 4-volume Mawsu'at al-Mahdi (Encyclopedia of the [Imam] Mahdi), available in print HERE. I have a copy and it is beautifully bound and printed.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

English Translation of Jundullah's Statement Claiming Attacks in Sarbaz

Released to jihadi-Salafi web forums today, Oct. 25. Read the Arabic language statement HERE.

*This official communiqué is run unedited for academic and informational purposes only. Any parenthetical notes of mine appear in brackets [ ], and in bold.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

To the sons of our Baluchi people and generally to all the sons of the Iranian people, the national resistance movement of Iran Jundullah declare

One of the bold men of the sons of Baluchistan, the land of martyrdom and resistance, by the name of "Abdul Wahed Muhammadi Sarawani" succeeded today Sunday 29 Shawal 1430, corresponding to 18 October 2009, through a martyrdom operation in the city of Sarbaz one of the cities of the Baluchistan province, to kill tens of commanders and guards force of Iran and the Baseej militia and officials of the Irani intelligence.

This martyrdom operation comes as a response to the crimes of the Iranian regime in the right of the oppressed and unarmed Baluchistani people, a portion of whose sons fall victims everyday to this regime who has killed in just last year 100s of the youth of this province who died without exception by either being shot, or strangled or martyred under torture, and the portion of the city of "Sarbaz" from these sentences were 10s from the best of innocents of its sons, and from amongst them the two great scholars "Maulvi KhaleelAllah Zar'ie" and Maulvi "Hafiz Salah al Deen Sedi" who were executed for defending the rights of this oppressed nation. Also the execution of the brothers Tariq and Asad Wafani and three others from the sons of the city who are Zabeeh al Allah Naroni, Haji Nuti Zahi and Ghulam Rasool Shahozani. The sin of all these who were murdered was that they were Baluch and Sunni. So these crimes did not leave the Baloch another choice except resistance and retaliating on the Irani regime with the same.

And in spite of the previous calls and warnings which were directed to the Irani regime and the demand to stop the crimes and atrocities on the Baluchi nation, this oppression did not stop, in fact it started increasing day after day in different colors, from racial and tribal discrimination to barbaric murders and executions. And today this martyrdom operation came as a hope that they go through the wounds and pains of the Baluchi nation that has been bleeding for years now and becomes a reason to stop the daily execution crimes that is performed by the regime of oppression and injustice in Tehran. It is also in the form of a warning to the forces of the security guards of Iran to stop its stings and to stop spreading trials and conflicts between the Baluchi tribes and clans.

The national resistance movement of Iran (Jundullah ) always tried to avoid violence and blood shed and warned the Irani regime from that many times, except that this regime rather than answering the warnings and good intentions, it increased in its barbarousness aiming at the innocent sons of the nation. Whereof each time that it was unable to face the heroic resistors it took revenge on the innocent unarmed Baluchi citizens and nationals. And that is what we expect it to do this time as well, after this martyrdom operation. and that is instead of treating the Baluchi issue with wisdom.

This operation showed once again the firmness of the Baluchi nation to present sacrifices. It also showed the ability of the resistance and the courage of its men to counter attack the forces of the Irani regime. It also showed the weakness and incapability of these in counter attacking the Baluchi nation which has resolved on fighting oppression and attain its freedom and honor till the last drop of its blood.

The national resistance movement of Iran (Jundullah )
Sunday 29 Shawal 1430, corresponding to 18 October 2009

Translated by
Dar Al Murabiteen publications

Afghan Taliban Statements on the Country's Contested Presidential Elections

*This official communiqué is run unedited for academic and informational purposes only. Any parenthetical notes of mine appear in brackets [ ], and in bold.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan:

Were the Elections not A Travesty?

*Reprinted without edits; Notes in Red*

Dhu al-Qi'dah 3, 1430 A.H, October 22, 2009

In the name of Allah ["the (One) God"], the Merciful, the Compassionate

It is now clear as the broad day light that the August 20 elections in Afghanistan was readily ludicrous and preposterous which caused more shame and disgrace to the surrogate regime in Kabul. Only a minuscule numbers of voters participated in the polling from among the 30 million Afghans. Still the elections were fraught with fraud, ballot stuffing and corruption.

A great number of Afghans observed a complete boycott. It is still a matter of extreme shame for the supporters of the sham democracy, that they were merely able to announce the results after the passage of two months.

Furthermore, the Independent Election Commission has no power to declare either the real winner on the basis of the data or at least say who is the culprit behind all these anomalies because backroom politics of main players are involved in the whole process.

The Afghan Mujahideen ["warriors of faith"] have been reiterating for the past eight years that the Americans and the coalition allies are never ready to render any service beneficial to the Afghans against their vital interests, let alone expecting them to work for the general prosperity and comfort of the Afghans.

The roads, which have been asphalted, is only for the facility of the invaders military logistic who want to reach their destinations on time and to prevent road side bombs. Still they have not asphalted the roads according to the international standard of road tarmac. Generally, these roads are unusable after the passage of a time. As to other rehabilitation and reconstruction work, they raise only empty slogans, which have not been materialized.

If the Americans and their allies had not their goals and hidden agenda, they would not have blocked the way of the elections results from being declared soon. But they did not achieve what they wanted to achieve as a result of the elections.

This is why they are themselves sacrificing the so-called democracy, which they are supposed to build. By doing so, they have manifested that they are abiding by the rules and the slogans as long as they correspond with their interests. Otherwise, they are not bound by any rule.

Generally, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan [name the Afghan Taliban use for Afghanistan] believes that August 20 elections were never in the interest of the Afghans but still the current squabbling and humiliation exposed the elections seem more ridiculous.

We believe the only way out of this vortex is that the Afghans should hold to their religious and national values and bravely confront and boycott the projects of the invaders categorically.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


October 20, 2009
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

ألم تكن حقاً الانتخابات مسرحية ؟!
إن كانت من جهة، الانتخابات المنصرمة في 20 من أغسطس الماضي لرئاسة الجمهورية لسنوات الخمس قادمة كانت محل ضحك شامل والافتضاح ومفعمة بالخجل لإدارة كابل، حيث لم يشارك فيها من حوالي 30 مليون أفغاني إلا عدد قليل من الناس وذلك من خلال تقديم الرشاوى والتزوير، والاختلاس والقوة أيضا، أما الأغلبية القاطبة أعلنت صراحة مقاطعتها لها ومخالفتها معها، نعتقد أن اليوم أكثر افتضاحا للديموقراطية الكاذبة ومروجيها، وهم اليوم أكثر أهلية لقطع أنوفهم من يوم الانتخابات؛ حيث مع مضي شهرين كاملين لم تعلن نتائج تلك الانتخابات ولا ترى ما يسمى بلجان الانتخابات أو لجان سمع الشكايات في نفسها صلاحية وقدرة أن تقول: من الفائز، ومن الخاسر، ومن المجرم!

إن المقاومة الجهادية للشعب الأفغاني ضد المحتلين والديمقراطية الفاسدة ومريديها، كانت منذ ثماني سنوات تقول وهي على يقين قاطع بأن الأمريكان وتحالفه الكافر لم يتخذوا خطوة واحدة، ولا هم مستعدون لحظة واحدة، كما ليس لديهم أي برنامج يقدموا من خلاله أي خير ونفع للشعب الأفغاني بعيدا من مصالحهم الخاصة ولا أن يفكروا في ازدهار أفغانستان .

وبعض الطرق التي قامت أمريكا وتحالفه بإعمارها في بعض المناطق ذلك أيضا لتسهيل مرور قوافلها العسكرية وسرعة وصولها إلى مراكزها وتجنب استهداف عرباتها بواسطة ألغام مزروعة حيث يصعب زرعها في هذه الطرق المسفلتة؛ حتى لو نظرنا إلى هذه الطرق نرى أنها لم تعربد بطريقة أساسية، بل أنها صالحة لمدة محدودة، ثم تتخرب، و بقية مشاريعهم مجرد شعارات وكلام دعائي يتفوه به المحتلون وعملاء إدارة كابل خلال السنوات الثمان.

إن كانت أمريكا ومتحالفيها تتنازل عن مصالحها وأهدافها خطوة واحدة في أفغانستان لما وقفت حائلاً أمام إعلان نتائج مسرحية إنتخابات 20 من اغسطس، ولما شمرت عن السواعد لاصطياد الأسماك في المياه العكرة.. لكن يبدو أن المسرحية التي قدمتها للعرض والآمال الشيطانية التي كانت تتوقع منها لم تخرج ناجحة بقدر كاف؛ لذا هم الآن شارهين السكين لذبح تلك الديموقراطية التي نفخوا فيها وهم بعملهم هذا يظهرون أنهم معتقدين وملتزمين لهذه الشعارات والعناوين لحين تكون محافظة للمصالح والمنافع الأمريكية، وغير ذلك هم لا يقبلون أي قانون أو اتفاق مبرم بل يخالفونه وينقضونه!

إن إمارة أفغانستان الإسلامية لا تعتبر انتخابات 20 من أغسطس ونتائجها المتوقعة بأي شكل من الأشكال لصلاح وخير الشعب الأفغاني، في الوقت نفسه تصرح بألفاظ صريحة وواضحة بأن ما حصل ويحصل من شد وجذب والافتضاح الحاصل وما جعلت تلك الديموقراطية المصطنعة التي تفوح منها الرائحة الكريهة أكثر نتناً، كان العامل الأساسي فيها تمسك الشعب الأفغاني بقيمه الدينية ومن ثم الوطنية، والمقابلة الرجولية والمقاطعة المتينة للمتجاوزين ومشاريعهم!

مواقع إمارة أفغانستان الإسلامية التي تعمل الآن على شبكة الإنترنت

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maps of Pakistan

Heavy fighting between the Pakistani military and Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan, one of several Pashtun militant groups operating in the country's Pashtun tribal regions (the North West Frontier Province, or NWFP, and Federally-Administered Tribal Areas, or FATA), continues. I have found some good maps of the country and the NWFP and FATA. Hopefully they are of use to you, the readers. Click to enlarge the maps and their text. Several key Pashtun militia leaders have signed ceasefire agreements with the Pakistani military, at least for the time being, and have chosen to remain neutral in the current fighting.

This regional map of Pakistan is useful for situating the last post I wrote for the main Views from the Occident blog on the Iranian Baluchi insurgent-jihadi group Jundullah. See Pakistani Baluchistan in the southwest (peach-colored).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Egypt Accused of Torturing HAMAS Member to Death

The Palestinian Islamist group HAMAS, which governs the Gaza Strip, accuses the security forces of the autocratic regime of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak of torturing to death one of its members. The Egyptian state has long used torture against political opponents and other individuals viewed as threats, as is well documented by human rights organizations. Yusuf Hamadan Abu Zuhri, brother of HAMAS spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, died on October 12 (Monday) after six months of imprisonment by Egyptian security forces.

HAMAS' media office released a statement about Yusuf Abu Zuhri's death yesterday, as well as photographs and a martyrdom poster (above) of him.

HAMAS (Yusuf Hamadan Abu Zuhri (Killed by Egypt)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Afghan Taliban Deny Allegations of Transnational Aspirations

Statement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on the

Occasion of the Eighth Anniversary of the American Attack on Afghanistan

(No Editing; All Mistakes in the original translation, which was also posted to the Taliban's web sites)

*This official communiqué is run unedited for academic and informational purposes only. Any parenthetical notes of mine appear in brackets [ ], and in bold.

Shawwal 17, 1430 A.H, October 07, 2009

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Since then until now, eight years have passed during which the American invaders and their allies of crusaders have killed, wounded and driven from homes hundreds of thousands of Afghans including children, women and old men. This sanguinary spree of killing has been continuing. All these Afghans were not involved in the event of New York. The invaders unleashed atrocities on the Afghans and other Muslim freedom-lovers in Guantananmo, Bagram and the Abu Gharib jails that have no precedence in the history.

At the beginning, they were promising, they will withdraw within three months, in their words, after eliminating the so-called terrorism. Contrarily, today eighth years from that times have passed, but they have built up hundreds of military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq. They say that they will raise the level of their troops to almost 110000 troops.

It is clear from this, that they have occupied Afghanistan for the execution of their expansionist plans in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Southeast Asia.

We believed from the day one, that this is not a war between democracy and the so-called war on terrorism but rather a war between the western colonialism and the freedom-loving nationalist and Islamist forces.

In this unequal war, the one side have before them expansionism, colonialism and exploitation as their plans of objectives which they want to achieve by dent of military power through brutality and atrocities.

On the other hand, the other side of the war have their objective of independence, Islamic social justice, human dignity and national identity which they want to achieve through sacrifices and the shedding of their pure blood. We believe in this war between truth and evil, the truth will surely prevail.

We call on the American rulers and their allies of the coalition once again to put an end to the game of occupying Afghanistan and killing the Afghans under unsubstantiated pretexts. The Afghans are no more ready to believe your empty slogans, nor the world would like to see the globe, plunging into instability and various problems because of your wrong policies.

We announce to all the world, our aim is obtainment of independence and establishment of an Islamic system. We did not have any agenda to harm other countries including Europe nor we have such agenda today.

Still if you want to turn the country of the proud and pious Afghans into a colony, then know that we have an unwavering determination and have braced for a prolonged war. Have a glance at the history, the Afghans are the people characterized by historical distinction of always sacrificing in the way of their religion and country. Today, we will not fall short of this.

Forward for Establishment of an Independent Islamic System.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
(Issued October 7, 2009)

Friday, October 9, 2009

#4: Al-Qa'ida in the Islamic Maghreb Announces Foundation of Al-Andalus, New Media Outlet

Al-Qa'ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), the North African affiliate of al-Qa'ida Central (AQC) announced on October 7 a new name for its media outlet, Al-Andalus. The new name illustrates the claim of many jihadis (and some non-jihadi Muslims too) that parts of Spain, particularly in the south, are historically part of the Muslim world and should be returned to the fold, as it were.

New Media Outlet (الإعلان عن مؤسّسة الأندلس للإنتاج الإعلاميّ ) Oct 7

The first press release from the new Al-Andalus Foundation for Media Production (Al-Andalus Media Foundation), released a day later on October 8, is a eulogy for Baytullah Ma'soud (Baitullah Mehsud), the leader of the Pakistani group Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan (Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan), who was killed in early August by a U.S. Predator pilot-less drone. He has been succeeded by Hakimullah Ma'soud (Hakeemullah Mehsud) and Wali al-Rahman.

The late Baytullah Ma'soud (right)
كلمة تأبينية على فقيد الأمة ... بيت الله مسعود (Oct 8)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Twitter Special #3: The Canonization of Bukhari and Muslim, or How the Sahihayn Became the Sahihayn

The Canonization of Bukhari & Muslim (Jonathan a.C. Brown) Dissertation

Dissertation of a friend, Prof. Jonathan A.C. Brown of the University of Washington, on the canonization of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, the two ahadith collections considered to be the most reliable by Sunni Muslims, who make up approximately 85% of the world's estimated 1.3-1.5 billion Muslims. Ahadith (singular: hadith) are traditions associated with the Prophet Muhammad's sayings, actions, and habits. An excellent introduction to the ahadith tradition, also by Prof. Brown, is newly available and highly recommended: Hadith: Muhammad's Legacy in the Medieval and Modern World (it can be purchased on His dissertation has been revised and published by Brill, perhaps the most prestigious of academic publishers.

An excellent lecture he gave on ahadith can be viewed:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Twitter Special #2: PBS Frontline, Afghanistan: "Obama's War" (Coming October 13); Preview

As President Obama approaches a decision point on Afghanistan strategy and whether to increase troop levels, a 24-minute rough cut of the first act of Obama's War.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Twitter Special #1 (In Fight #9, Taliban Magazine)

English-language photography magazine In Fight (#9, September 2009) of the Afghan Taliban: